Fleece has been getting popular when it comes to diapers. But one question that you might have on your mind is what is fleece anyways? Well, we are here to answer that along with further explanation.

Fleece is a synthetic, 100% polyester fabric that has an altered structure which facilitates moisture transfer. This provides some nice advantages like being very breathable and lightweight. The material is also hard to stain and can withstand harsh washing as well.

If you were in the market for diapers for your kid then these are certainly something that you must consider. The second important part of diaper shopping is having the proper way to carry it around when you are travelling.

A diaper bag will be an essential tool in such cases and we are here to help you choose one. While there are many types of diaper bags, if you are traveling then it is best to pick one that’s ideal for withstanding the additional pressures of travelling. Take a look at our list covering the best diaper bags that you can pick from. We spent hours doing the research so you don’t have to!