Best Baby Sunscreens 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Babyganics  Best Baby Sunscreen

Babyganics  Based Bug Spray For BabiesThinkbaby  Premium Care Skin Safe Baby Sunscre

Choosing a sunscreen for your baby can be a very daunting task. If you are searching for the best solution to protect your baby’s skin, you have come to the right place. We are here to guide you with finding the right sunscreen lotion that will suit different types of skin, supporting skin conditions, or any other specifics with easy to follow steps.


So take a look at our list of top ten best baby sunscreen and other key features that go into buying the right sunscreen for your baby.

Top 10 Best Baby Sunscreens 2022 

1. Babyganics  Baby Sunscreen

Babyganics  Baby Sunscreen

Made paraben-free, void of phthalates, artificial fragrances, nanoparticles, or even PABA, these 60 Oz tubes of sunscreen lotions made by Babyganics is the perfect blend that is guaranteed to soothe your baby’s skin and nourish the cells. Keeping your baby’s safety in mind, Babyganics formulated this organic sunscreen lotion with an SPF 50+ while also staying resistant to any water or sweat for up to 80 minutes. Made from pure organic extracts like sunflower, raspberry, black cumin, cranberry, and other seeds, your baby’s skin is assured of safety and protection from the harshest heat and sun rays.


  • Organic ingredients
  • Natural fragrance
  • Water-resistant
  • Certified combination


  • Non-tear-free
  • Leaves white stain

2. Babyganics  Based Bug Spray For Babies

Babyganics  Based Bug Spray For Babies

Bug sprays usually tend to leave behind a mark on the skin due to the harsh ingredients used in making the spray. Babyganics’ unique concoction that goes into making the bug spray cum sunscreen spray is entirely organic and safe for your baby’s skin. It is purely void of any toxic chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, and the likes; instead, the base of the best natural sunscreen for baby is made from natural extracts such as lemongrass, rosemary, peppermint, citronella, and other essential oils that add a natural fragrance to the spray and also leave your baby’s skin smooth and soft and retain its texture.


  • Essential oils
  • Effective combination
  • Waterproof
  • Effective sunblock


  • Drippy nature
  • Strong Smell

3. Thinkbaby  Premium Care Skin Safe Baby Sunscreen 

Thinkbaby  Premium Care Skin Safe Baby Sunscre

Having the number “1†rating since being created in 2010, Thinkbaby made this sunscreen lotion that has continuously proven to be effective in both blocking the harmful sunrays and in retaining the soft texture of your baby’s skin. The 50+ SPF of the lotion has the highest range to cover for UVA and UVB, thus becoming the best sunscreen for baby. The award-winning ingredient combination easily blends into the skin without any fuss. While being vegan and 100% gluten-free, this Thinkbaby Premium Care Skin Safe Baby Sunscreen effortlessly protects your little one’s skin as well as also aids in avoiding any allergies he or she might be prone to.


  • Highly water-resistant
  • Zero toxins
  • Easy application
  • FDA approved


  • Stings eyes
  • Skin dryness

4. Neutrogena  Easy To Apply Portable Baby Sunscreen Stick

Neutrogena  Easy To Apply Portable Baby Sunscreen Stick

Being an easy to use sunblock stick, this Neutrogena sunscreen formula is drip-free and effortlessly portable. Also, its solid nature gives you more quantity and your money’s worth too. The formula is made from well-tested natural ingredients and offers a tear-free and water-resistant experience. Proven and certified to be perfect against eczema and other sensitive skin conditions by the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance, you can rest assured to give your baby the best protection from the harmful sunrays and have safe travels. Have a mess-free journey, and protect your baby at all times.


  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • Gentle on skin
  • Easily portable
  • Drip-free
  • Quick apply


  • Less quantity
  • Thick texture

5. Badger  Purely Natural Broad Spectrum Baby Sunscreen

Badger  Purely Natural Broad Spectrum Baby Sunscreen

Made using simple and lab-tested ingredients, this sunscreen formula by Badger is pediatrician recommended and absolutely safe for your little one. Be it at the park, the beach, or by your pool; you can give your baby complete safety from harmful sun rays and keep away those pesky mosquitoes. Having the combined effect of chamomile and calendula fragrance, the manufacturer ensured to give a calming and relaxing effect on your little one with this cream. With 100% eco-friendly ingredients, the sunscreen by Badger is also safe for coral reefs and is considered as the best baby sunscreen by many.


  • Organic ingredients
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Retains skin texture


  • Smaller spectrum
  • A little odd smell

6. Aveeno Baby  Water Resistant Mineral Rich Non-Greasy Sunscreen 

Aveeno Baby  Water Resistant Mineral Rich Non-Greasy Sunscreen 

hile retaining their smooth baby skin texture, Aveeno Baby sunscreen offers continuous protection to your little one’s skin at the same time. The perfect amalgam preserves the skin’s moisture and keeps it cool and free of any irritation. Completely hypoallergenic and graded as number 1 by the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance, this successful formula by Aveeno is non-comedogenic, non-greasy, and the perfect solution to your baby’s protection. Give your baby a tear-free trip while blocking out the UVA and UVB rays just as easily.


  • Pediatric recommended
  • Hypoallergenic formulation
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Organic fragrance


  • Not easy to clean
  • Thick texture

7. Banana Boat  Tear Free 360∘ Protection Sunscreen Formula 

Banana Boat  Tear Free 360∘ Protection Sunscreen Formula 

Be it the 100-degree heat, or against the wind, sweat, sand, or rain, the Banana Boat special sunscreen formula protects your baby’s smooth and soft skin from even the harshest of heat and sun rays at all times. Being made of mild ingredients and thanks to its lack of any harsh chemicals, the manufacturer made sure to keep your baby tear-free and retain the perfect texture of your baby’s skin without causing any side effects like eczema or dryness by this best baby sunscreen cream. Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and advised by doctors worldwide, this special formula by Banana Boat is the perfect solution for your baby’s skin.


  • Tear-free formula
  • Water-resistant ingredients
  • Full sun protection
  • Long lasting


  • Inconvenient nozzle

8. Babo  Botanicals  Zinc Based Eco-Friendly Allergen-Free Baby Sunscreen

Babo  Botanicals  Zinc Based Baby Sunscreen

Being made from pure organic elements, one can rest assured to keep their baby’s skin protected from the harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun with this lotion, while also retaining the base texture of the little one’s skin. There are no irritating elements or toxins that can render the skin rough or even pose any threat to the environment. All you need to do is keep applying this SPF 50 lotion every 80 or so minutes for best effects and find your toddler’s skin safe and sound, be it at a pool party, at the park, or even at the beach.


  • Completely waterproof
  • Pure organic elements
  • Toxin-free mixture
  • Hydrating formula


  • Greasy texture
  • Sticky base

9. Sunscreen Stick Aveeno

Sunscreen Stick Aveeno

Give your baby and yourself a treat by getting the all-new portable sunscreen stick by Aveeno and have a non-messy carry-on. This sunscreen stick is solid and just as easy to use as using chapstick. It also causes no discomfort while being applied to the skin. Aveeno’s specially formulated best baby sunscreen formula is made entirely of organic and natural minerals, making it a highly recommended solution by pediatricians. You will also find that the fragrances are not artificial, nor the texture of the stick. All you need to do is apply a sufficient and minimal layer of the sunscreen on highly exposed areas, and your baby is good to go for about 80 minutes until the next application.


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Retains skin moisture
  • Easy to apply
  • Compact and portable
  • Highly effective formula


  • Difficult to spread
  • Thick texture base

10. Blue Lizard  Easy Squirt Purely Organic Baby Sunscreen 

The quality of a good sunscreen lotion lies in its texture, moisture retention, and, most of all, the safety towards nature. Blue Lizard baby sunscreen lotion comes in an easy to squirt tube that does not leak and makes it an easy choice for your carry bag and travel purpose. Made from purely organic materials and guaranteed to be eco-friendly, this formula has completely organic fragrances coming from a mix of comforting essential oils that keep your baby calm and soothed. So go on and get the best natural sunscreen for baby by Blue Lizard and enjoy its water-resistance.


  • Toxin free
  • Eco friendly
  • Broad spectrum cover
  • Smart cap feature


  • Leaves stains

Now that you have taken a look at the top sunscreen brands and formulas available in the market read on to understand the basic factors you need to look at while buying your baby the sunscreen. It is essential you choose a sunscreen with utmost care as your baby’s very skin will be at stake.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Baby Sunscreen

There are four main factors to look out for when buying the best sunscreen or sunblock for your kid. There are numerous brands, models, formulas, concentrations, and other factors that define the quality of a sunscreen.

Here are the basic points to note while comparing the different best baby sunblocks:

1. Broad Spectrum Feature

When your label reads broad-spectrum, it refers to the range of sun rays covered by the sunscreen. UVA rays harm the skin by damaging the cell structure, while UVB rays burn through the skin and damage the moisture level of the cells. Being of broad-spectrum enables the sunscreen to cover different damage levels to the skin and protect the layer from the sun’s harm. The optimum SPF to choose for your baby would be 30. Any higher number simply beautifies the product name.

2. Mineral Contents

Having Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide as the active ingredient signifies the presence of other organic contents and ensures the prevention of other chemicals being absorbed into the skin. Although it is highly advised to avoid applying sunscreen for babies under six months, choosing the right materials will ensure your baby’s skin is protected.

3. Go With Your Kid’s Comfort

By looking at the way your baby’s skin responds to the sunscreen or even their reaction to the sunscreen, you need to choose the right sunscreen accordingly. Children always know what is upsetting them but don’t know how to express it. So look out for signs which might tell you if the sunscreen is the right one.

4. Water Resistance

What good is a sunscreen if it is wiped away from sweat or water? Good sunscreens must contain ingredients that render them water-resistant for at least 40 to 80 minutes. Compare the ingredients and choose the best sunscreen for baby that gives the longest water resistance. Though you understand the factors which make or break a good sunscreen lotion, there are many varieties of sunscreen out in the market that might confuse you.

A. Sunscreen creams are best suited for dry skin textures and areas – Sunscreens as sticks are designed to protect the area around the eyes mainly.

B. Gel-based sunscreens are ideal for skin that have hairs on them. – Though sunscreen sprays might sound like a convenient mode of use, they mostly make you feel like you haven’t applied enough and tend to have a concentrated fume that could cause kids to inhale and have adverse effects, or even prove hazardous as they are mostly flammable.

Here are the different Do’s and Dont’s to Follow for your kids to have good skin when using sunscreens. Read on and follow the simple instructions to give them solid protection and also preserve their natural skin texture.

Sunscreen Do’s And Dont’s 

Though you might wonder how applying a simple sunscreen might have a list of do’s and don’ts, you will need to understand that children’s skin is more sensitive to the harsher chemicals that are more than often found in these sunblocks. Read on to understand better the uses of the best baby sunscreens for your baby or kids.


  • Choose sunblocks with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. They help protect the skin from other harmful chemicals and toxins.
  • Give your teen self-tanner sunscreen spray with UV protection.
  • Apply sunscreen before applying any makeup for your kids.
  • Apply sunscreens when your kid might be exposed to the sun in any way.


  • Avoid sunscreens with PABA. They only aggravate skin allergies and cause kid’s skin to rupture easily.
  • Do not ignore areas such as behind the ears, shoulders, behind the neck, and the lips. These are more prone to sunburns.
  • Do not apply sunscreen only once. Apply every 40-60 minutes for maximum effect.
  • Do not be stingy and apply less sunscreen. Be liberal and regularize the application of the best sunscreen for babies to ensure the best results.

How To Decide If Your Baby Needs Sunscreen 

Doctors advise that it is best to avoid applying any sunscreen at all to babies younger than six months as their new skin might be easily susceptible to allergies, and the hard toxic elements of the sunscreen as they could affect their skin texture beyond help. Moreover, sunscreens are heavy ointments that come with concentrated fragrances that might affect your baby’s lungs adversely too. For toddlers and little kids, you may apply a mild coat of sunscreen if it is absolutely unavoidable.

You could opt for a good old sun hat or cap to safeguard their skin and lighter clothes, making them more comfortable with the climate and temperature. If you are pressed to use sunscreen, then ensure you apply the base at least 30 minutes before they step into the sun. Teenagers tend to wander around more and will require the use of sunscreens to protect their sensitive skin from harsh sunburn. They will need to keep their sunblock lotion or spray handy to keep themselves hydrated and coated from time to time; otherwise, the effect will wear off and cause them to sunburn.

There might be many other questions popping up in your mind even after reading these details and instructions about the best baby sunscreens. Here are the most commonly asked doubts by people. They are sure to quench your further questions and clear your mind of any doubts.

FAQs on Baby Sunscreens

Here are the questions that are put forth by parents online about sunscreen for babies mostly, along with the best-suited answers for the same.

Q1. What Is The Meaning Of SPF? 

SPF means Sun Protection Factor, a value that identifies the rate of radiation the sunscreen can target and cover when applied on the skin. Each number has a specific value filtered out from the sun. However, it is advisable to always choose SPF 30, which is mostly as best as it can get. Any higher and the number doesn’t have much value.

Q2. What Is The Difference Between SPF And Broad-Spectrum? 

– SPF simply is the factor by which the sunscreen controls the sunburns. Whereas broad-spectrum refers to the different types of UV rays that are targetted by the sunblock. UV radiation, regardless of their types, will leave the skin very tainted and highly affected. UVA rays penetrate the skin deep and have a long term effect on the underlying layer of the skin. Most effects of UVA radiation include skin sagging, blotching, wrinkles, or even roughening. One of the drastic effects of UVA radiation is cancer, too. UVB radiation acts over the outer layer of the skin and causes damage to the skin cells, more than often leading up to skin cancer – slowly, but effectively.

Q3. How Often Can I Apply Sunscreen For My Baby?

– Unlike adults, babies have susceptible skin, which is prone to easy damage. However, when the need calls for it, dabbing a spot of sunscreen on to the open areas of the skin every 40-60 minutes should suffice. It is best advised that you do not expose your baby to direct sun rays for longer durations unless absolutely necessary.

Q4. Is Sunscreen Safe For Babies? 

Dermatologists and pediatricians alike have advised the use of FDA approved and eco-friendly brands of sunscreens for children above a minimum age of 12 months. Although, you could also use other summer accessories to give your kid better protection. If you are applying sunscreen, test it on a patch of skin for any allergies or reactions before you apply the sunblock liberally on the whole open area. Always choose water-resistant and broad-spectrum sunscreens that have an SPF of 30 or higher for your babies and ensure maximum protection.

Safeguard Your Baby’s Skin As Best As Possible

Now that you have read all the information about sunscreens and how to use them choose the best natural sunscreen for baby with extreme care. Follow the guidelines accordingly, and you can avoid falling prey to advertising and haste. After all, there is nothing as smooth and soft as a baby’s skin, is there? Put the sunscreen to its best use and safeguard your little one’s skin from the harsh climatic conditions.

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