Best Baby Gates 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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After your baby starts to amble all across your house you need to consider certain safety factors for your baby. This includes installing best baby gate to ensure any unfortunate incident is prevented.

It is quite certain that after your baby has started to make its steps they will be curious to move around the house. But it is not possible to keep them under your eyes all around the clock. And for this, a baby gate will always make sure that babies are safe and locked up in their rooms or any other safe place.


Babies are almost drawn like magnets to stairs, doorways, kitchens, and balconies. It is safe to install different types of baby gates as per your needs and space This makes sure that babies are not able to amble just about anywhere they like and will remain within a location inside your house.

There are various types of designs, features, shapes, sizes and even prices to choose from. So if you have not installed baby gates in your house yet, and your baby is already crawling or ambling it is time for you to take a good note of what is being said here.

Make sure to read this article right till the end to get a complete idea of the things you need to know in order to become an ideal parent by installing baby gates.

Basic Types Of Best Baby Safety Gates

There are plenty of baby gates available these days. There is a specific reason for each type of baby gate and they have to be installed at the right places to make use of that purpose. By reading this section you will gain an idea where and how to install the specific gates.

1. Hardware Mounted Baby Gates

These are generally installed alongside the doorways and on walls too. The best place to install them is on the top or bottom of the stairs. They are mounted using screws and thus are more robust in safety parameters.

Installation can mean putting holes into your walls. It will also need some extra work during installation.

2. Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

The best pressure mounted many gates is used for hallways or other rooms. Make sure to not use it for stairways as they have less secure features than hardware mounted baby gate. The door remains secured by using simple pressure locks that keeps it locked by tension. Usually, the outward pressure is enough to hold them into a closed position.

3. Baby Gate For Staircases In Your House

Generally, these are the baby gates that are designed and fitted on top of the stairs or at the bottom.

They do have some additional features such as the presence of having a door stopper. This ensures that the baby gate does not hang outward from the stairs. They also don’t have a step over the railing so that you don’t trip over them and fall from the staircases.

The best baby gate for stairs is one of those things that you must install in your house if you have a toddler. Usually, these types of gates are hardware mounted to ensure maximum safety.

4. Baby Gates That Open Like Doors

You must have seen them in your friends or relative’s house as these types of baby gates are among the most common ones that you will come across. These baby gates can be opened pretty much like doors.

Some of the designs can be opened in both ways. Even you can keep the door open using a door stopper if you have to go in and out multiple times. Usually, the lock system is made by a latch and generally open upon pressing.

5. Step Over Gates

These types of baby gates are exactly the opposite of the ones that are mentioned above. They cannot be opened. Once they have been installed they will remain affixed there. Usually, these baby gates are a good choice when your baby is very small and there are no chances for the baby climbing over the gate.

It might be a bit problem for the parents as they will have to step over the gates time and again. Usually, these are installed where you don’t want your baby to go any time. Places like storerooms, backdoors, and even balconies can be a good place to fit in these doors.

6. Freestanding Baby Gates

Freestanding baby gates as the word suggests don’t have any installation burden of locking problem. All you need to do is place these types of baby gates where you want to place them. Again, these type of baby gates does not feature on the list of top of stairs baby gates. With no locking system, they are only a good choice when your baby is an infant and has not started crawling yet.

Once your baby is walking it might be a good option to replace them as your baby might mover over them or simply push them out of the way.

7. Baby Gates With Extra Width

Do you have extra-wide doors or hallways or stairs? Then it is the perfect choice to go with extra-wide baby gates. This width can be of varying lengths so make sure to measure the width of the location where you want to set in these gates.

8. Baby Gates With Adjustable Height

Is your baby already becoming too tall to crawl or climb over the small baby gates? This is generally a problem that you have to deal with in due course of time. Due to this, it might be a better option to buy baby gates which can have extendable front and extended up to an even greater height.

Extendable gates can be fitted anywhere such as alongside rooms, hallways, etc.

While searching for the best baby gate make sure to type in the words “adjustable†before finding out the right choices for your baby.

9. Baby Gates With Indicators

The safest baby gates have built-in indicators to show you when the gate is not closed properly. Some baby gates sound an alert when the gate isn’t closed securely or shine a small red light on the baby gate door to alert you. You could also consider adding on a door alarm to help you in this.

10. Baby Gates With Auto-Close Feature

Parents often find themselves wondering whether or not they left the baby gate open. Self-closing baby gates reduce this worry. After you walk through the gate door, the gate automatically closes securely behind you.

11. Baby Gates With Extensions

Additional baby gate extensions allow you to extend the width of your baby gate for other spaces in the home. You may look for a baby gate that’s a barrier at the bottom of the stairs, but with extensions, you’ll be able to use the baby gate to keep your child out of the kitchen or larger areas. Most extensions are sold separately.

12. Baby Gates With Dual-swing

Parents love baby gates with dual-swinging doors. No matter which way you’re going in your home, the door can swing both ways to easily pass through. These also often include a double-locking feature to look the door securely. You’ll never have to worry about your baby pushing or pulling the door open.

13. Baby Gates With Walk-Through

Some baby gates are designed to simply step over, and though these are often cheaper, they’re also less safe for both you and your baby due to risk of falling as you climb over. Parents should look for a baby gate with a baby gate door to walk through safely. Walk-through doors often include easy, secure locking to avoid your baby pushing or pulling the door open.

14. Multi-Use Bay Gates

Some baby gates are designed for multi-use. These are often 3-in-1 baby gates to keep your baby out of harm’s way in multiple ways. Some are fireplace barriers that are placed around the fireplace. They can also be transformed into a super yard for your baby to play in an enclosed space. Some are also stairway barriers. When looking for a multi-use baby gate, double check the places the baby gate can and cannot be installed for your baby’s safety and the best use.

Here we are presenting you with some of the best baby gates. These baby gates carry different types of features in them and also different budgets. So you can choose which one suits you the best.

Top 30 Best Baby Gates 2022

1. Richell Store Wood Freestanding Gate

Richell Store Best Baby GateThis is a freestanding pet gate that can also be used as a baby gate. It is built to fit most demanding spaces such as doorway or hallway. It’s low enough for you to step over but tall enough to keep your babies where you want them. It comes with side panels that keep the gate from tipping over. Its rubber feet help to keep gate from sliding and also protects floor surfaces. Wide sturdy base prevents it from being knocked over.

It can be set up anywhere without any complicated installation. It is adjustable with extra width available for certain situations.

It is available in two colors: brown and white. Its lovely hardwood finish enhances most home environments. When not required, you can easily fold and store it.


  • Freestanding design allows to fit in doorway or hallway
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Hardwood finish ensures durability and enhances ambience
  • Come with adjustable width feature
  • Keeps babies in safe confinement but you can step over easily


  • It is too short in height
  • Pins that keep joints together fall off
  • Screwdriver is required to assemble it

2. Regalo Store Extra Wide Walk Through Baby Gate

Regalo Store Extra WideThis product from Regalo is wide enough to fit perfectly in pathways that are 29-34 inches and 35-38.5 inches wide such as doorway, hallway or bottom of stair case. It stands 30 inches tall and is perfectl to be installed as a baby gate in your living rooms.

It can be easily set up using pressure mounting technique. It also includes a 6-inch wide extension kit and 4 pressure mount spindle rods. It can also be quickly dissembled and stored in a small storage space. There are plenty of safety-lock features for extra security; four wall cups for mounting hardware. It is good for homes which have children aged between 6-24 months old.

It is also highly durable and made of good quality steel. It is attractive and simple in design. It easily fits within most doors due to 6-inch wide adjustable extension.

It is also certified by JPMA and ASTM standards. It is one of the best baby gates under $50.


  • Made from high-quality steel, so durable
  • Perfect for doorways, hallway and living room
  • Comes with 6-inch width extension
  • Certified by JPMA and ASTM standards
  • Easy to install and dissemble


  • Pressure mount surface peels off the paint if comes in direct contact with wall
  • Rubber feet are poorly manufactured

3. Summer Infant Store Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Gate

Summer Infant StoreThis is a metal body baby gate in bronze finish that is ideal for use with toddlers and pets. It can be used for both stairways and doorways. Height of this baby gate is 36 inches and fits openings of 28.5 inches to 48 inches wide.

It is easy to install this baby gate with hardware kit or if you want to go for no-drill mount for in-between doorways, then mounting hardware is required. It comes with both auto-close and hold-open feature for added security and convenience.

It also has a door stopper to prevent the gate from swinging open over the stairs. If you are looking for best baby gates that are large enough to protect your babies, then this is a good choice for you just under $60.


  • Comes in metal bronze finish; easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to install with kit
  • Affordable price
  • Extra tall
  • Comes with auto-close, open-hold and door stopper features


  • Installation is not that easy-breezy
  • Pressure mount tape destroys drywall
  • There are some issues with extensions

4. Safety 1st Store Auto-Close Baby Gate

Safety 1st Store Auto-Close Baby GateAre you looking for best baby gates in an affordable price of under $60? Then here is the solution for you. This strong and sturdy Safety 1st Store baby gate is just perfect for doorways and openings ranging from 29 to 38 inches wide. It can be opened with only one hand also.

This 28 inch high adjustable baby gate is easy to install with pressure mounting method and requires no drilling, tools or hardware. Magnetic latch causes the gate to close and lock automatically and SecureTech indicator ensures you that the gate is secure.

It is JPMA and ASTM certified meeting all safety standards. It comes with one year warranty also.

So make your parenting with less worries and more joyful moments with this best baby gate.


  • Baby-safe design
  • Auto-close design
  • Tool-free installation
  • Silent, hands-free use


  • Latch mechanism didn’t work properly
  • Buttons also work properly

5. Richell Store 3 in 1 Convertible Pet Gate

Richell Store 3 in 1 Convertible Pet GateThis is another highly useful product from famous manufacturers, the Richell Store in the USA. It is mainly used as a pet gate but it can double up as a baby gate too for wide spaces. If you have lot of wide spaces at home that babies and pets are sharing then this is your ultimate multiple-choice gate for versatile use.

This 3-in-1 gate can be converted into freestanding gate or room divider also. The gate measures 135.8â€L x 29.1â€W x 31.5â€H inches and is very useful for long hallways. Weight of the gate is only 50 pounds.

The gate includes a door panel to help you pass through the opening without moving the entire gate. Each panel locks at 90 and 180 degrees to provide extra stability with specially designed caps. It’s easy to assemble and store.

Beautiful hardwood construction enhances home ambience. It can also be used as pet crate. So if you want to buy best baby gate that functions for pets too, then go for this one.


  • Made from hardwood; solid and durable
  • Lockable gate doors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Special caps provide extra stability
  • Can be used as pet crate


  • Fence seems wobbly; caps are of plastic
  • Wood splits at pegs

6. Carlson Store Extra Tall Expandable Baby Gate

Carlson Store Extra Tall Expandable Baby GateThis is large tuffy expandable gate that can be considered as one among the list of best baby gates. It can be used in doorways, hallway and bottom of stairs. It is an essential tool if you have pets and babies at home.

The gate measures 38â€L inches x 22â€W inches x 32â€H inches. The weight of the gate is only 9 pounds. It is 32 inches tall and is made from anti-chewable material so that your pets are not able to cause any damage to the gate by chewing.

It is easy to use and set up with pressure-mount system. It is easily expandable to fit openings between 22â€-38†wide. It is made from durable steel material and comes with lock and pin system to secure the gate. This gate comes with JPMA and ASTM certification. It has been used by many and reviewed as one of the best baby gates for stairs with banisters.


  • Made from durable steel material
  • Easy to use and set up
  • JPMA & ASTM certified
  • Comes with lock & pin system for safety


  • It’s ok types; not an exceptional one
  • It’s not a walk through gate

7. North State Industries Classic Baby Safety Gate

North State Industries Classic Baby Safety GateThis versatile gate is engineered to securely block doorways, stairways and other spaces in your home. It is easy and quick to set up with pressure mount method without any tools. Simply expand the gate in the opening and lock the handle. It comes with door sockets that provide extra holding power for pressure mounting in openings between 26 & 42 inches wide.

It can also be used as swing gate on the top of stairway. The package comes with all necessary screws and hardware tools with instruction manual.

The dimensions of gate are 42 inches x 2 inches x 26 inches. This is made from durable plastic material. The weight of this product is 5.83 pounds.

It is also certified as per industry standards and is completely safe to be used. It is the best pressure mounted many gates for your rooms.


  • Made from durable plastic
  • Can be mounted in 5 different ways
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Comes with door sockets for extra stability


  • Not durable enough for frequent pass through
  • Quality and functions not that satisfactory

8. Evenflo Store Versatile Play Space Gate

Evenflo Store Versatile Play Space GateEvenflo has come out with a versatile play space that ensures safety of your baby both indoor and outdoor. This professionally designed spacious play centre is perfect for infant ages 6 to 24 months. It covers an area of 18.5 square feet and is 28 inches tall.

With its unique hinge design, you can simply unfold and connect the six-interlocking UV & weather-resistant panels. No additional tools or instructions needed to assemble or dissemble this play space.

It can be set up on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Its reversible legs have outdoor stakes for lawn stability and anti-movement whereas non-scratch pads for interior surfaces. It is portable also featuring smooth edges and molded handle for additional safety.

It is made using high-quality plastic and comes in a basic hexagonal shape. The weight of item is 17 pounds and can be carried off from one room to the other. If you want to give your baby a safe play space area for both indoor and outdoor, then this is the best baby gate under $60.


  • Fun play space area for infants
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor
  • Comes with six-interlocking panels
  • Easy and quick to assemble or dissemble
  • Portable also


  • Too flimsy for toddlers
  • Good for short term use only

9. Dreambaby Store Retractable Black Gate

Dreambaby Store Retractable Black GateDreambaby created this gate to bring indoor security to both inside and outside of your home. This is a standard baby gate that can be set up anywhere inside your house by using simple mounting techniques. It is ideal to fit in narrow spaces.

This mounted gate includes two sets of fittings allowing you to easily move it from one location to another. It comes with Clip On/Clip Off system that makes it easy to remove and reposition in a different location. It can be easily operated with just one hand and completely retracts for quick and easy pass through minimizing tripping hazards

The gate is made from both metal and plastic. Supporting side frames are made of metal while the gate itself is made from a sturdy plastic sheet.

It can be easily installed just by following the instruction manual. It’s perfect for fitting inside of doorframes, hallways and other spaces up to 55 inches wide. It is designed with high-quality UV-protected mesh and retains its colour in bright sun also.


  • Made from metal and sturdy plastic
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • Press & Turn locking system
  • Good for both indoor & outdoor
  • Suitable for stairways, doorways and hallway
  • Fits to both narrow & wide openings


  • Not easy to operate with one hand
  • Poor operation and installation

10. Stockcraft Store Easy Walk-Thru Metal Baby Gate

Stockcraft Store Easy Walk-Thru Metal Baby GateStock craft has produced a magnificent design looking baby gate. This product has been hailed many times for its unique design and features. In all, it is one of the best baby gates for stairs.

The height of this baby gate is 27 inches while the maximum width coverage that it can give you ranges from 23.5 inches to 42 inches. The weight of the gate is 8 pounds only. It is lightweight and simple to install and disassemble. It can be used for both pet safety and baby safety. The mounting procedure is simple; you can directly mount it to the wall for maximum stability.

Due to its versatile nature it can swing open in both directions and just one. It’s simple aesthetic design allows it blend with any room in your home in a subtle way. It comes with one-hand quick-release locking system that provides you convenience while carrying your baby.

This expandable gate meets all safety standards by JPMA and ASTM. It can be used to keep a close vigilance of your pets and babies at the same time. It is very simple to install and can be done at home by anyone. Its durable metal design ensures that the material is strong and can be used for years in the same condition.

It has multiple dual-lock mechanism which ensures that your baby is safe with multi-level protection.


  • Made from high-quality metal
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Quick-release lock system ensures easy use
  • JPMA certified
  • Versatile in use


  • Can’t use at top of stairs
  • Doesn’t easily open with one-hand as mentioned

11. Four Paws Walk Over Wooden Gate

Four Paws Walk Over Wooden GateThis gate has been designed with the intention of keeping pets inside the house but it can also be used as baby safety gate. This wooden gate as a whole is highly resilient in design and simple in looks. The price range is also decent. If you want a durable baby cum pet safety gate this is the ideal choice or you.

The dimensions of the gate are 26â€L x 2.5â€W x 19â€H. The weight of gate is only 5 pounds and it is can be easily carried from one location to the other. It can easily fit in most doorways and hall rooms of your house. It comes with an extension feature that allows the wooden door to expand from 30 to 44 inches wide to fit as per your room.

It is one of the best baby safety gates. This product can be collapsed and folded and kept in a storage space such as a cupboard. With its simple pressure mounting technique for installation, it can be easily used to install anywhere without damage the walls.


  • Made from varnished wood; strong and durable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Collapsible; easy storage
  • Lightweight and expandable


  • Shoddy construction; flimsy wood
  • Comes with broken parts

12. Richell Store HL Series Freestanding Gate

Richell Store HL Series Freestanding GateThis product from Richell has an attractive look and design. This makes sure that the aesthetic part of your home is also taken care of while buying best baby gate for banister.

With 70 inches width covering the area, it is one of the best gates for the safety of your baby that you can get at such low price. The dimensions of the gate are 70†L x 23†W x 27†H. The product is slightly heavy with 22 pounds.

But it is highly credible for its sturdy design and attractive looks. Whether you have small puppies or baby at home this freestanding gate comes pretty handy for the protection of the young ones. This gate is 7.5 inches taller than the original wooden freestanding gate. The side panels keep the gate from tipping over and rubber feet prevent the gate from sliding over hard surfaces. It is available in different colours and sizes. I

It is easy to install and comes with all parts, hardware required for installation and instruction manual.


  • 7.5 inches taller than regular freestanding gates
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with side panels
  • Rubber feet prevent the gate from sliding
  • Sturdy and attractive design


  • Can’t be folded and moved out of way when not in use
  • Poor quality

13. The Stair Barrier Store Fabric Portable Stair Barrier

The Stair Barrier Store Fabric Portable Stair BarrierThis is a gate that is unique in its design as it uses fabric material as the base of the product. This is a portable design gate for home and travel.

Very unique in design and packed with high end features this is one gate that can be used as the best baby gate. The dimensions of the gate are 35 inches by 6 inches by 5 inches. The weight of the product is just a little more than 5 pounds. It is simple to install with no drilling required. It is very strong and secure and can’t be pulled down or lifted when installed correctly.

It can be rolled down to one side when not in use. Unlike traditional baby gates, fabric gate is far more difficult to climb for baby. It is safe to use and meets all security standards. Measure the area and get the right size baby stair gate.

There is a wide range of fabric colours and qualities to choose from. You can choose the shade and colour of your choice.


  • Portable design
  • Both baby and pet gate
  • Retractable fabric gate
  • Safe and tested


  • Not user friendly; not safe for older toddlers
  • Not worth the money

14. Momcozy Store Retractable Extra Wide Mesh Baby Gate

Momcozy Store Retractable Extra Wide Mesh Baby GateThis extra wide mesh safety gate is ideal for babies and pets. It is suitable for many places be in indoor or outdoor such as hallways, room way or staircase. It is 33.7†tall and extends to adjust to any door/stair width up to 55 inches. The best part is it can be completely retractable when not in use, saving you space.

It comes with effective lock mechanism ensuring bay’s safety. It comes with two sets of installation hardware allowing it to de-attach from one location and set up elsewhere in home. It can be easily operated with one hand to lock-unlock and easily pass through, thus making it super convenient when you are carrying baby.

It is easy to install either by wood mounting or hard wall mounting. Screws and anchors are included in the kit set for wood and hard wall mounting respectively along with instruction manual. Easy to follow steps- just mark holes; drill holes; install the gate; attach the gate; lock the gate and it’s done.

Moreover company gives you two years of quality assurance and lifelong technical consultation.


  • Retractable baby gate with extension
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Easy lock-unlock system
  • Easy one hand operation
  • Beautiful mesh design
  • Portable


  • Gate latch sometimes is defective
  • Flimsy product

15. Amthan Wide Retractable Stair Baby Gate

Amthan Wide Retractable Stair Baby GateThis gate is designed with double locking mechanism for complete safety- twist clockwise to lock and anti-clockwise to release the mechanism. Its a versatile home safety solution as it can be quickly rolled up when not in use, saving you a lot of space.

This extra wide gate is 35†tall and extends up to 55†wide. It is easy to install and the kit set includes all components: screws, catch mounts, wall spacer shims for baseboards and installation guide.

It works as both baby and pet safety gate in indoor and outdoor. The safety gate can be pulled out in 360 degrees, allowing you to latch the gate in all directions. It can be easily operated with one hand especially when you are carrying toys, diapers or little ones with other hand.

This is very good option among the list of best baby gates under $80.


  • Extra wide gate that extends up to 55â€
  • Retractable gate
  • Easy one hand operation
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Can be used as baby and pet safety gate
  • Easy portable


  • Latch system is not effective

16. BabyDan Guard Foldable Safety Baby Gate Extension

BabyDan Guard Foldable Safety Baby Gate ExtensionThis is a revolutionary product and a bay gate with some attractive features for those who are in problem with tight spaces but also have toddlers at home.

The best feature of this baby gate is that you can easily mount it on the inside or outside of a door frame or at the top or bottom of stairs to keep your kiddos away from areas they shouldn’t be in. Mounting this gate is easy with the help of included mounting hardware.

The Guard me safety gate easily fits in openings between 24 inches and 35 inches inside door frame or 21.77 inches and 31.2 inches outside of the door frame.

It automatically fold back on itself and is thus a great space saver for the modern homes. You can use it as the best baby gate for the banister. The mounting process is easy and does not need any hands of the experts. You can do it all by yourself with included mounting hardware.. With a standard height, you don’t need to bother if your baby crawls over the gate. And this product is highly resilient in design too with very good load-bearing capacity.


  • Perfect for tight spaces
  • Foldable design
  • Made from PVC free plastic


  • It’s just an extension, not a gate
  • Overpriced

17. Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate

Cardinal Gates Stairway Special GateThis stairway gate is company’s maximum safety gate designed not only for the top of stairway but it’s great for other areas too. It is available at a very affordable price. It is sleek in design and has good safety features.. Overall it is a product worth buying.

It has a latch locking system that confuses your toddlers but allows one hand operation for adults, ensuring that your baby is protected and the lock do not open up suddenly even after several attempts to push or pull the gate. It comes with adjustable width from 27 inches to 42 inches; installed height is 29 inches; bar spacing is 2.5 inches. With a maximum height of 29 inches, it is good for most homes with babies in the age group of 2- 3 years of age. It is also safety certified as per the normal safety parameters.

It can be installed at angles up to 30 degrees. It comes with wall mounted feature for maximum safety and can be opened in both directions. It has an additional stop bracket that prevents opening over stairway for greater safety. The gate is constructed of aluminium which is lighter in weight than steel. A powder-coat finish provides long-lasting, easy-to-clean surface.

If your hallway or doors are more wide then you can buy extension separately with this product. It comes in powder-coated finish and is available in multiple colours which include white, black, and brown.


  • Built with good quality aluminium with powder-coated finish
  • Effective latch that baffles toddlers
  • Easy one-hand operation for adults
  • Opens in both directions
  • Easy to clean and install


  • Hard to operate
  • Crummy latch

18. Ash Coloured Banister To Wall Safety Gates

Ash Coloured Banister To Wall Safety GatesThis is a different type of baby gate that you might have come across in this list for the first time. This is a basic type of gate which is built by using mesh type fabric material. It can be used for the safety and protection of both babies and pets in your house.

To get the right fit for your space- measure from wall to the innermost banister to find the right size baby stair gate. The gate measures 35â€L x 6â€W x 5â€H. The weight of the item is 6 pounds. It fits openings between 36 to 43 inches.

This fabric baby gate is designed to attach securely with minimal drilling on the wall side and buckles on the banister side. When not in use it rolls neatly to the side and out of the way, no need to rush in to take it down. It comes in two sizes- regular and wide, chose as per your requirement.

The installation process is easy with minimal wall drilling and comes with instruction manual and installation kit, you just need hammer, screwdriver and stud locator. It is lightweight and portable; fits on tricky staircases also.

It is safe to use this mesh material and it has been tried and tested several times by the testing and certification authorities.

Its mesh material is unique and is not harmful to your child. It is durable and can even be washed.


  • Made with sustainable mesh fabric
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adaptable to all banister shapes
  • Rolls neatly to one side
  • Easy installation


  • Cheaply made and installation not so easy
  • Not sturdy enough for everyday use

19. Banister To Wall Baby Safety Gate Black

Banister To Wall Baby Safety Gate BlackIt is quite similar to the design and material as mentioned in the product just above. All you have to do is strap it up with the plastic support and latch it on with the side frame on the other side to protect your baby from venturing while they are crawling.

It is a banister to wall safety gate. It can also be said that it is one of the best baby gates for the banister. It has a simple and retractable design of the fabric. It is very easy to install and does not require you to spend extra charges on hiring an installation team for the baby safety gate.

This fabric baby gate is designed to attach securely with minimal drilling on the wall side and buckles on the banister side. When not in use it rolls neatly to the side and out of the way, no need to rush in to take it down. It comes in two sizes- regular and wide, choose as per your requirement.

Apart from this you can double it up and use it for pet protection too.

The gate measures 35â€L x 7â€W x 6.75â€H. The weight of item is 6.74 pounds. Main difference is that it fits in openings between 43 to 52 inches.

With a simple design and being lightweight, it comes pretty handy in certain circumstances. Fabric is durable and provides you with long-term service. The mesh material is fully opaque and thus your baby is not able to see what is going on outside. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made with durable mesh fabric
  • Easy to install
  • Fits wide openings


  • Not sturdy enough for daily use
  • Quality not satisfactory

20. DreamBaby Newport Adapta Baby Gate

DreamBaby Newport Adapta Baby GateThis is a highly advanced baby gate with lots of unique features packed into one. It is the epitome of safety and security. Its hinged panels fit to openings between 33.5†to 79†across and measures 29†high.

This product is significantly different from the others as this is a hardware-mounted gate providing extra stability. It adapts to angled, wide or irregular openings and landings to provide you with a customized baby gate. This gate can be called as most flexible gate that can be made in various shapes to fit in the size of your room. The places where you can install this gate are on the doorways, hallways, and even on some angular type floors and rooms that don’t have an identical structure.

This tri-panelled baby gate is easy to arrange and install as per your preferences. It is also easy to use with simple, reliable one-handed operation. It comes with smart stay-open feature that allows you to keep it open whenever you want it and its auto-close feature ensures constant and reliable safety.

In all, it is one of the best baby gates for wide opening. It also has a high width coverage area of more than 79 inches which is simply fantastic.

It swings open in both directions for ease of use. It also comes with EZY-check indicator that shows you if gate is properly closed and installed or not.

It can be used for any type of space such as the top or bottom of staircases, hallways, pathways, and even on balcony entrances. It has a dual lock mechanism to provide extra safety for your baby. It can be considered as a good alternative for pets too.


  • Good for extra wide openings
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Smart stay-open and auto-close feature
  • EZY-check indicator
  • Adaptable and dependable


  • Long side panel can come off
  • Overall quality can be improved

21. DreamBaby Chelsea Auto Close Baby Gate

DreamBaby Chelsea Auto Close Baby GateDo you want to install best baby gates that are highly advanced from technology point of view? If yes then this product from Dreambaby is the ideal choice for you. If you are comfortable with spending a bit more and do not want to compromise on the security of your child as you are so busy throughout the day then this is the perfect baby gate for your child.

It is loaded with supreme features. It is a pressure mounted gate with double action locking feature to keep the most curious toddlers at bay. It is easy to use and installation can also be done by yourself. No need to hire anyone.

The gate allows one-hand operation and comes with stay-open feature that allows the gate to stay open whenever you want it and auto close feature allows the gate to close automatically. This set includes two gates and two extensions.

It has EZY-check indicator to help you identify if your gate is properly locked and installed or not. It clearly show signals when the gate has not been properly locked.

Quick and easy mounting operation is there too with no need for high-end devices.


  • Quick and easy mounting
  • 2 gates and 2 extensions
  • Stay-open and auto-close feature
  • EZY-check indicator
  • Flexible placement
  • JPMA certified
  • Good for large openings also


  • Could be more stable
  • Difficult to install

22. Cardinal Pet Safety Gate

Cardinal Pet Safety GateThis safety gate although used as a pet safety gate can add up as a baby gate too. It has all the good features to make sure that your baby is protected even when you are not being able to overwatch your baby while cooking or washing clothes.

This is fully made of steel and thus it is very sturdy and strong in design. It has a powder-coated finish to ensure that shine and colour of the gate remains intact for several years. It is very easy to install this baby cum pet safety gate. The width of the gate is also flexible which makes it good for those who don’t find the best baby gate due to their odd-shaped floor space and room design. The dimensions of the product are 1inch by 41 inches by 29 inches.

The price of this product is significantly low. Installation can be completed within minutes and can be mounted at any angle.


  • Made from high-quality steel
  • Strong and sturdy in design
  • Can mount at any angle
  • Adjustable width
  • Long-lasting finish


  • Difficult to install by yourself
  • Heavy in weight so needs wall support

23. Welland Free Standing Foldable Wooden Baby Gate

Welland Free Standing Foldable Wooden Baby GateThis will almost act like a safety fence for medium to small-sized pets that can also be used as baby safety gate. It is equipped with 360 degrees metal hinges with non-slippery rubber pads attached to the bottom of the gate. Its open dimensions are 80 inches by 24 inches by 1 inch. It is designed with elegant and tough wood with a spray paint finish.

The entire material can be folded into a piece by piece fashion and thus it does not take up a lot of floor space when not in use. It can be extremely useful for people who have big hall rooms, dining rooms, and large open spaces. Once you install this safety gate you are pretty sure that your baby is safe behind the gate.

The gate can be assembled and dissembled at any time. Being a free-standing gate there is no problem with the installation. It is good that this gate can be doubled up and used as a baby safety gate. And in fact, it is one of the best baby gates for wide opening.


  • Made from tough wood
  • Flexible and sturdy
  • Easy to store
  • Stylish; easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Comes with 360 degrees hinges and rubber pads


  • The hinges should be stronger
  • It gets tipped over

24. Richell Pet Sitter Gate

Richell Pet Sitter GateThis product has been built by Richell, which is one of the highly trusted safety gate manufacturers in the USA. It is a flashy and really cool looking in design.

The product is available in multiple colours. It is a good choice for those who have pets and kids at home. It can double up as a being a versatile gadget. In the product description, we will start by looking at the dimensions of the product first. The dimensions of the baby cum pet gate are 41 inches by 2 inches by 21 inches.

The product can be easily installed by using simple methods that do not need any expert hand. If you are looking for the best safety gate at decent prices then you might consider taking a look at this product.

It is made of wood and has stylish finish which can add to the aesthetic value of your room. Moreover, the price is affordable than some of the costly high-end baby gates. The set comes with all parts, hardware and instruction manual. This product from Richell is the best top of stairs baby gates.


  • Made from wood
  • Affordable price
  • Can be used for both baby and pets
  • Comes in multiple colours
  • Easy to use and install


  • Too short
  • Installation not easy because of confusing instructions

25. Kovot Wooden Freestanding Safety Gate

Kovot Wooden Freestanding Safety GateAs mentioned in the name this is a good choice for those who have both pets and small toddlers at home. If you have small sized dogs or even puppies and even your babies then you can purchase this product.

It is one of the best baby gates which is of freestanding style. It can be folded piece by piece into a small thing and thus does not consume a large part of your room. This free-standing gate is heavy enough to ensure that your kids do not have the power to push it aside or pull it out of the way.

The set includes one wooden gate with three foldable parts. It blocks off areas such as stairways, hallways, doors and other entry ways. It is constructed of high quality wood that easily blends into your any home decor. This 19â€H panel gate adjusts to fit doorways almost 4 feet wide.

The KOVOT safety gate for your children and pets has a very unique design and is certified from the industrial experts.


  • Made from wood
  • Easy to use and install
  • Foldable and portable
  • Fits to 4 feet wide openings
  • Industry certified


  • Not well constructed
  • Horrible quality

26. Dreambaby 2 in 1 York Gro Gate White

Dreambaby 2 in 1 York Gro Gate WhiteIt is one of the best baby gates by DreamBaby store to help keep children safe in and around the home and also make life easier. It is available at lower prices than most of the other gates.

It has a high-end locking mechanism that ensures that your kid is safe within a closed room. It perfectly fits in openings of 28 inches to a maximum of 41 inches. Of course, the safety gate can be extended. They can be mounted using two ways- either pressure mounted or hardware mounted. It has a simple opening mechanism but one that is complex and might be tough for your kids to understand. The dimensions of the best baby gates for stairs are 30 inches by 2 inches by 29 inches. It is made up of metal and is very sturdy in design.


  • Made from sturdy metal
  • Easy one-hand opening
  • No trip risk
  • Can be pressure mounted or hardware mounted
  • Fits 41 inches wide openings also


  • Quality can be improved
  • Misleading description

27. Richell High Free Standing Pet Gate

Richell High Free Standing Pet GateThis is a high standing Pet Gate and baby gate. If you have problems finding out whether your baby will be able to hop over the gate then it is best that you eliminate the problem by installing this baby cum pet gate.

It can support its own weight and thus it does not require any installation burden on your mind. It is beautifully crafted using hardwood. The height of the gate is pretty high enough and thus you don’t have to bother whether your baby will be able to jump over the gate.

This is made from extremely durable material and thus it can survive for years in the same condition. If you have both pets and kids at home this is a good choice at low costs. It has been reviewed by many parents as the best top of the stairs baby gate.


  • Hardwood construction
  • Rubber feet prevents sliding
  • High enough for babies to hop over
  • Self-supporting requires no installation


  • False description
  • Poor quality

28. Baby Dan Guard Me Auto Foldable Safety Gate

Baby Dan Guard Me Auto Foldable Safety GateThis is a highly extendable baby gate that can be easily counted in the best baby gates for wide opening. This consists of a highly retractable door that can be folded into a piece by piece fashion and thus it is good for any type of house with lot of open spaces.

It has a very beautifully crafted design. It is built with an extremely hard material and will give you years of service. It has got dimensions of 30 inches by 6 inches by 5 inches. It is a very good choice as per price.

It folds back automatically and is ideal for tight spaces. You can mount it inside or outside of door frame or at the top or bottom of stairs. Installation is extremely easy. It is made in Denmark and meets latest safety standards. It is good for both as a safety for your kids and pets.


  • Foldable and extendable
  • Easy installation
  • Made in Denmark
  • Meets all safety standards
  • 100% PVC free


  • Horrible instructions
  • Quality can be improved

29. Barkwood Pets Free Standing Wood Gate

Barkwood Pets Free Standing Wood GateThis is made from solid dark wood and has a very stylish and elegant look which is sure to complement the design and style of your homes.

This product from Barkwood is made using solid wood and thus it is heavy. But this is useful in the sense that your baby will not be able to turn it over or push it out of the way in any case.

It is bit costly as it is made from solid wood. It is very sturdy in design. It can be placed anywhere in your room such as doorways, hallways. The coverage area of the gate is very good of 36 inches. The locking system in gate is something that will be tough for your child to understand because of its disguised design.


  • Sturdy and adjustable
  • Made from solid wood
  • Rubber feet prevents sliding
  • Beautiful non-toxic finish


  • Poor quality, it feel apart
  • Flimsy

30. Sikevht Magic Gate

Sikevht Magic GateThis is one of the most extraordinary gates that you can ever find out in the market. If you are looking for the best baby gates then don’t look further than this product. Quite simply this product has all you need. It is one-in-all baby safety gate with all the safety features loaded in it.

It comes in creative zipper design to make it convertible into 3 adjustable sizes. It is made of tough woven mesh fabric with strong tear resistance to withstand dangerous outdoor conditions. It is easy to install between walls, doorways, stairways, indoors and outdoors. It is easy to assemble without any tool. It is easy to paste and strong adhesion will not damage the wall. It is reusable and no need to nail and drill every time. It can be used on various surfaces like wood, tile, ceramic, metal, plastic surface and more.

Always stick on dry, clean and smooth panel surface for strong adhesion.


  • Made from strong woven mesh fabric
  • Comes with zipper to adjust to various sizes
  • Easy to assemble without any tool
  • Easy to paste and remove; no need to nail and drill
  • Can be used on various surfaces


  • Doesn’t work well
  • Not worth the money

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Baby Gate

There are various factors to consider before buying the best baby gates. Here are some of the common factors that parents miss out on quite frequently-

1. Height And Lock Of Baby Gate

The first factor that you need to consider is the height of your baby gate. Gates must be high enough so that babies are not able to climb above them. Keep in mind that during the age of 2-3 years babies grow very fast both physically and mentally. If your baby gate is not secured properly with lock or is not of proper height then baby might hop over the gate or open it easily to invite any risk.

It is thus recommended that you consider the height and lock system of the baby gates before buying them.

2. Gate Spacing

The spooks on the gates should have enough spacing so that the hands and legs of your baby do not get stuck inside them. This is quite an important factor but most parents don’t seem to stress this issue as such. Whether you are buying best baby gates for stairs or hallways this is one thing that you must consider.

3. Material

Most baby gates are made of wood, plastic, or metal. Be vigilant that some plastics contain toxins like PVC and are not good for the health of your toddler, and they have an inherent habit of putting everything in their mouth. So, they might suffer from stomach problems and other health issues. If the baby gate is made up of metal then it is important to make sure that they remain rust-free.

4. Meet Safety Standards

The baby gates have to be compliant with certain safety standards. This includes strength of the gates and whether the mounting process is done safely or not. Also make sure that installation is done properly and that structure as a whole is not weak. In short, they must be JPMA certified.

Safety Tips For Baby Gates

There are some security and safety parameters that you need to adhere to before and after installing baby gates.

1. Never Climb Over The Baby Gates

While it may seem a lot easier to step over baby gates rather than opening and closing them each time, it is best not to do this as this will encourage your small toddlers to do the same.

2. Always Keep Baby Gates Closed

This is a very basic rule after best baby gates for stairs have been installed. Baby gate is designed and installed to keep your little one out of harm’s way. You might be busy but this should always be on your mind to close the baby gate each time it is opened or consider a baby gate that closes automatically after each use.

3. Install Two Baby Gates For Stairways

There is always a big risk for babies falling over the stairs. Somehow babies are always attracted to the stairs, so to prevent any unfortunate incident you can take additional security measures by installing two baby gates with stairways. Install hardware mounted gates at the top of stairs and pressure mounted gates at the bottom of staircase.

4. Make Sure Baby Gate Is Mounted Securely

While doing installation of baby gates special care should be taken to make sure that gates are mounted safely and properly. Refer to manufacturer’s manual while installing baby gate. Also remember to use the included tools and brackets for safe set-up. Make sure that they adhere to the safety standards too.

FAQs on Baby Gates

First-time parents often come across confusion while choosing best baby gates. They face lot of questions, so here are few questions and answers in case you have some query to be solved.

Q1. When Should I Install Baby Gates?

Parents should install baby gates once their babies reach six months or before your little one starts crawling. Keep installed them until the kid is at least 2 years old. If you have stairs at home, then you can install them even earlier also.

Q2. Are Baby Gates Safe?

Yes, they are safe if you don’t compromise on quality and safety standards. There are various complaints and safety standards that they need to adhere to. For your peace of mind make sure that they are JPMA certified.

Q3. Where To Place The Baby Gates?

This depends on the structure of your rooms, halls, and stairs. Consider where is the baby room and where does your baby spends most of their time. The entrance of your baby room can be covered by baby gates.

Other than this you can also consider buying best baby gates for stairs with banisters. Other places include main entrance of the house, storerooms, toilets, kitchens, balconies, and back doors.

Q4. Which Locking Mechanism Is Best In Baby Gates?

The lock mechanism is the most important thing to consider while buying a baby gate. There are various types of locks such as push locks, mechanical locks, latched locks, etc. Find out the best locking mechanism and make sure that your baby is not smart enough to detect the locking mechanism.

Q5. How Do I Measure For A Baby Gate?

First measure the width of area where baby gate is to be installed. If you want to buy baby gate for stairs then measure from wall to wall to make it fits properly. The same goes for doorways or walls.

Best Baby Gates – Conclusion

So now you have a whole array of best baby gates that can provide you baby-proofing solutions for your home. Installing a baby gate is the first step to keep your little one safe. Remember to always keep your home design in mind before buying a baby gate. Install the right one in the right place to keep your baby safe. Our list of Top 30 Best Baby Gates will help you choose the right one for you.

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