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Best White Noise Machines 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Homedics2. Big Red Rooster3. Marpac

Homedics Sound Machine Best White Noise Machines

Big Red Rooster White Noise MachineMarpac Dohm Classic

Many parents look for the best white noise machine for the baby since getting enough sleep is absolutely necessary even for the little ones. Environmental sounds can be quite distracting while your baby is trying to get some sleep because they often tend to wake up at the slightest noise. Poor sleeping can adversely affect health, increasing the risk of diseases occurring, especially in children.

These white noise machines play a wide range of sounds, mechanical or recorded, that block out external noises, relieves anxiety and stress, allowing your child to fall into a deep slumber. However, several brands are selling such devices these days, and not all of them are reliable. To help you in your search and provide you with some product knowledge, we have compiled a list of the top 20 devices here so that you can choose the best baby sound machine among them according to your requirements.


Top 20 Best White Noise Machines For Baby 2022

1. Homedics Sound Machine

Homedics Sound Machine Best White Noise Machines

Many parents consider this as the best white noise machine for the baby since it features six different soothing sounds, namely brook, summer night, ocean rain, thunder, and white noise. The Sound Spa emulates the sounds of nature to provide a peaceful atmosphere where your baby can fall asleep in no time.

It is a light and compact device that you can easily carry around in your purse or your bag while you are traveling, allowing you to bring the calm offered by the sleep sounds no matter where you are. This way, you don’t have to worry about your little one not getting any sleep while they are on the road.

While the rhythmic noises of nature help maintain your baby’s sleep routine, the stylish look of this device is an excellent addition to any room. The dark blue color brightens up a nursery or a bedroom while helping your child get long, uninterrupted sleep. Whether they need a quick nap or a good nighttime’s sleep, the soothing nature sounds will lull them into a deep slumber and, in turn, help the whole family sleep better.

With this product, you have the option of playing the sleep sounds continuously or for a specific period. There is a timer on this device with three different options so that you can set it to 15, 30, or 60 minutes. You can plug it into an outlet using the adapter provided or buy 4 x AA batteries to use it while traveling.

Furthermore, the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on this product; hence you don’t need to worry about manufacturing defects. You should read the manual supplied with the device to operate it safely.


  • Reduces stress and induces relaxation
  • Six different nature sounds
  • Auto-off timer and adjustable volume


  • The knob is a bit finicky
  • The cord is hard to replace

2. Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine

Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine

This white noise machine from Big Red Rooster has six different sounds, such as Thunder, Summer Night, Brook, Ocean, Rain, and White Noise. You can use this device for targeted listening since the speaker is on the one side. Considering the product is priced below 20 dollars, the sound quality is quite impressive.

While the maximum volume is not too overwhelming, it is sufficient to drown out any noise from outside and allow your child to fall asleep in no time. Moreover, this device comes with an auto-off feature so you can play the sounds continuously or choose one among the 15, 30, and 60 minutes timers. While using the device for nighttime sleep, the 1-hour timer is perfect.

This white noise machine looks great in your room with its simple controls and matte white finish. The buttons are quite big and clearly labeled, which makes them easy to use.

This could be the best baby sound machine for you if you love traveling and need something to help your baby fall asleep. Weighing just 5.9 ounces and measuring 4 x 4.4 x 2.6 inches, it is a light and compact device you can carry around in your car or suitcase.

With this product, you get a USB cable and an AC power adaptor, so you can operate it using a standard socket. The length of the cable is enough to let you use it from some distance. If you don’t have a power source available, you can run it using 3 x AA batteries.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Large, labeled buttons
  • Can be used with a USB cable or batteries


  • Clicky buttons

3. Marpac Dohm Classic

Marpac Dohm Classic

Dohm has been a trusted company for more than 50 years, and this fan-based model is yet another example of their superior quality. This white noise machine induces sleep through the soothing sound of rushing air without interrupting your sleep with real moving air.

The fan-based sound is natural and causes no digital looping that might wake your child up. Using a number of sounds with the same intensity throughout the audible range, it masks disruptions and allows you to focus. The sound conditioners on the device produce a robust, rich sound that creates a soothing atmosphere inside the room.

You can adjust the volume and tone on this device, creating a personalized sound environment effortlessly. This makes it excellent for masking external noises, soothing babies to sleep, and office privacy. These machines are made in the USA and protected by a one-year warranty, so you be assured of its quality. The company provides excellent customer service and even lets your try out the product for 101 nights.

You get a 6-foot long cord with this device and a 120V AC plug. Using the flip switch, you can adjust the volume, and use the cap collar to select the best sound. The basic and compact design of the machine makes it blend into the surroundings without standing out much. You can get the product in six different colors, like tan, pink, gray, camo, black, and white.


  • Easy operation
  • Natural, fan-based noise
  • Adjustable tone and volume


  • Not very loud
  • The fan might make a scratchy noise

4. Letsfit White Noise Machine

Letsfit White Noise Machine

If you’re looking for the best baby white noise machine for a small child, this product from Letsfit might be perfect for you. There are 14 sounds on this machine, and 3 of them are lullabies specially created to help children fall asleep faster. There is also a night light, which is not very common with white noise machines.

This device only has a standard power adapter and lacks a rechargeable battery. Therefore you always need to plug it into a socket for it to work. With the 90 centimeters long cable, you can easily place the device on a nightstand. There is no standard button for tuning the machine on or off, and you need to hold the grill for a few seconds to start it.

Apart from the top grill, there are three other buttons on the device. The plus and minus buttons serve two purposes. Firstly, you can short press them to change the sounds. Long pressing these buttons adjusts the volume.

The timer button is the final one, and when you press it, an automated female voice will let you know for how long the timer is set. You have the option of setting the timer anywhere between 15 and 120 minutes or play it continuously without any interruptions.

Other than turning the device on and off, the top grill can also be used to operate the night light. This soothing light is ideal for walking around in a room without waking the baby up. It is not bright enough to light up the entire room, but you can use it to find something in the dark.

This device plays 14 calming sounds, and they are as follows – rock-a-bye baby, hush little baby, twinkle twinkle little star, water stream, thunderstorm, ocean wave, singing birds, crickets, clothes dryer 1, clothes dryer 2, fan noise, brown noise, pink noise, and white noise.


  • Wide range of sounds
  • Good volume range
  • Night night included


  • Same button for volume control and sound choice
  • Does not work with batteries

5. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

The Rest Sound Machine from Hatch Baby is not just the best sound machine for baby, but also a multifunctional device with several volume and sound settings. Moreover, it has a night light and a time-to-rise feature, all of which you can program using a simple app. This means you don’t have to enter the room physically to change the settings, and you can adjust them without waking up your baby.

The device has a slightly tapered, cylindrical shape with a white exterior and a matte finish. The speaker lies on top, while the buttons for pause/play, skipping, volume, brightness, and power lie at the bottom. It is a 4-inch wide and 6-inch tall device that you can tuck into a corner of the room without disturbing its design.

The app associated with this product is quite easy to use, and it has brightness and volume control options. It also lets you select a certain spectrum of light and choose from a wide range of lullabies and white noises. You can even set the timer as well as change the settings for bedtime or nap time by selecting a “time to rise.†Even a child would be able to navigate through the simple controls in this app.

The setup process for this device takes a bit longer than other machines because you need to interface it with your phone. There will be a quick tutorial on the app that will tell you how to operate the machine efficiently.


  • Can be operated through an app
  • Good quality speaker
  • Effective noise cancellation


  • More costly than most other alternatives
  • Synthetic sounds

6. Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan Sound Machine

Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan Sound Machine

Many parents consider this product to be the best baby noise machine as it gives them exactly what they paid for. It is marketed as a white noise machine, and there are no nature sound options that come with it. However, that does not mean you have a limited number of choices when it comes to the sounds. With ten different noise levels, you are bound to find one that will suit you.

The speaker at the top of the device is quite large and produces a robust sound that masks all external noises, including the usual sleep-disruptors like barking dogs and snoring. It is a small and compact machine, and that makes it easy for you to store in your room or carry inside your suitcase while you are traveling.

There is a timer that comes with this product for you to run it all through the night, or set the timer by increasing it an hour every time. You also get an AC adapter and a USB power cable with this device so that you can run it anywhere. One can buy this item in white or black and enjoy the plethora of choices it offers in regards to sound intensity and volume.

You can purchase the product with the utmost confidence since it is manufactured here in the USA and comes with a 1000 day satisfaction guarantee. The volume control on this machine is quite precise, allowing you to create a perfect, peaceful environment for your child.


  • A broad range of white noises and fan sounds
  • Precise volume control
  • Creates a relaxing atmosphere


  • Comes with no nature sound

7. Baby Shusher Soother Sound Machine

Baby Shusher Soother Sound Machine

This small, portable sound machine attempts to mimic the sound heard by a baby while they are inside the womb. It is based on the “shushing†Noise some parents use to lull their children to sleep. If you have a fussy newborn that resits going to sleep, this device is perfect for you.

It comes in a colorful rattle shape that babies love. Using the timer on this device, you can set the sound to play for 15 minutes or 30 minutes. You don’t need to plug it in a socket to operate, and just using two AA batteries would suffice in this case. This makes it ideal for traveling because you might not always find an electric socket available when it’s time for your baby to catch some sleep.

There is only one sound that plays on this device, and although you can adjust its volume, it will not play for more than 30 minutes. In order to change the volume, you need to turn the bottom portion of the machine. One can increase the volume by turning it to the right and decrease it by doing the opposite. It’s also easy to set the time by turning the top part of the Baby Shusher.

Overall, it is a device that is pretty effective for small children who are not more than four months old. The machine is readily available and priced under 40 dollars, making it a great value for money option.


  • No need to connect to a socket
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable construction


  • Not suitable for older babies
  • The sound might not appeal to everyone

8. myBaby SoundSpa White Noise Machine

myBaby SoundSpa White Noise Machine

This petite sound machine is perfect for parents who only want the best white noise for babies. It is a white-colored device with green trim and highlighted buttons for features and sound options. The speaker lies at the center and amplifies the sound considerably.

The myBaby SoundSpa is built for portability and features six different sounds like Brook, Summer Night, Ocean, Thunder, White Noise, and Heartbeat. Although it comes with a power cord, you can also use the device with batteries. And that makes it extremely useful, especially when you are traveling and don’t have a socket available nearby. The company also provides a one-year manufacturing warranty with this product.

SoundSpa is an intuitive device that is effortless to use. After plugging it in, you need to turn the dial to switch the device on. If you need to adjust the volume, you need to turn the same dial. There are separate buttons for all the sound options and a single button for setting the timer. In order to insert the batteries, you have to unscrew the back of the device.

The compact size of the device makes it suitable for children who live in small apartments, which is especially common in large cities. Compared to similar other devices, it is extremely lightweight and doesn’t weigh you down while you are traveling. If you live in an environment where there are not many loud noises interrupting your baby’s sleep, this device could serve you quite well.

Moreover, the device has a built-in stand so you can use it in a stationary position. The integrated clip attaches easily to a crib, a diaper bag, and a stroller.


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Integrated clip makes it easy to attach to car seats and strollers
  • Simple controls


  • Speaker not strong enough to drown out loud noises

9. Marpac Hushh Portable White Noise Machine

Marpac Hushh Portable White Noise Machine

If yours is a family that travels regularly, you must check out the Marpac Hushh Compact Sound Machine. Weighing only 3.8 ounces and having a diameter of just 3.5 inches, it is perfect for traveling when it’s tough for a baby to get sleep.

Setting up this device is extremely easy. You just need to connect the USB cable and attach it to a power source. After it gets charged fully, you can use it for long hours using a setting you prefer. The device has a baby-safe clip so you can easily attach it to a car seat or a stroller, but one can just as easily use it on a flat surface, too. The machine can even be attached to a door handle, so the sound spreads through the entire room.

Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery can last between 4 to 22 hours, depending on the volume and whether the nightlight is on. It quickly drains when you play the sounds on high volume and keep the light on.

However, despite the compact build of the device, it does not compromise on sound. With this product, you have three sounds to choose from, such as gentle surf, deep white noise, and white noise.

When turned to the highest volume, it fills up the entire room and cancels out external noises. All in all, if you are in a small space, this could be the best white noise machine for a baby that you could buy without coughing up too much cash in the process.

The nightlight is great for little kids who are scared of the dark, and the child lock feature keeps the toddlers from changing the volume and other settings by themselves.


  • Perfectly clear white noise
  • Can be attached to door handles, car seats, and cribs
  • Rechargeable battery included


  • The clip is not that durable

10. SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector And Sound Machine

SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector And Sound Machine

This product from SOAIY is considered to be the best white noise machine for babies by many since it is more than just a sleep-inducing device. It has brilliant aurora night lights with blue, yellow, green, and red colors that create a peaceful and romantic environment inside your room.

With these night lights, adults and babies can fall into a peaceful slumber in no time. When you use it with the cover, it functions as a small nightlight and is useful for people who cannot stand the dark.

Coming to the sounds on this device and there are six of them, all emulating the sounds of nature. The six different sounds are rain, brook, thunder, summer night, ocean wave, and white noise. It also comes with Bluetooth so you can connect it with your cellphone, iPod, or tablet to play music.

The best thing about this product is that it comes with remote control. So you can use it to turn the device on and off, switch between sounds, adjust the volume and brightness, and change the sound and light modes. You can also set a timer, so the sound stops playing after a certain time. Using the remote, both adults and kids can operate the device easily.

There are two different brightness levels and four times options you can choose from when it comes to setting the device based on your preferences. You can charge it using a power bank and easily carry the machine around while you are traveling.


  • Remote control allows for distance operation
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Dazzling aurora night lights change the mood of the room


  • Not ideal for playing music
  • The wall adapter and USB assembly is a bit too long

11. Marpac Yogasleep Dohm Classic

Marpac Yogasleep Dohm Classic

If you don’t like the synthetic noise produced by most devices, then the Yogasleep Dohm Classic might be the best white noise machine for a baby that you should consider buying. The white noise produced by this device is natural and fan-based, so your child can quickly fall asleep to the soothing sound of rushing air, without the fan actually blowing air into their face.

With this device, you have two options when it comes to adjusting the volume and the tone. So you can effortlessly create a highly personalized sound environment inside your room while canceling out background noise and allowing your child to sleep better. You always know you will be getting good performance from this product since it is made in the USA and supported by a one year warranty.

The company provides excellent customer service and even lets you try it out for 101 nights. You can power the device using a 120V AC plug, which is 6 feet long. You can use the flip switch to adjust the volume and rotate the cap to select the best sound. The basic and compact design makes it easy to carry around.

Moreover, you can fine-tune the tone and select one that suits your child’s mood best. There is no digital looping with the natural fan sound, which is great as that doesn’t cause any interruption.


  • Continuous sound without looping
  • Natural fan noise
  • Made in the USA


  • Not many sound options
  • Has a bit of an odor

12. Magicteam White Noise Machine

Magicteam White Noise Machine

This white noise machine is unique in the sense that it has a memory function. So you can restore the previous volume, sound, and time settings. It meets all safety standards, and you don’t need to worry about any mishaps occurring. Moreover, you can power the device using a USB cable or AC power.

It has 20 different sleeping sounds, none of which creates any looping. The sounds are bonfire, bird, ocean, rain, brook, fan, blue noise, pink noise, brown noise, and white noise. With this device, your baby can get an excellent nighttime sleep with its 32 volume levels. You can set the timer to 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 hours of continuous play, depending on how long you want your environment to remain comfortable for your baby.

It is a lightweight and compact machine that you can easily carry around without any issues. Weighing just 0.37 lbs and having dimensions of 2.64inch*2.64inch*2.83inch, it is the ideal travel partner. The company also provides a warranty that covers all manufacturing defects. Since the device is approved by RoHS, CE, and FCC, you don’t have to worry about any accidents happening while operating the machine.


  • The memory function allows for restoration of the previous setting
  • Meets all the US safety standards
  • 32 volume levels


  • Sound quality can be better

13. Dreamegg D1 Pro Sound Machine

Dreamegg D1 Pro Sound Machine

The D1 Pro model from Dreamegg is a sophisticated sound machine that creates a soothing atmosphere, promoting sound sleep and relaxation. With this machine, you get seven different white noises, ten nature sounds, and seven fan sounds. The wide range of nature sounds is especially helpful when you want your baby to fall asleep quickly. They are namely fetal tone, rain, campfire, cricket, music, box, lullaby, brook, sea wave, and bird.

This is arguably the best white noise machine for babies based on the sheer variety of sounds it offers. It also has a night light that helps you feed your baby at night. Moreover, the child falls asleep quickly under the influence of the soothing sounds and comforting glow. For children who are afraid of the dark, the light makes them feel safe and secure.

The white color, smooth texture, and minimalist design fit into any room of your home without messing up the theme. Using the audio feature, you can enjoy the sounds without interrupting others. The auto-off timer is a handy feature that lets you adjust the playing time to 30, 60, and 90 minutes. This is a great way to save electricity as well.

Furthermore, this white noise machine has a memory function, which means it remembers the previous timer, volume, sound, and light settings, and you don’t need to push the buttons every time. The premium sound quality of the speaker provides a realistic simulation of natural sounds that gets you into the zone faster.


  • Thoughtful memory function
  • Wide range of nature sounds
  • Comes with an auto-off timer


  • Short loops in nature sounds
  • Slight humming sound

14. Dreamegg Di White Noise Machine

Dreamegg Di White Noise Machine

You always want only the best white noise machine for baby, and the D1 White Noise Machine from Dreamegg makes bedtime the most enjoyable for your little one. With 24 sounds to choose from, you can simply pick one that you desire and create the perfect mood for a deep night’s sleep. This device features ten nature sounds, which are train, fetal tone, rain, campfire, cricket, music box, lullaby, rook, sea wave, and bird.

Soothing lights and lullaby sounds help babies get comfortable and lull them into sleep. The night light and the baby lullaby on this machine produce constant glow and rhythm to help the baby stay asleep. The light is not bright enough to wake your child up when you need to find your way around the room.

You can also play the sounds in your ears using a 3.5mm earphone without interrupting others. The sound machine helps relieve stress and offers some respite from loud hotel rooms and noisy snorers. You can choose to play the sounds non-stop or use the timer so that it stops playing after a while, and that gives you total control over the sleep environment. It is a lightweight and compact device that can be easily carried with you while traveling.

Whether you like the sound of a fan or wish to create a soothing atmosphere with nature sounds, you can do it all with this machine. It also has a memory function, which means it remembers the latest time, volume, and sound settings.

The product comes nicely packaged and with a smooth matte finish and black color. If you have any issues with it, you can avail of the 1-year warranty provided by the company. The customer support team is also accommodating in this regard.


  • Lightweight and compact frame
  • Tune out all external noises
  • Soothing night light


  • Medium-bright white light
  • Sound accuracy can be better

15. Douni Sleep Sound Machine

Douni Sleep Sound Machine

Many parents consider this compact and aesthetically pleasing white noise machine to be the best white noise machine for the baby. It has three different sound categories and 24 unique, soothing sounds for infants and older babies. The multiple fascinating features on this device makes it an all-time favorite.

The first thing you will notice about this device is the sophisticated wood grain finish. This unique design lets you include this machine to your nursery or bedroom decor. Weighing just 9.7 ounces and measuring 2.3 inches, it can easily fit inside your suitcase or backpack.

If you need to play your sounds privately, you can do so by using the 3.5mm earphone jack. There are 35 levels for volume, which gives you more control over your music and lets you create the ideal sleep atmosphere inside your room. If you are not sure how to operate the machine, you can consult the user manual, which contains some detailed instructions on how to use it.

For charging, you can use the power cord or power adapter provided with the machine. Compared to some of the more expensive competitors, the Douni sound machine offers better sound quality. Moreover, with this product, you get a 12-month warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Due to the wooden finish, this device lasts a few good years. It is an easy to use system with a cable slot that looks neat on your desk. Its straightforward design and features make it quite an effective sleeping aid. With seven volume levels, you can easily find the correct setting to induce sleep and relaxation. The volumes increase by 85 dB for each level, making it possible for you to fit it inside any space.


  • 24 soothing sounds
  • Can be used with earphones
  • Durable wood finish


  • Sound is looping
  • Volume control can be improved

16. Cloud B Sleep Sheep White Noise Sound Machine

Cloud B Sleep Sheep White Noise Sound Machine

While you must have heard of counting sheep, but it must never have occurred to you that listening to one can actually help your baby fall asleep. This sound machine is hidden inside a cute and cuddly little lamb that your baby will adore. The white noise emitted by the device will lull your child into a deep slumber in no time. They can play with it during the day, and it can help them sleep at night.

Because of its versatility, many parents consider this to be the best white noise machine for the baby. With this device, you get eight different soothing melodies and sounds, and they are soothing melody, classical lullaby, Rockabye baby, twinkle twinkle, whale songs, ocean surf, spring showers, and mother’s heartbeat.

This white noise machine has adjustable volume and a couple of sleep timer options so that you can choose auto-off at 23 or 45 minutes. It also comes with a loop and a hook that lets you attach it to a car seat, stroller, or crib. You can remove the sound machine to machine wash the lamb. The company maintains all safety standards and makes sure the product is free from harmful materials like BPA, Lead, Latex, and Phthalate.

To a baby, there is nothing more comforting than the sound of their mother’s heartbeat, and the machine attempts to recreate just that. With the auto-off timer, you can save on power and let your baby drift off to dreamland with the push of a button.


  • 2 x AA batteries included
  • Replicates mother’s heartbeat
  • Eight soothing melodies


  • Whale sound is not very convincing
  • No continuous playing option

17. SOAIY Baby Sleep Soother

SOAIY Baby Sleep Soother

This is a rechargeable sound machine from SOAIY that gets fully recharged within 1.5 hours and gives you a long playback time of 30 or 38 hours based on whether you are playing heartbeat or regular music. So you can take this with you as you travel without the need to search for power sockets every time you want to make your baby fall asleep.

The 8 relaxing sounds on this machine include twinkle-twinkle, Rockabye baby, cradle, hush little baby, fan, white noise, shusher, and heartbeat. The sound of the heartbeat is especially comfortable for the baby, who can relate it to their mother’s heartbeat while they were inside the womb. It makes them feel safe and gets them settled down. In order to find the perfect setting, you can adjust the volume level.

The device also comes with a night light, which is easy on the eyes and has no dazzling effect that could interrupt sleep. It helps babies relax at night, especially those who are afraid of the dark. You can even adjust the brightness to create the perfect mood in your room.

The baby sleep soother is lightweight and compact, and you can easily hold it in one hand. The 7-inch strap lets you attach it to your chair, carriers, stroller, car seat, pram, or crib. As you are driving, you can hang it from the seat to calm your baby down. You have three options with the timer, so you can let it run continuously or stop after 30 or 60 minutes.


  • Remembers the last setting through memory function
  • Rechargeable device
  • Eye-friendly night light


  • The power button needs to be pressed hard

18. Reacher R2 White Noise Machine

Reacher R2 White Noise Machine

This white noise machine by Reacher promotes concentration, relaxation, and healthy sleeping. It is just the device your child needs for personal well-being and sleep. If you are looking for a sophisticated product with good sound quality, then this could very well be the best white noise machine for the baby. Whether you have a toddler or a small infant, this machine will help them fall asleep in no time.

Fitted with two powerful 3-watt speakers, the manufacturer made this machine with superior acoustic sound production that always delivers a relaxing experience for you and your child. If you live in a noisy environment with a lot of background noise that makes it difficult to sleep, then this device could help you. With 12 fan sounds, 12 white noises, and 4 nature sounds, you can experiment all you want before you find the perfect tone.

With this product, you also get a user manual with detailed instructions and a 1.8 meters long USB cable. While buying a product for your baby, you want something that will last for long, so it helps that this device is exceptionally durable. The company even provides a 45-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty that indicates its quality.

If you notice any defects with the machine within a year from purchasing, you can exchange it for a new one. The device has a rotating volume control mechanism that allows you to select the precise volume with ease. The sleep timer is another handy feature that lets you sleep at night without disturbance, while the headphone jack lets you enjoy the sounds without bothering others.


  • Precise volume control
  • 45-days money-back guarantee
  • Powerful dual speakers


  • Takes a bit of effort to keep the charger in place

19. Hatch Baby Baby Sound Machine

Hatch Baby Baby Sound Machine

If you are looking for an effective way to help your child sleep better, then this product from Hatch Baby might be the best white noise machine for the baby that you need. With this, you can select from an extensive library of sounds meant to induce sleep in toddlers as well as older babies.

With this product, you get an alarm clock, night light, and sound machine; all rolled into one. Made of durable plastic, the company manufactured this machine to the job of modern night light as well. You can adjust the brightness easily – dim it down during the night when your child needs to sleep and brighten it up in the morning. Since these are LED lights, your child won’t hurt themselves if they touch it by accident.

Using this sound machine, you can play different sounds like soothing lullabies, static, nature sounds, ocean sounds, as well as white noise. It even comes with an app through which you can create programs for waking up in the morning, for naps, and bedtime. You can customize the program feature to match your kid’s favorite colors and sounds.

You can also control the device using a touch ring near the top rim, and the toddler lock feature is very useful in this regard. When this is turned on, your curious child won’t be able to mess with the pre-programmed settings.

Another great feature of this device is the audio monitor, which enables you to listen to your child and talk back through them via the phone. You don’t need any other gadgets for this, and the secure audio communications never leave your house.


  • LED clock provided
  • Two-way audio monitor
  • Mobile app for program setting


  • Takes a bit of effort to turn the device on and off

20. Letsfit Portable White Noise Machine

Letsfit Portable White Noise Machine

Finding the best white noise machine for a baby can be quite a struggle, and many of them don’t provide enough sound options. This device from Letsfit, however, gives you 20 different soothing sounds that include ten nature sounds, three lullaby sounds, three fan sounds, and four white noise sounds. It also has a 3.5mm earphone jack that lets you listen to them with privacy without disturbing others.

The lightweight and portable device is small enough to fit in your palm. With a diameter of fewer than 4 inches, you can easily carry it around with you while traveling. Since it has a carry string, you can hang it from car seats, cribs, and strollers. It has a 2000mAh rechargeable battery that lets you play it continuously for 70 hours, making it possible to play it while traveling where there are no sockets nearby.

With the timer on this device, you can set the lullabies to be played for 15, 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. You can even set it to continuous playing, where the device will play the lullabies until it runs out of power. With this, you can create a peaceful environment while covering up all the distracting noises from outside.


  • Drowns out background noises
  • Five timer options
  • Small enough to fit in your palm


  • Makes a loud beeping noise when the battery gets low

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best White Noise Machine For Baby

As you can see, several brands are selling white noise machines that claim to induce sleep in babies. But every one of these products has its own pros and cons, and it might be challenging to select one based on your needs. The process becomes much easier if you know about some of the key factors you need to consider while buying such devices.

1. Customizable

Different people react differently to sounds, and while some people like recorded nature sounds, others prefer mechanical ones, like the ones produced by a fan. One baby might like quiet jazz for sleep, and the other might respond to the consistent noise of a fan. Similarly, while the sound of running water might induce sleep in some children, others might feel the need to go to the bathroom because of it. For this reason, the white noise machine you buy should have a wide range of volumes, letting you find the best setting for yourself.

2. Automated

It is handy when your machine can shut itself down in 45 minutes or so. This lets you and your baby sleep peacefully without you having to wake up and adjust the volume again and again. Good white noise machines have several levels when it comes to sound options, making it easier for parents to take care of their babies. You can also find devices that come with bells and whistles to create a relaxing atmosphere where the child can sleep.

3. Volume

If your white noise machine is too loud, it could harm your baby’s delicate ears. You should keep this in mind always, mainly when you are using the device to put your baby to sleep. The noise from the machine should not exceed 50 decibels, which is an optimum noise level for babies in nurseries. Hence, you should check out the noise levels for a device as a safety measure before buying it.

4. Clean Loop

If you wish to buy a noise machine that plays recorded sounds, then you should pay attention to whether the recordings loop smoothly or not. This is important because, with most devices, you can tell the exact point where one recording ends and another one begins. If there is a drastic difference between the two noises, it can cause your baby to wake up, which you don’t want. So look for a machine where the recordings have a smooth and gradual transition, so your child can get uninterrupted sleep.

5. Portability

Ideally, you should buy a device that is lightweight so you can take it with you wherever you are. Often, while you are traveling, it might be tough to get the baby to fall asleep, and that’s where these devices come in handy. You can carry around a portable device in your wallet or suitcase and use it to make your child fall asleep. It is a plus if the machine is rechargeable as well because this saves you the trouble of looking for a power socket whenever you need to put your baby to sleep.

6. Audio Monitor

Some white noise machines come with audio monitors that capture the sounds of your baby. This lets you monitor them from a remote location and lets you know from their cries if they have woken up in the middle of the night.

FAQs on White Noise Machines

Q1. Why White Noise Helps Baby Sleep?

White noise machines recreate the environment of a womb that calms down infants and allows them to fall asleep faster. It also helps them stay asleep for a more extended period of time.

Q2. Does The Baby Need White Noise All Night?

Since you want your child to eventually get used to all the background sounds in your house, you must limit their exposure to white noise and play it only for a few hours.

Q3. What White Noise Is Best For Babies?

Some of the white noises that are effective for making a baby fall asleep are hairdryer, mellow womb sounds, moderate white noise, and vigorous white noise.

Q4. Can White Noise Hurt The Baby’s Hearing?

If you play white noise at a very high volume for a long time, it might damage your baby’s hearing ability. For this reason, you should limit exposure.

Help Your Baby Fall Asleep With White Noise Machines

Now, as you know about the different brands of white noise machines available in the market along with their features, it would be easy for you to choose one for your baby. Try to find one that gives you a nice set of features while providing a good number of sounds and customizations.

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