What Is A Baby Sprinkle? – A Simple Guide To Host The Best Baby Sprinkle!

You might have probably heard “baby sprinkle” for the first time. Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. We’re bringing you the all-in-one blog for what is a baby sprinkle and what are the aspects that you need to consider while hosting it.

We’ll also be highlighting the basic difference between a “baby shower” and a “baby sprinkle”. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Hosting a baby shower for the first childbirth is a tradition followed in every family. It is a full-blown party with all the extravaganza, food, gifts for the newborn, and fancy equipment for the parents. All of this is gifted to help them get through the tough period of parenthood.

Almost all mothers celebrate the birth of each of their children. Hence, a “baby sprinkle” is hosted for the subsequent children. That’s one of the basic differences between a baby shower and a baby sprinkle. A baby sprinkle is organized for the second, third, or fourth child in the family.

So What Is A Baby Sprinkle Exactly?

A baby sprinkle is a low-key event where the close ones are invited to celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby in the house (after the first baby). The host doesn’t have to do much here, because it’s mostly a private affair. Not many people outside of family and friends are invited to the party.

When To Host It And Who Hosts It?

In the most likely scenario, you’d want to host the baby sprinkle around 9-10 weeks before the due date of the child. This shall be similar to hosting a baby shower, and the mother would be inching towards the fag end of her pregnancy.

Coming to the hosts, mostly the close friends of parents host the event together or a particular friend can take the mantle alone.

What Is A Registry And Should You Have One For A Baby Sprinkle?

A registry is a list of items that you already have with you and what you actually need as a gift. So a registry is definitely important whether it’s your second, third, or fourth child. It’ll show what you already have and what all you need.

What Do You Need To Throw A Baby Sprinkle?

1. Decoration For The Event

Although baby sprinkle is a private affair, you’ll definitely require a nice and cheerful theme decoration for the parents and the to-be-born child. There’s no need to be extravagant with the choice of themes, but you can select a subtle yet beautiful theme for the mother so that it’s both fun and exciting.

We suggest you give more importance to the details of the theme and make it as lively as possible. That will surely serve the purpose of the event and you can call yourself a decent host after that! Some ideas for decoration are mentioned below.

  • Spring theme with floral décor.
  • Candy bar theme with sprinkles all over.
  • Baby wild animal theme.
  • Rainbow theme with ribbons and laces of all the 7 colors.

2. Sending Invitations

Invitations are a crucial part of any event. As this will be a close family and friends event, the invitations don’t have to be fancy. You can also go for an e-invite, which is both cost-effective and manageable.

The invitation should serve the purpose of cordially inviting the members for the event. Make sure you mention that it’s a “baby sprinkle” so that your guests aren’t unaware of the concept and get the right gifts.

3. Games And Food

Probably two of the most important parts of any party are games and food. You can compromise on the theme and decorations, but not the food and fun.

Games are one of the main highlights of the event, as they bring in the fun element. They are a sort of icebreakers to the guests who aren’t much familiar with each other. So don’t forget to arrange for games that are both fun and engaging. Make sure that nobody feels left out either!

That brings us to food, which again goes without saying, is the most important part of the party. Pick the most fabulous delicacies that you can find, preferably something that everyone would enjoy.

DIY food stations are seen most commonly in such parties. Be it ice-cream with confetti sprinkle or hot chocolate, anything with a dollop of fun is appreciated. Also, arrange something amazing for the mother as well, so that she feels special and loved.

4. Mommy’s Day Out

Baby sprinkle isn’t necessarily supposed to be a themed party or celebration with food and games. Your hosts can arrange for a special day for the mother-to-be. Pregnancy times are full of stress for both the parents, especially for the mother.

So, instead of hosting a party, you can plan a relaxing day for the mother. This will help her relieve her stress and feel good about herself. You can arrange for a manicure-pedicure session, a blissful massage or perhaps put on some soulful music.

Be in her service for the day. That would definitely work, wouldn’t it?

Tips And Ideas For Baby Sprinkle

1. Taking Inputs From The Mother

It’s always advisable to take necessary inputs from the mother-to-be. After all, it’s all about her. She should be comfortable with all the arrangements made, and that should be the priority. You can take inputs regarding the guests to be invited, food at the sprinkle, decorations, and favors.

2. Gifting Ideas

As mentioned earlier, a registry always comes in handy when it comes to gifts. So whatever is required for the new-born, the requirements can be met easily. Some basic gifts that always help are diapers, baby wipes, and an amazing collection of clothes for the baby.

Also, you can gift something to the mother for her post-pregnancy routines like a comfortable gown and some utensils for the baby. While deciding gifts, don’t forget something for the elder sibling as well. They’re already lost and thus should feel honored at their sibling’s arrival, instead of feeling left out.

3. Ideas For Fun Games

a. Baby Relay

This is an exciting game and here, all the players are divided into different teams. Each member of the team is supposed to complete an assigned task quickly and the next member can move on to the next task. The team that completes all the tasks first shall be declared winners. The tasks can be decided by the host. Make sure you decide the tasks related to the activities of a baby. So bring on your most innovative ideas here!

b. Baby Monikers

This is a baby-themed card game and is quite similar to playing Taboo. The game has baby themed cards and you split all the guests into two teams. Each team gets 60 seconds to go through as many cards as possible before the deck is sent to the other team. The objective here is to guess the card details without revealing the words written on the card. Quite exciting, isn’t it?

Do You Need To Give Favors Or Gift Bags?

For a baby sprinkle, giving gift bags is optional. Even if you decide to give one, you can always consider giving something affordable and heartwarming. Hand-made gifts are considered to be one of the most sought after gifts. They will make your guests feel loved. If you don’t have much time to prepare hand-made gifts, you can give DIY gifts as well. You can also give a food combo!

What About Sending Thank You Cards?

Even though baby sprinkle is a comparatively smaller event, the guests still show up and give their time and efforts for the sprinkle. So it becomes imperative to give a thank you note to all your guests and show gratitude for their presence on this auspicious day. A couple of beautiful lines with regards should do the job for you in this case.

In the end, no matter if it’s the first child or second or third, it’s a matter of utmost happiness for the mother. For her, every child is special and there’s always a cause of celebrating such a beautiful bond and pure emotion. So without thinking too much, plan something fun and cozy to “sprinkle” all the love and support to the parents and elder siblings. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the moment, and try not to focus too much on the decorations.

Hope this article was helpful and you got your answer for what is a baby sprinkle and how you can plan one for yours!

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