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Best Yarn For Baby Blanket 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Mira2. Bernat3. TYH
Mira HandCrafts 40 Colorful Yarn Skeins Best Yarn For Baby BlanketBernat Baby Blanket Big Ball Yarn, Pitter PatterTYH Supplies Acrylic 22 Yards Yarn

Sleep for babies is essential because the more a baby, the faster he or she grows up. You may love to wrap your baby in a yarn blanket. It also helps sleeping better and cause no harm to their delicate baby skin.

Your baby gets the best comfort with knitted blankets. Whether you are the one knitting the blanket or the baby’s grandparents have taken up the responsibility, there are many factors to consider.


Knitting a baby blanket not only captures all your love in the blanket, but you also can ensure that you use only the best material for your beloved child. Choosing the best yarn for a baby blanket is not a cakewalk. Therefore, we are providing you with the top products after analyzing reviews and market research so that you can make an informed choice.

Top 25 Best Yarn For Baby Blanket 2023

1. Mira HandCrafts 40 Colorful Yarn Skeins

Mira HandCrafts 40 Colorful Yarn Skeins Best Yarn For Baby Blanket

Knitting is a craft that helps you weave not only the best baby blankets but also enables you to develop a creative hobby for a lifetime. Mira Handcraft comes packed as mini balls, which makes handling them easy, especially if kids are trying out new crafting hobbies.

With an assortment of 40 pieces, each colorful skein of acrylic yarn reaches a length of 22 yards approximately. While many may find acrylic sound artificial, this human-made fiber is made to ensure that you get the feel of natural wool without worrying about colors fading or overstepping your budget.

Each yarn is made of 4 plies, and the 3 DK yarn is light in weight. It makes sure that the baby blanket provides comfort and warmth without causing the baby to feel burdened. The acrylic yarn assures of color consistency, and the soft yarn is ideal for first-time knitters.

The kit comes with 40 yarn skeins (24 primary colors with 16 duplicates for most used colors) and seven e-books covering various craftworks that can be done with yarn like amigurumi, crochet, granny squared, weaving, knitting, and so on.


  • Yarn quality is strong yet soft and light
  • Multiple colors that are ideal for accent works
  • Comes with free e-books that have pictures and directions for various craft styles
  • Perfect for beginners
  • The material is color consistent and perfect for baby blankets


  • The yarn length is short for making more oversized blankets
  • Not ideal for seasoned knitters

2. Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball Yarn, Pitter Patter

Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball Yarn, Pitter Patter

Nothing says baby blanket better than one woven with multicolored yarn. The pitter-patter color 220 yards yarn skein from Bernat consists of polyester fiber. This yarn is ideal for baby garments as it is machine washable, retains the color and shape, and is soft and warm for a long time, making this yarn be one of the best yarn for a baby blanket that lasts for a long time.

Bernat is a name synonymous with quality products, especially those made for kids. This chenille yarn comes in many color combinations, making this a knitter’s dream for creating beautiful yet straightforward garments and blankets that do not irritate the baby’s skin. The oversized gauge yarn not only lets you finish your baby projects on time, but these are tested with over 300 harmful substances and only then certified and sold.

These yarn skeins are long yet light, weighing only 100g, making the yarn ideal for baby blankets that will not be uncomfortable for the child. This machine-washable yarn dries fast and retains its color. Given the plethora of colors available, you can let your imagination run free and gift you, child, a warm hug in multicolored softness.


  • Polyester fiber provides longevity to the garment/blanket
  • Machine washable and machine dryable
  • Comes certified only after passing rigorous tests for protecting the baby’s skin
  • Color ranges from traditional shades to modern combinations to let the creativity flow
  • Available in 100g and 300g yarn weights.


  • Some of the skeins are flattened and lacks the plush feel
  • Often the skeins have several knots akin to having two threads knotted together

3. TYH Supplies Acrylic 22 Yards Yarn

TYH Supplies Acrylic 22 Yards Yarn

While new to the yarn market, TYH Supplies have already made a name for itself for being one of the best yarns for a baby blanket. The company offers yarn in two measures, 22 yards, and 44 yards. They also offer packs of 20, 30, 40, and 50 skeins. All the colors in the 20-skein pack are different, with no color repeated twice. The yarn is acrylic and guaranteed to be light and durable and is machine washable.

Each mini skein weighs 10g and measures 22 yards. Thus, the whole set runs a total of 440 yards. The acrylic yarn not only ensures color durability and no shrinkage even when machine washed. The fiber is soft on the baby’s skin, making them enjoy their sleep. Not to mention, the yarn is worsted and weighs 3DK, making them fall in the mid to light category. It provides the warmth your kids need without being suffocated with the weight of a heavy blanket.


  • Multicolored pack ideal for the creative soul
  • Machine washable with dry tumble option for better longevity
  • 3DK mid-weight yarn for comfort for toddlers
  • Acrylic yarn is skin-friendly
  • 20 skein pack comes at an affordable price
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Not suitable for weaving large blankets
  • The yarn had an elastic feel it

4. Bernat Blanket Yarn, Ocean Shades

Bernat Blanket Yarn, Ocean Shades

The hues of the ocean have the most calming effect on everyone. The blues mingled with greens not only look aesthetically pleasing, but the color also provides a rare combination of warmth along with calm, thanks to the Bernat’s quality yarn with a gauge six super bulky thread. Once woven, the way the color flows into each other, you will feel like you are looking at waves. This yarn is ideal for making throw blankets and baby blankets, especially if you live in areas with extreme winter.

The 220-yard skein weighs 300g that makes this perfect for baby blankets. The yarn is warm, comfortable, and machine washable without losing its shape or color, thanks to its polyester fiber. The material is also machine dryable, doing the cleaning and using easy and fast.

Ideal for intermediate to pro knitters, these yarns offer not only the length to create a single blanket or scarf, but you can play around with different styles of crocheting to transform simple pillows and rugs to fun playmates.


  • Bulky without being uncomfortable
  • Polyester fiber makes cleaning easy
  • Color and shape stays the same
  • Keeps warm thanks to its chenille style
  • Available in solids or variegate colors


  • Bulky yarn, not suitable for knitting with wrist issues
  • Some of the yarns come in knots

5. Bernat Blanket Yarn, Pale Grey

Bernat Blanket Yarn, Pale Grey

Who said blankets only have to be of a specific shape and style? Baby blankets are something the child will hold on to for many years. Blankets are not just a cover for your baby; instead, they are comfort zones, and crafting one for your baby requires all the love you can gather and transform them into the knitting needle.

The pale grey yarn skein from Bernat comes with the traditionally long yarn of length 220 yards. Weighing at 300g, the yarn is a perfect mixture of comfortably heavy and easy to clean light. The gauge six thread makes crocheting and knitting equally easy, given that it stitches up quickly. The yarn is easy to wash in a machine, get it machine dried, and still retain its shape and color, thanks to its polyester fiber. Want to play around with blanket designs? This color and stitch gauge will make you knit up am the elephant in no time.


  • Thick thread makes stitching easy
  • Machine washable and dryable; easy to clean and use
  • Polyester fiber lasts longer without fading
  • Warm and smooth texture
  • Chenille style yarn offers excellent versatility for knitting
  • Large ball yardage; ideal for large projects


  • Some may find the color to be too dull
  • Yarn is often uneven in texture

6. Mira Handcrafts 24 Acrylic Yarn

Mira Handcrafts 24 Acrylic Yarn

If you wish to gift your baby a hand-knit blanket but have never knitted or weaved before, then this beginner’s kit from Mira Handcrafts is perfect for getting the hang of the craft and learning various styles, patterns, and techniques. This kit comes packed in a reusable PVC bag and contains 24 colorful yarn skeins, two knitting needles, two crochet hooks, and access to 7 e-books on various patterns and techniques.

Whether you are teaching your young one anew hobby or picking up the hobby for yourself, this kit will make learning and practicing all the techniques easy. Made from the acrylic fiber with the yarn being four-ply and weighing 3DK, the skeins are light and ideal for mastering tricky designs.

Each yarn measures up to 22 yards, and the 24 assorted color knitting kit has a total length of 525 yards approximately. The acrylic yarn is known for its durability and softness. The yarns are also machine washable and easy to dry.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • The kit comes with knitting needles and crochet hooks
  • E-Books for mastering various techniques
  • The company promises color consistency throughout the years
  • Durable yarn makes learning and working easy
  • 24 assorted colors for various colorful projects


  • Too small for larger projects like baby blankets
  • Some of the skeins come knotted

7. Lion Brand Yarn, Ice

Lion Brand Yarn, Ice

Being a fifth-generation yarn company, the Lion Brand surely knows how to make people feel cherished. With its Feels Like Butta collection, the company has made sure to appease parents and children with its pastel polyester yarn that will make the baby’s skin be safe and loved. With a plethora of colors to choose from, you surely will be getting the best yarn for a baby blanket at a reasonable price.

The polyester fiber not only makes the blanket durable and machine washable, but it also provides warmth and soft, almost velvety, touch for the baby’s skin. With a weight of 4DK that makes the yarn fall in the medium category, the product claims to offer knitters the feel of chenille. With a length of 218 yards and weighing 100g, the baby blanket spun from this yarn will make your baby coo with happiness.


  • Provides the feel of chenille
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Complete polyester fiber which is soft on the baby’s skin
  • Easy to knit and work with
  • Large yarn with soft color
  • Affordable and lasts long


  • If stitches are dropped, picking up is a bit difficult
  • Some parts of the yarn are knotted

8. Bernat Blanket Brights Yarn, Race Car Red

Bernat Blanket Brights Yarn, Race Car Red

A satisfying solution to anything about home décor and blankets comes from Bernat. The company not only ensures quality and longevity, but it allows you to let your creativity flow free with variegate patterns, shapes, and designs.

The red, white, and boom shades of the yarn make it bright and genuinely a delight to have a baby wrapped in it. The polyester fiber in the chenille-style makes baby blankets soft and comfortable. A gauge 6, the yarn weighs 300g and is 220 yards long. Apart from blankets, you can try various other home décor projects with this yarn, for it is durable, and the weight makes the yarn easy to work with, especially for pro knitters. Want to make you baby a mermaid sack? This yarn skein from Bernat is perfect for letting the needles flow and have the design ready in no time.


  • The chenille-style yarn which is ideal for multiple home décor projects
  • Soft and warm material that will not harm the baby’s skin
  • Bulky yarn that makes knitting easy
  • Polyester also makes it easy to clean and dry in a washing machine
  • Soft and durable yarn that makes perfect blankets


  • Some colors bleed into each other
  • Some areas on the yarn are knotted and faded

9. Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, Pitter Patter’

Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, Pitter Patter

Nothing says baby blankets better than multiple colored yarns that highlight the softness of a child. Having a child is one of the best feelings in the world. As a parent, you will want the only best for your bundle of joy. In your journey to find the best yarn for a baby blanket, you will indeed find Bernat leading the list on any crafts page.

A baby blanker comforts the child like a mother. Thus, having a soft and durable blanket will give your baby a warm embrace. The pack of 3 yarn skeins from Bernat comes in a mixture of various pastel colors that give a soothing look along with being snuggly and warm. Being made of polyester, the home décor projects of baby blankets that you will weave out from this yarn will be easy to clean and dry in a washing machine.

The product is tagged as super bulky at gauge 6. It is quick and easy to be stitched into your chosen design, making this one of the best and easiest yarns to work with. Whether you are a beginner or a pro knitter, you will like the feel of this yarn, and so will your baby.


  • Durable and affordable product
  • Chenille style for more comfort and warmth
  • Polyester fiber makes cleaning and drying easy
  • Does not shrink on washing
  • Easy to work with and stitches up fast


  • Some parts of the yarn come knotted
  • Some find the price to be high given the smaller size of the balls

10. Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, Peachy

Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, Peachy

The Bernat peachy yarn is perfect for making a bright blanket for early spring days, thanks to its theme of peaches and sunset. The product falls under the weight category of gauge 6. This bulky blanket is super soft and comfortable to knit, making this yarn ideal for quick knitters to create a baby blanket in no time.

The pack of 3 yarn skeins has a total yardage of 216 yards and weighs around 100g. This yarn also comes with a promise of a dye lot that ensures color consistency across the whole yarn so that the knitted blanket looks flawless and smooth. Bernat is known for its polyester chenille-style yarn that is allowed in the market only after being rigorously tested against 300 substances and having cleared them all.


  • Chenille-style makes knitting easy
  • Polyester fiber is warm and soft
  • Yarn is machine washable and machine dryable
  • Passed 300 harmful substance test; perfect for the baby’s sensitive skin
  • Has Oeko-tek certificate, meaning it is free from harmful substances


  • The skeins are smaller given the price for the total yardage

11. Mira Handcrafts Acrylic, Multicolor Yarn

Mira Handcrafts Acrylic, Multicolor Yarn

Mira Handcrafts have always been the first choice for beginners to start their journey as knitters. Their acrylic yarns are easy to use, knit, and the created garment or décor lasts for a long time. This beginner’s kit contains 12 assorted multicolored yarns with each weighing about 50g and has a total yardage of 1312 yards, with each skein being approximately 109 yards.

The kit also contains access to 7 free e-books that guides you step by step on your knitting and crocheting techniques, along with pictures of different patterns. These easy to follow guidelines, along with specifications about knitting needle/crochet hook sized, makes knitting an enjoyable hobby. If you want to gift your newborn a rainbow throw blanket, then this kit is ideal for you. Acrylic yarns are known for their color consistency and comfortable knitting quality. The yarns are also colorfast, meaning that they will not bleed into each other.


  • Acrylic yarn is perfect for beginners and lasts long
  • Blanket made from acrylic is machine washable
  • Bright color yarn kit with free e-books
  • Medium yarn is ideal for autumn to early winter usage


  • Some of the skeins have knots in them

12. Lion Brand Baby Soft, Mint Yarn

Lion Brand Baby Soft, Mint Yarn

Known to be in the business of delivering soft yarns since the 1800s, Lion Brand is a name that you will associate with the finest and best yarn for a baby blanket. The soft pastel color of mint not only soothes but also gives comfort and warmth, thanks to the fiber blend of 60% acrylic and 40% nylon. Acrylic is known to be one of the most comfortable yarns to work with and is machine washable. The product retains its color without bleeding out. Nylon, on the other hand, is known to be elastic and abrasion-resistant.

The yarn has a length of 459 yards and weighs 140g, accounting for a lesser number of skeins required to knit a baby blanket. The 3DK light yarn is fast to knit and ideal for autumn usage. The acrylic and nylon blend softens with use and does not harm the baby’s skin.


  • Blend fibers for better durability and elasticity
  • Soft and durable yarn accounts for warm and comfortable blanket
  • The price is affordable given the yardage
  • Comes from a trustworthy brand
  • The yarn is easy to knit and crochet


  • Yarn is not ideal for beginners

13. Bernat Super Bulky Baby Blanket, Yellow Yarn

Bernat Super Bulky Baby Blanket, Yellow Yarn

Bernat is known to be one of the leading manufacturers of the best yarn for a baby blanket. Their Baby Blanket series consists of various yarn types like solid colors, twists, and variegates to create beautiful baby blankets or other home décor projects. The yarns from Bernat are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that these are free from all harmful substances and ideal for baby’s sensitive and delicate skin.

The 100% polyester yarn fiber in chenille-style offers excellent versatility and ease of knitting without having the knitters go through the issues faced by chenille yarn knitting. The soft yellow color, like melted butter, is perfect for brightening up late autumn somberness, especially since its super bulky yarn weight.

The 100g yarn with a yardage of 72 yards comes at an affordable price. The polyester fiber makes the blanket made from this yard washing machine friendly, thereby keeping the blanket clean and safe for the baby’s daily usage.


  • Super bulky aids in quick knitting
  • Thick enough for autumn and early winter usage
  • Polyester fiber is washing machine friendly
  • Chenille-style yarn adds a classy loom to the blanket along with keeping the baby warm
  • The yarn is soft and comfortable, ideal for the baby’s delicate skin
  • Durable and is an excellent value for money


  • The skein often is knotted in places
  • Dye lot number often is a mismatch

14. Bernat Blanket Super Bulky, Dark Gray

Bernat Blanket Super Bulky, Dark Gray

The blanket range from Bernat has more yardages at an affordable price. This super bulky yarn in chenille-style not only makes knitting easier but also the end product is a super soft blanket that you will love to wrap around your little one in winters.

The gauge six yarn has a yardage of 108 yards and weighs 105g. The dark gray color not only offers an aesthetically pleasing look but also provides much warmth thanks to the 100% polyester fiber. The polyester fiber also accounts for the blanket to be washed and dried in a washing machine without making the blanket shrink or lose its color. The yarn also had a stretchable quality that makes knitting easy.


  • Yarn is thick and durable
  • Polyester is washing machine friendly
  • The yarn is chenille-style and easy to use
  • Warm and comfortable yarn transforms to beautiful blankets
  • Yardage is value for money


  • The yarn is often not consistently dyed
  • Many skeins are knotted in multiple places

15. Bernat Softy Yarn, Pale Blue

Bernat Softy Yarn, Pale Blue

Blue is a vibrant and soft color that makes one remember summer skies. This softy yarn collection from Bernat is one of the company’s softest yarns that make the knitted blanket feel like a warm hug. At yardage of 362 yards and weighing 140g, this gauge three yarn is light and perfect for wrapping up your baby during autumn chills.

The acrylic fiber makes the yarn easy to work with, helping you finish knitting faster, especially if you are a pro. Easy to clean and dry, acrylic yarns are known to be colorfast and have a consistent color quality. The yarn is also durable and holds shape for a long time. The yarn from Bernat also undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that the yarn is free from chemicals and harmful substances so that the baby’s skin is not harmed.


  • Acrylic yarn is long-lasting and soft
  • The yarn is easy to knit and is machine washable
  • Comes with colorfast guarantee
  • Undergoes testing for over 300 substances to ensure a quality product
  • Lightweight and warm


  • Yarn is light and splits easily if not handled carefully
  • Some colors do not match the image displayed

16. Red Heart Soft Baby Steps, Elephant

Red Heart Soft Baby Steps, Elephant

If you are looking for yarn to knit, look no further than Red Heart’s Baby Steps Collection. This elephant gray yarn is 100% acrylic and guarantees no dye-lot solid color that is ideal for all types of home décor projects.

The yarn weighs 142g and has a length of 256 yards, making it one of the affordable and best yarn for a baby blanket in the market. The medium weight worsted yarn is perfect for fast knitting and produces comfortable blankets ideal for babies.


  • Acrylic yarn accounts or more durability and comfort
  • Machine washable and dryable; perfect for busy parents
  • Medium yarn is warm and easy to knit
  • Rates high on the softness
  • Yardage offers excellent value for money


  • Yarn is perfect for knitting but not crocheting as it pulls apart easily
  • Skein is knotted in multiple places

17. Caron Jumbo, Rainbow Ombre Yarn

Caron Jumbo, Rainbow Ombre Yarn

As a brand dedicated to making yarns, Caron Jumbo takes its inspiration from all possible sources to come up with solids and variegates of every imaginable hue to offer knitters a plethora of choices for their home décor projects. The brand’s versatility and economical skeins have made them a preferred name in the knitting circle.

The baby rainbow color variegate had yardage of 595 yards and weighed 340g. The gauge four medium worsted yarn is perfect for making baby blankets to keep your little ones warm. Acrylic yarn is also known to be easy to clean and maintain. It makes the yarn ideal for knitting blankets for babies with busy parents.


  • Yarn is soft and warm
  • Easy to knit and fast knitting possible
  • Interesting textures, inspired by nature
  • A thick and soft blanket keeps baby warm and safe
  • Acrylic yarn is machine washable and dryable


  • Some skeins are rusted
  • The end of the skeins are often frayed and knotted

18. Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, Little Dinosaurs

Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, Little Dinosaurs

Do not let the color name fool you for little dinosaurs are in adorable variegate of blue and butter yellow, making the yarn perfect for knitting bright blankets for your babies to keep them warm on gloomy days. This baby blanket collection from Bernat is known for its softness and thickness without being too expensive.

The pack of 6 skeins has a total yardage of 432 yards and weighed 600g. The super bulky gauge 6 is perfect for knitting faster and easy. This 100% polyester yarn is warm, soft, thick, and durable. Not to mention, the blanket woven from the yarn is safe for the baby. Bernat undergoes strict testing for all their yarns to ensure their products are free from harmful substances.


  • Easy to care yarn which is soft on the baby’s skin
  • Undergoes testing for over 300 harmful substances making it safe
  • Polyester yarn is machine washable and dryable
  • Rates high on thickness and value for money


  • Yarns are smaller as compared to other brands

19. Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, White

Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, White

Your little ones are angels sent from above, so why not wrap them up in a fluffy white cloud of a blanket? The Baby Blanket collection from Bernat had great value for money given its yardage and weight. The polyester fiber makes knitting easy and fast. The plush chenille yarn is gauge 11, weighing 300g and running the length of 256 yards.

Bernat is known for its quality assurance and having subjected ist yarns to over 300 harmful substance tests. This super bulky yarn is ideal for the cold winters. This one yarn is enough to make a proper baby blanket without compromising on length. The yarn is durable and machine washable without suffering shrinkage, thanks to its polyester fiber.


  • Oeko-Tek certified
  • Yarn is free from chemical and safe for babies
  • Rates high on thickness and softness
  • Chenille super bulky yarn that provides excellent warmth and comfort
  • Machine washable and dryable


  • Not suitable for arm knitting given the thickness

20. Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, Yellow

Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn, Yellow

Bernat is a name that is synonymous with quality polyester or acrylic yarns, and the yellow yarn from the baby blanket collection is no different. The product boasts of a certificate of purity and quality; these yarns are tested to be free from over 300 harmful substances that make them ideal for babies.

The polyester yarn provides better resistance to stains. The chenille yarn is super bulky with yardage of 72 yards and weighing 100g. The plush and warm yarn is easy to knit and easy to clean.


  • The yarn is value for the money
  • Plush and soft fiber
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Very durable yarn


  • Some sections of the yarn come in knots

21. Bernat Blanket Brights, Chunky Blue

Bernat Blanket Brights, Chunky Blue

If bright is what you seek, then opt for Bernat’s Blanket Brights collection. The chunky blue color is sure to brighten up any room and mood. This vibrant color not only fills the space with a vibrant feel, but the chenille style yarn is soft and durable. The chenille style polyester fiber also makes knitting easy and quick, helping you finish projects faster.

Bernat is a brand that’s known to be Oeko-Tek certified, which means all the yarns are free from harmful chemicals, making them the best yarn from a baby blanket. The super bulky yarn weighs about 150g and runs the length of 108 yards. Being under $12, this is one of the most affordable and durable yarns in the market.


  • Vibrant color and soft to touch
  • Polyester fiber that is machine washable and lasts long
  • Comes quality tested against more than 300 harmful substances
  • Perfect softness for baby blankets


  • The yarn tends to be knotted in many places

22. Lion Brand Yarn, Calluna Shade

Lion Brand Yarn, Calluna Shade

As the name suggests, the lion brand’s Wanna Make a Blankie collection is worth every buck you spend on the giant cake of yarn. This chenille yarn weighing 800g and having yardage of 437 yards, this one cake will be enough the knit a 42†by 42†blanket.

The bright variegate calluna design, along with super bulky yarn weight, is perfect for babies, especially during gloomy winters. The polyester fiber makes the yarn washing machine friendly and easy to knit, even if you are a beginner in knitting.


  • Bright color and super soft yarn
  • Polyester fiber makes knitting easy
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Plush quality yarn, ideal for babies


  • Yarn tends to be knotted towards the end of the skein

23. Bernat Baby Blanket Collection, Pink Dreams

Bernat Baby Blanket Collection, Pink Dreams

The combination of bright pink, dark pink, and white yarn from Bernat’s Baby Blanket collection makes up for a beautiful spring season vibe that will make your child cheerful no matter the season. Bernat ensures that its yarns are certified and passes all quality tests that prove their yarns to be free from all harmful chemicals.

The 100% polyester chenille-style yarn weighing 300g and having a length of 220 yards, the super bulky yarn makes for unique baby blankets. Polyester fiber, along with being machine washable, also makes the blanket stain resistant.


  • The plush yarn, which is soft on the baby’s skin
  • Affordable and value for money given the yardage
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Easy to knit


  • Not ideal for arm knitting

24. Bernat Baby Blanker Yarn, Sail Away

Bernat Baby Blanker Yarn, Sail Away

The Sail Away print from Bernat’s Baby Blanket Collection offers a bright and contrasting color of light blue, white, and brown. This color combination makes a striking contrast and ideal for babies. The plush chenille style yarn is tested to be perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin.

The pack of three super bulky gauges six skeins has a collective weight of 300g and runs for 216 yards. The 100% polyester yarn is light and durable without compromising ion warmth and comfort. The yarn is perfect for hand knitting and suitable for beginners and professionals alike.


  • Machine washable and durable
  • Oeko-Tek certified
  • Ideal for baby’s sensitive skin
  • Plush chenille style yarn that is fit for all type of home décor projects


  • Often knotted skeins are received by customers

25. Bernat Blanket Yarn, Silver Steel

Bernat Blanket Yarn, Silver Steel

The Bernat’s Blanket Yarn collection has six yarn skeins that weigh 150g each and runs 108 yards each. Thus, you get a total of 900g yarn with a yardage of 648 yards. This textured yarn is soft, plush, durable, and stitches quickly. The polyester fiber makes the yarn machine friendly and stain-resistant. The pack is value for money, and you can quickly knit a large enough blanket for your baby from this one pack.


  • Polyester fiber makes the yarn easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with Oeko-tek certification, making them ideal for babies
  • Easy to knit and ranks high in softness


  • Color does not match the image

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Yarn For Baby Blanket

When you want to buy anything for your babies, something related to innocence and softness pop up in your mind. Snuggly, cuddly, bliss, all these words you associate with babies, thus protecting this very softness is your priority as a parent. While a baby blanket requires just knitting needles and balls of yarn, it is this sheer yarn quality that has to pass strict tests before you pick them up and start making a baby blanket.

Whether you are planning to knit one for your baby or gifting one, finding the best yarn for a baby blanket requires a thorough check and a lot of thought, no matter you are an amateur or a pro knitter. This checklist will help you understand not only more about yarns but also have an idea about the yardage you will require creating a blanket for the precious angel.

1. Quality Of The Yarn

You have to take care of all factors for your baby. It would be best if you keep in mind that babies are bound to drool, spill food, or empty their bladder/stomach in the blanket. They are not yet capable of doing all the essential grooming themselves.

You can also gift a blanket that will last daily usage for a long time. Parents can keep by it as a keepsake. You need to ensure that the yarn you choose passes the tests of time and rigorous cleaning. Here, you need to select the type of yarn you want to invest in. The durability and shape-holding of the blanket will significantly depend on the yarn fiber.

2. Types Of Yarn

Usually, yarn can be classified into three broad categories: Animal Fiber, Plant Fiber, and Synthetic Fibers. While the first two are always the natural choice in terms of tradition, each has its pros and cons. When you are looking for the best yarn for a baby blanket, you need to go beyond tradition and think of your baby’s health first. A deeper look at the three kinds of yarn will help you make your decision easily:

Animal Fiber

It contains different types of wool yarns, like alpaca, cashmere, merino, and sheep. You also find silk, mohair, and organic yarn in this list. While wool is the go-to yarn for knitting, it is best to avoid wool. You may never know if the baby is allergic to the fiber unless they are crying and have developed rashes.

A fun fact thought about alpaca wool is that it is known to be water repellant. Thus, if your baby is not allergic to wool, you can consider getting alpaca wool since it will make liquid substances stain the blanket not too quickly.

Plant Fiber

If you are looking for a lighter and breathable material, then opting for plant-based yarn fiber will help you create magical blankets. Ideally, these fibers are derived either from cotton, hemp, or bamboo. If you are looking to knit summer blankets, opt for bamboo for this fiber when made into yarn, it is seen to be softer than silk and provides excellent comfort to a baby without damaging their skin.

Synthetic Fiber

On the rise as more preferred yarn for blankets, these synthetic fibers like acrylic, polyester, self-stripping, and novelty are a delight to work with and often take up stitches quickly. Lighter than most traditional fibers, these fibers offer warmth and comfort, making them perfect for baby blankets. If you have the blended kind that takes wool and polyester blend to provide the best of both worlds. These blankets are easy to clean and lasts for a long time

Choosing the type of yarn will also depend on the area you live, the climate pattern, and the sensitivity of the baby’s skin.

3. Color

Whether you are planning to gift the baby blanket or keep it for your little one, choosing the color is a critical task. While a baby will be happy no matter which color, having your baby sleep in a less disturbing nursery will help the child be well-settled than randomly throwing colors and patterns to create a space. The blanket can also be designed to help bring the color of the baby’s eyes much more clearly.

That said, you can always have quite a few baby blankets to suit the occasion or season when you take your baby out for a walk or simply enjoy some alone time together.

4. Season Of Birth

When you are planning on the color, pattern, and design of the baby blanket, you should also keep in mind the season when the baby is due. The knit pattern, fiber, and weight of the yarn will depend on the birth season. For babies due in winter, opting for a closed pattern and warmer to darker colors whereas, autumn babies will require a medium thickness and knit pattern blankets. Summer babies will love bamboo or cotton fiber and lighter colors with a more open-knit pattern.

You also need to mind the fact that larger blankets are double-wrapped around the baby, which makes them akin to two blankets. Given the weather and the comfort level of the baby, you can either opt for lighter blankets wrapped twice or a more massive blanket small enough for a single wrap.

5. Number Of Skeins Required

When you are working on a blanket, you are dedicating a lot of time and focus on the project. If you are on a deadline with the baby due soon, make sure the blanket to be not only knitted but also washed and cleansed for wrapping your baby. In such scenarios, if you run out of yarn, it becomes not only irritating, but a late delivery or the required color being out of stock will push your project past the time you need it.

When you are following a pattern, you will often find that the yardage is mentioned for the blanket. Taking that number, you can divide it with the skein yardage you are buying. It will give you the number of skeins you will require. If you are arriving at a fraction, always buy the next largest number, e.g., if you are coming at 6.3, buy seven or even eight skeins. Having extra does not hurt.

6. Cleanliness And Washing

Different fibers require different cleaning techniques. Wool and silk are better washed using your own hands, whereas polyester or acrylic is machine washable. Given the busy schedules of everyone, spending a long time cleaning and drying a blanket is not a great option, unless you are ready to go all traditional. Opt for polyester for they are warm, easy to clean, and dries fast. Acrylics too become softer when washed multiple times, which is an excellent plus for babies.

7. Budget

The fiber you choose will significantly affect the overall cost of the blanket. If you wish to gift the baby a beautiful cashmere or bamboo blanket, make sure that you spend a great deal of time cleaning the blanket properly. Cashmere and bamboo fibers are expensive without proper care; they will tear away, leaving your hard work and money spent seems like wastage. Always consider the other factors like longevity, washing requirements, and color consistency before you invest in expensive yarns.

8. Reading The Label

When you are looking for yarn skeins, remember to read the label properly. Often online images can be deceptive. You might think that you are stealing a deal when you end up paying far more than required for a minimal yarn kit. The label always tells you the essential things like the weight of the yarn, the material and care instructions, and the total yarn length. Many brands also suggest the needle/hook size that will be ideal for that particular yarn.

In simple terms, yarn weight refers to the thickness of the yarn. Often you will find a ply count ranging from 1 to 14, with one being the finest and 14 being the thickest. For blankets, a ply 4 to 6 would be ideal, especially if you are looking for winter blankets. The label also specifies the type of fiber the yarn contains. You can choose whether you want a pure fiber or a blend of fibers.

The yarn length and weight will help you gauge not only the weight of the blanket you will be knitting but also help you understand how many balls of yarn you will require for a particular blanket size. Whether you are choosing a pure fiber or a blend, knowing how to care for the material properly will help you ensure that the blanket is taken care of properly and thereby last long.

Another thing that you need to look out for is the dye-lot number. This factor is crucial because to the naked eye, the different shaded of blue or yellow might look the same. Once you finish the project, the difference becomes apparent when you are buying in bulk, or happen to run out of yarn mid-project, always check the dye-lot number to ensure color consistency.

For the first time knitters, understanding the yardage or the yarn weight might be a bit difficult. You can opt to browse through various websites. These sites not only provide the required information about the number of balls and the size of the knitting tools but also provide you with a detailed analysis of each fiber and how easy/hard they are to stitch and complete.

FAQs on Yarn For Baby Blanket

Q1. How Much Yarn Will A Blanket Require?

It depends on the size of the blanket you are knitting. Usually, a standard single wrap baby blanket will require something between 6 to 9 skeins. You can go beyond this number if you plan to turn the blanket into a sack or add self-colored patterns within the blanket. If you are following any particular site for the pattern, make sure to check the yardage and the number of skeins mentioned in the site so that you will find it easier to buy the exact numbers required for your project.

Q2. Is It Safe For Babies To Put Polyester Blankets In Their Mouth?

All babies tend to put whatever they can grab into their mouths. Since the blanket will always be with them, you can be sure to find the ends of the blanket in your baby’s mouth whenever you turn to them. Keeping the blankets clean and sterile (washing at 40oC) will give you some peace of mind. You also need to make sure that the fiber used to make the blanket does not shed, which is why you should avoid using novelty yarns for they tend to shed.

Q3. What Is Meant By The Chenille Style?

This yarn type is between medium and bulky weight but known for its extreme softness and speed at which the knitting is done. The fiber is durable and easy to clean. You can opt for this fiber if you plan to make a blanket that will last for a long time and not lose its softness.

Q4. Which Yarn Is Considered To Be The Softest?

It depends on what you consider as soft. Ideally, any fabric that does not chafe against the skin nor has prickly fibers poking out can be regarded as soft and perfect for baby blankets. Still, if you are going to look for an answer, then cashmere or angora wool will always be known to be the softest yarns out there. Cashmere is also the most expensive fiber out there, given the intensive labor devoted to making the wool of that quality.

Q5. Should I Opt For Acrylic Or Polyester?

The answer to this depends on what type of blanket you are planning on knitting. Both these synthetic fibers have their benefits and downsides. If you are looking for warm, machine washable and dryable yarn, then definitely opt for polyester. If you are looking for a fabric that will soften with each wash, and do not mind working a bit extra to keep the blanket clean, then opt for acrylic.

Best Yarn For Baby Blanket – Conclusion

Choosing the best yarn for a baby blanket might seem like a tough and time-consuming job. When you start knitting the piece and gift the final garment to your child, seeing their content face as they snuggle deep into the warmth of the blanket will make every waking researching moment worth it.

Many buyers find buying a blanket fast and straightforward. People often prefer giving the baby its first gift, which is woven with care and love. Taking the time out to learn knitting and choosing patterns and designs also has its appeal that knitters swear by. Whether you want to try just knitting a blanket, or prefer making or gifting them, you can always turn to a guide that will walk you through the various information about yarns, yardages, weight, and knit patterns. These factors will help you choose the correct yarn for all your different projects.

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