Your Easy Guide On How To Crochet A Baby Blanket

Do you like making gifts on your own? Do you wish to make a perfect gift for a newborn baby or a toddler? Well, if that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to crochet a baby blanket in this blog.

Making a crochet blanket can be time-consuming and stressful if the right techniques and methods aren’t used. This article shall give you an easy way out to make crochet without much hassle, and also save much of your time while doing so.

There are two particular names given to crochet patterns for baby blankets. In the US, they are called “Double Crochet” and in the UK, the same is called “Treble Crochet”. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

How To Crochet A Baby Blanket – The Process

The basic technique of making a blanket is to master the art of stitching with the following steps.

1. You push the hook through to the next stitch.

2. You work through it by yarn over, which is also called “looping”.

3. You pull the yarn through the stitch and repeat the process thereafter.

Once you master these steps, the rest of the part becomes easier and your hands automatically get used to the pace of stitching.

It is important to note that there are in total, three main stitches in crochet.

1. US Single crochet

2. US Double crochet

3. UK Treble crochet

The crochet blanket that we can make easily is with two stitches; single crochet and chain stitch.
For making the process easier and faster, you may use a larger hook than the normal-sized. The pattern that we’ll learn is easy to apply and also has a unique design that gives a great look to the blanket.

What Is Required

1. Tools

  • Tapestry needle
  • Crochet hook
  • Stitch marker

2. Materials Required

  • 5×100 Soft baby yarn (Berroco Comfort Yarn)

3. Level Of Difficulty

  • Easy

Sizes Available For The Crochet

1. Preemie

This is the smallest size available for the blanket. The length is about 34 inches and the width is around 26 inches.

2. Newborn

This is a medium-sized blanket available which is 30 inches square long on all the sides. You may add a few inches as per the requirements.

3. Toddler

This is a large-sized blanket having a width of 36 inches and a length of 44 inches.

How Do You Develop A Crochet Pattern?

The following row schedule shall help you build a pattern.

Row 1

You have to insert a hook at the 4th chain from the hook and then create a dc, dc to end, and turn (110 stitches).

Row 2

Ch3, which counts as the 1st stitch throughout patterns dc in each st to the last st and turn.

Row 3

Ch3, dc in each stitch to the last stitch and then turn.

Row 4

Repeat the step mentioned in Row 3 until the process of up to 35-35 inches is completed.

The process of making a blanket starts with working double crochet across, and then turning and working back along the row until you reach your preferred size. You can finish off a blanket by simply crocheting around it.

For beginners, this is perhaps the easiest way to get accustomed to the art of crocheting and making blankets. The only thing that is required is ample practice with the hook and yarn on your hand. It is better to start with simple stitches and patterns, and after you get used to the process, you may try with some complex patterns. Some of the easier patterns that you may try are mentioned below.

Other Types Of Simple Stitches For Making A Blanket

1. The Side Saddle Stitch

The side saddle stitch is a unique combination of single crochet, double crochet, and chains. It looks beautiful and is simple to make.

2. The Cross-Over Block Stitch

This is a lovely piece that you can make while binge-watching your favorite shows. If you are familiar with the basics of single, double crochet patterns and chains, this shouldn’t be a difficult one.

3. The Star Stitch

This stitch is as fabulous as it sounds. It has a stunning starburst design and it looks different from over and behind. So you’ve got two unique patterns on either side of the blanket.

4. Sand Stitch

If you wish to portray bright and bold yarn colors, then this one’s your best bet. It is easy to learn and highlights the best of your bright colors.

5. Blanket Stitch

This stitch is a combination of 3 stitches, single crochet, and two double crochets. These are one of the best and easiest stitches for making a baby blanket.

6. Granny Square Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

This is a small blanket with an 18 square inch size.

7. Leaping Stripes And Blocks Baby Blanket

This pattern is a slightly bigger one than the granny square with about 20 square inches size. It uses worsted weight cotton yarn and gives a classy look to the blanket.

8. Hugs And Kisses Baby Blanket

The name is enough for you to fall in love with this pattern! Again, it’s one of the most unique and easier blankets to make. It features a series of cross stitches and bobbles (X’s and O’s). The usual size of this blanket is about 36 inches in width and 40 inches in length, although you can alter it as per your requirements. It uses Aran weight yarn.

9. Feather And Fan Baby Blanket

If you like a blanket with laces, well then this one’s for you! This crochet pattern of Feather and Fan uses a worsted weight yarn and gives a beautiful lacy design to the blanket.

10. Spring Into Summer Crochet Blanket

This pattern is a lightweight and bright, colorful blanket. The size of this blanket can be altered, although it is mostly used for the toddlers. You can have any dimensions you want. Using a yarn with long color runs gives a self-striping effect and it also reduces the need for weaving ends.

We hope you’ve found what you were looking for, and learnt how to make a crochet blanket and got your own yarns and hooks to make a beautiful and unique design.

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