Best Baby Formulas 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Infans Mylicon 2. Enfamil Neuropro 3. Happy Baby Organic
Infans Mylicon Best Baby FormulaEnfamil Neuropro GentleHappy Baby Organic

Sometimes, the newborns suffer from allergies and digestion problems like colic, constipation, gas formation, upset stomach, and so on. The result of these problems is a cranky baby who won’t stop crying because of discomfort and pain.


So, as a mother, you certainly would want to feed them something gentle and easy-to-digest, right?

Something like the best baby formula?

Obviously yes and that’s the reason why you have the baby formulas from some top-rated brands. However, since there are so many different products, choosing the right one can become a problem.  Therefore, in this article, we have discussed the top thirty best formula to supplement breastfed baby.

You can also consult with our buying guide to know which formula will be suitable for your infant. The FAQ section in the is going to solve all your queries

So, let’s start with our top thirty list!

Top 30 Best Baby Formulas 2023

1. Infans Mylicon

Infans Mylicon Best Baby FormulaInfants are always prone to digestive problems, the most common of which is the gas formation. Sometimes, the babies have low tolerance power for milk which is the primary food suggested by pediatricians during the early months. That’s when the babies become cranky and cry a lot the moment their body fails to digest the milk.

This is the reason why you need a baby formula which will help their stomach in speeding up the digestion and will improve the health of the alimentary canal simultaneously. Mylicon’s dye-free baby formula is considered to be amongst the best baby formula and hence it is suggested by most of the pediatricians.

This drop is free of any alcoholic components and preservatives which might reverse the beneficial action of the same. Also, it lacks saccharin and gluten, making it very efficient in breaking down the gas bubbles in the stomach. Since a baby needs to be fed very often, the company has made sure that you can provide this food formula to your infant almost at every meal.

That’s the reason you can give the drop up to twelve times a day.It has got simethicone which is the primary ingredient. This helps in relieving discomfort and the pressure from the stomach without getting absorbed in the baby’s body, thus making it the best toddler formula.


  • Best for relieving pressure from gas bubble formation in the stomach
  • Gluten-free and contains no preservative
  • Can be given till twelve times a day
  • Safe for newest infants till babies of two years


  • Hard to measure the perfect drop amount with a syringe
  • Can’t be fed alone because of its sour taste

2. Enfamil Neuropro Gentle

Enfamil Neuropro GentleSometimes, the food that you give to your baby isn’t suitable for their health. After all, not every infant has the same tolerance power and immunity power to induce proper digestion and absorption of the food. This is the reason why you need the best formula for baby that will not only provide them with proper nutrition for their growth but will reduce adverse reactions of their body like bloating, gas formation, and so on.

Gentle Milk Powder from Enfamil has become one of the most chosen products in recent years. The formula was prepared in a way where your baby’s health won’t be compromised even by a bit. It contains a mixed blend of fats belonging to the MFGM group. It is the same component which is present in a mother’s breast milk- the primary source of nutrition and strength for a newborn.

Along with this, you will have Omega 3 DHA which is also found in breast milk. This particular group of fatty acids helps in improving the functioning of the brain as well as that of the heart. For inducing proper growth of body cells in your baby, the formula has a special component known as choline. It boosts proper metabolism, cell activities, and growth. With so many advantages, it is often recommended as the best baby formula by most pediatricians. The presence of iron in the formula will help the respiratory and the vascular system of your baby to function properly.


  • Will help reduce your baby’s crankiness and fussiness
  • Can be used for infants till 12 months of age, starting with newborns
  • Does not contain any kind of GMO compounds
  • Is a rich source of nutrients found only in the breast milk


  • The price range is on a higherside

3. Happy Baby Organic

Happy Baby OrganicMedical surveys have shown that most babies have low tolerance levels for milk and related products other than breast milk. The problem is that sometimes the breast milk is being produced in such a small quantity that as a mother, you will have to provide the nutrition from an external source. This is where the infant formula from Happy Baby Organic comes into the role play.

For infants who have lactose intolerance from normal milk products, this will be the best formula to supplement breastfed babies. In this product, the source of lactose is organic, which has been found to be extremely beneficial for infants since it is the same carbohydrate that is present in the mother’s milk.

This baby milk formula has two main probiotic components, namely the FOS and the GOS. This makes it more suitable as compared to other products because of the presence of stronger and active bio-nutrients. Apart from this, the Stage 2 formula also has Vitamin D, Vitamin C, calcium, choline, zinc, copper, iron, and phosphorus.

All of these vitamins and minerals are essential during the early stage of an infant’s life. These nutrients not only boost the immune power of the body but also help in promoting proper growth and development of organ cells and bones.

The milk formula has been considered to be in the list of best baby formula by many pediatricians all across the world, thanks to the presence of two essential omega acids- DHA and ARA. If you are not able to provide a sufficient amount of breast milk for your baby, he or she won’t receive these omega acids. But, with this milk product, you can now sigh in relief.


  • Packaging is optimal
  • No artificial sweetener like corn syrup
  • Perfect for babies between six to twelve months
  • No trace of unwanted fat molecules in the milk formula
  • Has qualities of breast milk


  • Is prone to bacterial growth if kept in contact with water or moisture
  • Cannot be used after one month since opening the lid of the container

4. Enfamil Brain Building Nutrition 

Enfamil Brain Building Nutrition Proper nutrition is very important for infants, not only because it promotes their growth but also because it ensures the proper building of the brain’s strength and power. This is why pediatricians always focus on making a nutrition chart which will benefit both the physical and mental growth of a baby.

Enfamil’s brain building baby formula is the exact product which you need for ensuring that your infant is getting all the nutrition in the exact quantity. It contains MFGM fats- a group of bioactive compounds which is extremely essential for promoting neurofunctional growth in infants. Along with this, the baby formula is also a rich source of DHA- a group of omega acid fat which is only found in breast milk.

So, even if your body fails to produce a lot of breast milk, you can now provide all the essential nutrients to your baby through this brain developing milk powder. It is quite easily digestible, and thus even if your baby has a weak gut, this formula won’t be causing any problems like bloating, gas formation, constipation, and so on.


  • Product is free from any trace of gluten
  • Contains two different kinds of probiotics
  • Easy to use since it is available in powdered form
  • Can be given to babies up to twelve months of age


  • It is a bit pricey as compared to other products

5. Enfamil Gentlease 

Enfamil Gentlease A baby’s metabolic system acts very differently from an adult. They have a weak immune system which needs external support for strengthening itself. This is why providing an infant with the correct nutrition list is utterly essential for every mother. However, sometimes, you will find that babies have sensitive tolerance power towards most of the baby formulas. They either hate the taste of the formula or their body responds adversely towards the food.

Owing to these problems often the infants don’t receive proper nutrition for their physical and brain development. This is why Enfamil came up with this best formula for baby which is specifically designed for sensitive infants. It is loaded with different nutrients which are extremely important for promoting proper mental and physical development in the newborns.

It contains choline, the building block of cells in the infants. It not only helps in increasing the strength of the neurons but also helps in building the cell membrane structures of the new tissues. It also contains a huge portion of iron, which is extremely important for maintaining the proper functioning of the respiratory and circulatory system in an infant.

The mineral ensures the transfer of oxygen to cell tissues and prevents conditions like hemolytic anemia or a drop in the hemoglobin amount in the blood. Another nutrient which you will find in this product is Omega 3 DHA- a nutrient that promotes the cognitive health of the brain and promotes the proper functioning of the neurons. It also improves the strength of the cerebrum in the infants, thereby increasing their memory power.


  • Will ease fussiness and crankiness in infants
  • Can be given multiple times to satiate the hunger
  • Recommended by most of the pediatricians for sensitive babies


  • The taste is slightly bitter

6. Earth Probiotics And Iron-Loaded Gentle

Earth Probiotics And Iron-Loaded GentleOrganic baby formulas have always been recommended since they contain fresh ingredients with no adulteration. This is why Earth’s Best Organic gentle infant food is the best baby formula 2022. It is loaded with nutrients that are essential for the growth of an infant. It contains the MFGM compounds which promote the cognitive development of the brain and increases the mental strength of a newborn.

Since a baby has a weak immune system, the formula will help in strengthening the immune system also. The prebiotics present in the product will help in providing extra strength to your baby in fighting against infections like digestive problems and others.

The presence of choline and omega 3 DHA will strengthen the brain’s power and will promote the growth of neurons in the body. It contains organic lactose, which is perfect for babies having a low tolerance level for milk products having inorganic carbohydrates. It is also a high source of milk protein- casein- which doesn’t come with added fats.

It also contains a group of essential vitamins and minerals which aid in promoting the overall growth in an infant, starting from various organ systems to the core immune system. The baby formula has minerals like calcium and phosphorus that are essential for bones. It also contains magnesium which is required for maintaining the water balance, and iron for ensuring the proper health of the circulatory system.


  • Perfect for newest babies to infants up to one year of age
  • Every ingredient is derived from organic sources
  • A complete resemblance of natural breast milk
  • A compact nutritional package for the physical and mental development of an infant


  • Contains a high amount of sugar

7. Earth Iron Loaded Baby

Earth Iron Loaded BabyOrganic Diary has been listed amongst the names of the best baby formula brand. From the name itself you can understand that this formula has organic compounds which would never cause any harm to your infant. A baby’s body is quite vulnerable and prone to infections and diseases. So, if you are providing them with the correct nutrition, they might develop some medical conditions like deficiency of any vitamin or retardation in growth.

The formula is very easy to digest and hence, if your baby was suffering previously from stomach aches and gas problems, you should try out this product. It doesn’t cause any digestive problems. Rather it releases the pressure build-up in your baby’s stomach and prevents him or her from getting cranky.

Since it is milk-based baby formula, you might be wondering whether your baby’s gut will tolerate the carbohydrate or not. Well, the answer is yes because the formula contains an organic form of the lactose carbohydrate which is easily digestible. The milk powder resembles breast milk on so many levels, and hence it is completely safe for your newborn.

It has two different types of essential fats- omega 3 DHA and omega 6 ARA. Both these fatty acids help in the proper development of the lipid layers in the brain, the eyes, and also the mental strength of the brain. The lutein present in the formula too helps in improving the eyesight and the overall health of this sense organ. The whey to casein ratio present in the formula is exactly the same as the one you can find in the breast milk.

This product is fully loaded with a lot of micronutrients like Vitamin D, beta carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, iron, choline, magnesium, phosphorus, biotin, calcium, Vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, potassium, iodine, and sodium.


  • Is a source of multiple vitamins and minerals
  • Do reduce digestive problems like bloating, gas formation, constipation, and so on
  • It is FDA approved in the category of baby formulas
  • No GMO compounds are present in the milk-based formula


  • It is a little too heavy on the expense side

8. Mama Bear Infant Food Formula 

Mama Bear Infant Food Formula Coming from the hands of one of the best brands, this infant formula is nothing less than a storehouse of all essential nutrients required for the proper physical and mental growth. It is a certified product which means that you can give this formula to your newborn without any worry. And, just like the name sounds, the product is made from organic components which are grown in specialized farms without any fertilizers and other chemicals.

It is said that this is one of the best formulas which closely resembles the mother’s milk. Since not many mothers can feed their milk to the infants throughout the first year, switching over to this alternative is the best shot you have got. It contains a lot of iron and Vitamin A, both of which are best for improving the health of the eyes.

Two different omega acids are present in this formula which is also present in breast milk. DHA and ARA support the proper functioning of brain cells and the nerves. The prebiotic components that are included in the formula will help in strengthening the immunity power in your infant, thereby safeguarding him or her against infections and other diseases.

Apart from these, it has a lot of micronutrients like Vitamin D, all the vitamins from the B group, bone developing minerals like calcium and phosphorus, magnesium for the development of neurons, and so on. Thanks to the presence of these micronutrients, it is considered to be the best baby formula for breastfed babies.


  • Is gluten-free and hence tolerable for weak guts
  • Does not contain the artificial sweetener- corn syrup
  • Is FDA approved for infant nutrition


  • Cannot be kept under open air since the powder can easily get hard and form chunks

9. Mama Bear Immunity Support Infant

Mama Bear Immunity Support InfantWhen mothers stop feeding their babies with their breast milk, often they switch over to baby formulas. These formulas act as the supplement for breast milk during the first year. However, some babies fail to tolerate the formulas and end up suffering from bloating, gas bubbles, change in the stool routine, and so on.

This is the reason why Mama Bear has come with this gentle baby formula. The formula is milk-based indeed. But, it contains organic lactose which is easily digestible and acts the same as that of the breast milk. The product is said to help in reducing the crankiness and irritability in babies when they suffer from any stomach problems.

This is, in fact, one of the most preferred products in the list of the best baby formula 2022. It contains omega 3 DHA fatty acid which develops the functioning of the brain by ensuring the proper growth of neurons. Also, the presence of choline supports the action of this omega acid group, thereby making the formula perfect for enhancing the function of the brain and the neurons.


  • It does not contain any sort of genetically modified compounds
  • No trace of alcoholic components or artificial preservatives
  • Rich in probiotics which helps in building a strong immunity
  • FDA approved and is preferred by pediatricians for infant nutrition


  • Presence of the corn syrup solids might cause a little problem in the preparation of the food

10. Enfamil Brain And Immunity Support 

Enfamil Brain And Immunity Support In earlier days, the composition of the infant formulas never resembled that of breast milk. This is why the babies used to suffer a lot from digestive problems, and improper growth. However, nowadays, most of the formulas have more or less the same composition as that of the mother’s milk, fortunately, the Enfamil Enspire product is one of them.

The product contains colostrum which is one of the primary constituents of the mother’s milk that is secreted right after the birth of the baby. This component improves the immune system of the infant, thereby preventing a lot of diseases like cold, flu, diarrhea, and so on.

The formula also contains MFGM- a bioactive group of compounds which ensures the proper development of the brain and the neurons. It makes sure that the mental activity in an infant gets a boost so that they won’t suffer from retardation in the later future.

The presence of DHA fatty acid along with choline act as a catalyst which power up the activity of the MFGM, thereby improving the brain’s health and functioning to a great level. Due to the presence of these essential nutrients, it is considered to be one of the best baby formulas that you can have for your infant.

The presence of probiotics helps the infant’s body to fight against infections. Also, since these are bioactive components, they work on developing the functions of various organ systems, starting with the sensory organs to the intestinal health and even that of the neural system.


  • Contains lactoferrin, also known as colostrum from mother’s milk
  • Is approved and preferred for most of the babies between the age group of 0 to twelve months
  • Can be digested easily with no side effects


  • Excess iron content due to the soy compounds
  • No presence of organic lactose in the formula

11. Mama Bear Immune Brain 

Mama Bear Immune Brain It has been medically proven that an infant’s health is always vulnerable and more prone to infections and diseases if not taken care of properly. This is the reason why doctors always put pressure on breastfeeding since the mother’s milk is loaded with nutrients that help in strengthening the immunity power of the baby.

However, sometimes, either the new mothers become unable to produce an ample quantity of breast milk or the milk produced lacks the essential nutrients. Under such circumstances, you need a baby formula which will help you to induce proper mental and physical growth in your newborn. And luckily, this baby formula from the hands of Mama Bear works just like breast milk.

It is a rich source of milk protein- casein, which can be digested easily without any problem. Also, the presence of organic lactose helps in improving the tolerant level of the gut for this particular carbohydrate group. The formula contains choline and DHA which help in improving the proper functioning of the brain as well as that of the body’s immune system. As a result, your baby won’t suffer from diseases too often, thereby lessening much of your worries.

The baby formula contains a mix of natural oils like palmolein, sunflower oil, and soy oil which are a rich source of helpful fatty acids. Minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and iron are present in the product which helps in maintaining the proper homeostasis of the body.


  • Is a power house of both macro and micronutrients
  • Contains two different types of probiotics
  • Easy to feed and prepare with the help of the bottle
  • A perfect replacement of breast milk for working moms


  • Solid chunks may block the nipple of the bottle
  • Sometimes can taste like a sour milk

12. Enfamil Nutramigan Bioactive 

Enfamil Nutramigan Bioactive If your newborn has a low tolerance level for cow’s milk, you won’t be able to give the milk since it would cause digestion problems and will make your baby cranky and fussy. Similarly he may also have other allergies. So, under such circumstances, you really need something that will help you to keep your baby satiated and also provide proper nutrition without causing any problems.

Enfamil’s Nutramigen Hypoallergenic product is just the one you need to ensure that your baby is getting a proper supply of nutrition. It is specifically designed for infants who suffer from colic problem- a digestive disorder which arises if the infant is intolerant to the lactose present in the cow’s milk. Surveys have shown that after giving this formula for a couple of days, the infant will start showing good results and will become less irritated and fussy.

Since it is a hypoallergenic compound, it will reduce the susceptibility of your infant to suffering from any kind of allergies in the near future. Another added advantage of using this food product is that it does not make your baby dependant.

Rather it works on improving the immune system in a way where your baby can shift to the cow’s milk in the future without suffering from adverse responses.  The probiotic of LGG group is said to be quite responsible for lowering the allergenic reactions in the infants. Hence, its presence in the product makes it the best baby formula for preventing disorders related to allergies.


  • Specially designed for infants having an allergic medical history
  • Easily digestible and eases stomach pressure and gas
  • Strengthens the immune system to fight with adverse body reactions to traditional milk
  • FDA approved product and is preferred by many pediatricians


  • It is a bit costlier as compared to other products
  • Contains a lot of corn syrup solids

 13. Silimac Immune Support Gentle 

Silimac Immune Support GentleAs long as you are feeding your baby with your breast milk, he or she won’t be facing distress or any other form of problem. However, the moment you switch over to baby formula, your baby might start showing symptoms of crankiness, irritability and will cry a lot.  Pro Total Comfort formula from Similac is the best formula to supplement breastfed baby as it is very gentle for them

The breast milk is loaded with different types of probiotic compounds, one of which is the 2’-FL HMO. This particular probiotic is very rare to found and hence, its presence in this formula helps in developing a stronger immune system in your baby. Also, this has made it one of the most chosen baby formulas by both doctors and mothers.

The product contains a perfect ratio of DHA omega acid, lutein, and Vitamin E which enhance the health of the eyes and the brain. These nutrients promote better health and prevent any disorder. Since it is easily digestible, your baby won’t cry nonstop anymore after you start feeding him or her with this formula. It provides comfort and ease which will help your baby to sleep properly after having his or her tummy satiated.


  • Takes only a day to show the results in improving the digesting power of the baby
  • Closely related to breast milk, thanks to the probiotics
  • Best for both brain and eye development in babies


  • Milk can form chunks if not stirred immediately

 14. Gerber’s Indigestion 

Gerber's Indigestion Gerber’s Good Start baby milk powder formula has proven to be one of the best alternate option for babies between zero to twelve months age that is almost as similar as mother’s milk..

It consists of MFGM- a group of fat compounds that is present only in breast milk. It boosts the cognitive health of the brain, and aids in the strengthening of the lipid layers of protection around the brain matter. The presence of omega 3 DHA molecules enhances the immunity response of the infant. It makes them stronger and hence, your baby won’t get affected by simple cold or other problems easily.

The product has become the best formula for baby, thanks to the huge reserves of minerals and vitamins. It contains calcium and phosphorus which strengthen the bones, zinc which is good for the eyes, folic acid, and Vitamin B12 which aids in improving digestion, and so on.


  • It is FDA approved and hence preferred by pediatricians
  • Contains no GMO based molecules and other added artificial compounds
  • Contains a total vitamin and mineral nutrition profile for proper brain development


  • It is slightly expensive

15. Gerber Powdered Infant Formula

Gerber Powdered Infant FormulaWhen your baby is breastfeeding, his body receives a lot of nutrients which can be digested and absorbed easily because mother’s milk is natural food. However, the moment you switch over to the baby formulas, you face problems like your baby suffering from gas bloating, stomach aches, loose poops, and so on.

This is why you need to have a formula which will not only be high in nutritional content profile but also will be smooth and gentle for your baby’s health. And, the powdered non-GMO baby formula from Gerber Good Start is just the product that you need at the earliest.

It is a milk-based formula which will be perfect for your baby who is still on the breastfeeding routine. All that will change is the taste and the mode of drinking. Moreover, this particular baby formula is more nutritious than normal breast milk, thanks to the high content of vitamins and minerals present in it. The product has a lot of probiotic components including the HMO or the Human Milk Oligosaccharide which is the prime component of breast milk.

Most of the time, babies are intolerant towards the milk protein. It causes bloating, gas bubbles, discomfort, and a huge pressure in the stomach. However, the proteins present in this product are easily digestible and hence, your baby will get enough supply of the bodybuilding macro nutrient. DHA omega-3 fatty acid molecules are present in the product.

This will enhance the health of your babies eyes and the brain. It will improve their functions to a considerable level. Apart from this, it has organic lactose, sodium, potassium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, iron, L-carnitine, copper, citric acid, zinc sulfate, Vitamin D3, soy, Vitamin B12, folic acid, tocopherol, and so on.


  • Doesn’t contain any form of genetically modified compounds
  • Is free of added preservatives, artificial sweetener, and alcohol substances
  • Is safe for babies till twelve months age


  • Taste a bit granular as compared to breast milk
  • High on natural sugars due to corn syrup

16. Elecare A Complete Nutrition 

Elecare A Complete Nutrition Being a mother means a lot of responsibility. When you first hold your baby in your arms, nothing could describe the happiness that radiates out of you. You start breastfeeding the baby since it is the only form of food that a newborn can tolerate.

Moreover, intensive medical studies have shown that the mother’s milk is the healthiest food that an infant can have. Not only the milk has a lot of vitamins and minerals but also it is loaded with probiotics and fatty acid chains.  But, under certain circumstances, some new moms fail to produce a lot of breast milk. Again, if the mother is suffering from any form of infection, she won’t be able to feed the baby her milk. Under such situations, you will have to think about alternatives, like baby formulas.

This particular product from EleCare has won over several mothers, thereby proving it to be the best formula for breastfed baby. Its nutrition profile is closely related to that of a mother’s milk. This is why your baby won’t face any problems in adapting to this milk-based product.

The formula was designed in a way where you will have the probiotics found in breast milk. Apart from this, there are MFGM fat compounds which promote the health of your eyes and brain. Also, the presence of DHA omega-3 fatty acids will enhance the work of the MFGM molecules and will improve the functioning of the neurons.

The product is loaded with nutrients, both micro, and macro. Vitamins like riboflavin, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and so on are present in proper ratios. You will also find this product to be mineral-laden, including calcium, phosphorus, potassium.


  • Free of any added preservative compounds
  • Hundred percent pure and organic
  • Is safe for babies till one year
  • Can be given multiple times to the infant


  • The taste of the formula is a bit sour

17. Gerber’s Nutrition Support Hypoallergenic

Gerber's Nutrition Support HypoallergenicBabies are always prone to suffer from digestive problems, slow metabolism, and other disorders when they are given baby formulas. The real fact is that up till one year of age, all your infant can tolerate and digest is your breast milk. But sometimes you cant breast feed him and this is why you need a baby formula that will closely resemble breast milk but will be ready to use and more nutritious.

One such baby formula is the nutritious milk powder from Gerber’s Good Start. It consists of a nutritional profile which is specifically formulated for babies who are super sensitive to certain compounds like amino acids, lactose, and so on. The food is free of any kind of allergen which might cause an adverse reaction in your baby.

It contains a fat blend of omega 3 DHA fatty acids and the MFGM molecules, together which acts on the brain and develops its functioning power. The four types of vegetable oil present in the formula help in providing the essential fats to the baby which is required for metabolic activities. In this product, you will have organic lactose, which is tolerable by even sensitive babies, and hence won’t cause any distress to the digestive system.


  • Does not contain any added preservatives, GMO compounds or any other harmful compounds
  • Safe for babies suffering from different forms of allergies
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals to boost the immunity power


  • It is a bit expensive

18. Enfamil Spit-Up Reduction Baby 

Enfamil Spit-Up Reduction Baby Often you will find the babies spitting out the food that you have fed them. Well, it mainly happens because of the reflux reaction which is a response of the body to discard anything intolerant from the stomach. Now, this spitting up can become a real problem in case your baby can’t keep anything down in his or her stomach.

This is why Enfamil came with an amazing solution that will help your infant to keep everything in the stomach every time you will feed him or her. Even though the formula is milk based, it has a mix of rice cereal which offers a huge content of starch for enhanced digestion power. This unique blend of products doesn’t mess with the original nutritional content, which indeed is a relief.

Apart from this, the A.R. infant formula has Omega 3 DHA fatty acids which will enhance the brainpower and its functions. So, no more tension about the brain development of your infant. Along with this, there are a lot of other essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium, riboflavin, Vitamin K1, biotin, zinc, and iron.


  • Multi-mineral and multi-vitamin loaded best baby formula
  • Will reduce the frequencies of the spit-ups and refluxes
  • Can be given to infants up to twelve months of age
  • Triple guarding elements with DHA, thirty different nutrients, and probiotics


  • It will take time for the reflux episodes to die down completely.
  • Rice cereal might not be tolerable by every infant

19. Pregestimil with MCT Oil 

Mct Oil Based Fortified IronIt is not every day you get to see a baby formula based on fatty acids. Mostly, the primary ingredient is either carbohydrate-based or protein-based. However, Enfamil has made a difference here with making the MCTs the main component of the product.

It is the best formula for newborn baby who is either sensitive to fats or whole proteins. The MCT oil present here can be easily broken down into absorbable form, which doesn’t cause any stomach problems in the infants. Along with this, Pregestimil is also hypoallergenic in nature, which means it can prevent food allergies in babies.


  • Loaded with nutrients found in the breast milk
  • No genetically modified compounds and added preservatives found
  • Contains iron which is good for the baby’s overall growth


  • It is a bit expensive compared to other products.

20. Love Gentle Milk Powder 

Love Gentle Milk Powder Right from its name you can understand that this baby formula was introduced for mothers who want nothing but the best for their newborns. The formula contains nutrients which are gentle and won’t cause any digestive disorders like colic problems, short bowel syndromes, gas bubble formation, and so on.

This is why it has been recommended by most pediatricians for babies between 0 to 12 months of age. Omega-3 DHA fatty acid present in the formula will boost the brain development along with other vitamins and minerals present in the product. It has been approved by the FDA for infants who always cry and become fussy due to an upset stomach or lactose allergy.

The presence of multiple vitamins and minerals will boost the immune power of your baby, thereby protecting him or her from infections.


  • Free of any GMO products and artificial sweeteners
  • Loaded with nutrients that will promote the overall growth of the baby
  • Recommended by pediatricians for infants suffering from indigestion


  • The smell of the baby formula is not pleasant for the nose.

21. Enfamil Neuropro Single Serve 

Enfamil Neuropro Single Serve Most of the time, parents find it really difficult to scoop up the exact amount of the baby formula powder and then feeding it to the baby. If the amount is not up to the mark, either your infant will end up partially filled stomach or will show a reflex action due to overfeeding.

So, under such scenarios, it’s better to have a formula which can be served one time only, i.e., the formula powder is divided into a single-serve sachet.  The infant baby formula from Enfamil NeuroPro is a beacon of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and even the nutrients which are found in the mother’s breast milk. It is a rich source of the fat blend containing MFGM and DHA omega 3 fatty acid molecules, which enhances brain development in babies.

The probiotics present in the formula will help in building up a strong immune response system in your baby. Since every newborn is always vulnerable to infections due to weak immunity, this is one of the best baby formulas for immunity build-up.

Apart from this, it’s very easy to prepare since all you have to do is empty an entire sachet, prepare the formula, and then feed it to your child. Each sachet has got the exact amount which is needed by an infant between 0 to 12 months.


  • Gluten-free baby powder with no added preservatives
  • Storehouse of multiple vitamins and minerals essential for proper physical and mental growth
  • Perfect for building up a stronger immunity system
  • Can be served easily to your infant in the right amount


  • It is a bit pricey for parents

 22. Enfamil Gentlease Gentle

Gentlease Enfamil GentleBabies aren’t just delicate from the exteriors. They are soft and vulnerable on the insides also, especially when we are talking about their organ systems and overall growth. A newborn typically survives on the mother’s milk.  However, sometimes, some mothers either fail to produce the milk in proper quantity or the doctors refrain from breastfeeding. Because of this, previously, infants used to get many deficiency diseases which were the results of the lack of proper nutrition.

But, if we look at the current scenario, things have got better. Now, you will have baby formulas like the Gentlease milk powder from Enfamil which has become the best formula milk for baby 0-6 months and more. It has the same nutritional content as that of the breast milk and hence is considered to be safe by most of the pediatricians.

The single sachets do help a lot for mothers who are super busy after their maternity period or for parents who are traveling with their newborns. You won’t have to carry the entire tub to everywhere you will be going. The sachets have the exact amount of the milk powder which you should serve one time to your infant. And hence, preparing the food for your baby has become more hassle-free, isn’t it?


  • Does not contain any sort of added preservatives, including GMO molecules, artificial sweetener, and so on.
  • Is perfectly safe for the newest babies
  • Best for working moms and homemade fathers
  • Is quite travel friendly and easy to use


  • It is on the expensive side just by a little.
  • Its quantity is good as long as it is served as a supplement.

23. Similac Alimentum Allergen

Similac Alimentum AllergenOften you will see that the hypoallergenic baby formulas are prepared for infants suffering from lactose intolerance. Well, indeed it is a common disorder of the digestive tract. But, what if your baby is suffering from protein indigestion? It is for this reason that Similac came up with this amazing formula.

This formula of Similac has been specifically prepared for infants who have protein sensitivity and cannot digest the protein molecules in the food. Since it does not contain any lactose, it becomes easier for the body to work on the proteins present in this product.

The two major ingredients present here are the DHA and ARA- two different omega acids which are only found in mother’s milk. These two components promote brain development and also strengthen the immune system with the help of vitamins and probiotics. This is indeed the best milk for baby suffering from protein digestion problems and other allergies.


  • Promote a good sound sleep for babies after their last meal
  • No more crying and fussing for long hours due to allergies
  • Safe for infants up to one year of age
  • Is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals


  • It is a bit costlier compared to others

24. Puramino Allergy Relief Infant 

Puramino Allergy Relief Infant Some infants suffer from lactose intolerance and hence they can’t consume cow’s milk while some babies show allergic reactions towards proteins. These symptoms are different for different infants but the overall effect is the same- a crying baby in pain.

This is why being a mother, you need to find a supplement for your breast milk which will be gentle for your baby’s stomach and will not cause any kind of allergy. And, what can be best other than a hypoallergenic product from none other than the most trusted brand, Enfamil?

This product is a hub of protein supplements, or to be more specific, amino acid supplements since it has got eighteen different varieties of the macronutrient. Next to it, there are essential fatty acids like MCTs, oleic acid, and soy oil which will improve the immune system of your baby.

Apart from this, PurAmino Hypoallergenic also has folic acid, biotin, zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, sodium, riboflavin, thiamin, and so on.  It contains essential omega 3 fatty acids which are mainly present in breast milk. These help in building up the immunity power along with the brain development process.


  • Is safe for babies suffering from different allergies like protein indigestion, lactose intolerance, short bowel syndrome, and so on
  • Is highly nutritional with all the amino acids, vitamins, and minerals present
  • Contains MCT oils which are again good for growth and development


  • Prepare formula cannot be used after one hour

25. Nature’s Daily Toddler Formula

Nature's Daily Toddler FormulaIt’s quite a mystery about why a baby never faces any problem in drinking his or her mother’s milk. It’s actually like nature itself has prepared a readymade, highly nutritious, and safe good for a newborn who is vulnerable and prone to diseases. This is the same thought that has driven Nature’s One to prepare this safe dairy product for infants.

It has been approved and labeled as genuine by both the FDA and the USDA. So, there is nothing to worry about the safety of this product. In the last few months, in fact, this has become one of the most recommended baby milk formulas by pediatricians.

It is completely organic and hence, you won’t find a single trace of anything additive in nature. The nutrition profile of this baby formula is exactly the same as that of breast milk, if not more. It has got the DHA omega acids which are very much important for proper brain development and growth.

Alongside it, this product has got a lot of vitamins and minerals which are important for the overall growth of the baby. The fats which are present in the mother’s milk have been added in this formula, making it the best choice for infants between 0 to 12 months.


  • Gluten-free diet with no artificial sugar added
  • Non-GMO baby formula
  • DHA is completely organic and safe for the infant
  • No extra source of macro carbohydrates


  • It is indeed quite expensive for normal baby formula.

26. Similac NeoSure Nutrition

Similac NeoSure NutritionPremature babies are way more vulnerable to infections and diseases than a normal baby. This is why whenever a baby is born a couple of weeks before the due date, he or she is kept within the incubator and is fed with nutritious supplements. Once the baby comes out of danger, he is given to his mother and since then, the breastfeeding starts.

You will need special but the best baby formula 2022 for premature newborns. This is where the NeoSure from Similac comes into the role play. It is a gentle milk powder-based formula with added proteins, vitamins, essential fats, probiotics, and minerals.

This modified nutrition profile helps in the proper growth of the newborn, including brain development, eye health, and gain in weight, strengthening of bones and ligaments, and a more powerful immunity system. It includes DHA and ARA, both of which are quite crucial for promoting brain development at a faster rate. The milk carbohydrate is easily digestible and hence it won’t be a hurdle for prenatal babies with a weak digestive system.


  • More nutritious and healthier as compared to normal baby formulas
  • Rich in proteins and digestible carbs for proper body growth
  • Is beneficial for the health of the eyes


  • It is out of the affordable range of baby formulas for many parents

27. Enfamil Prosobee Complete Dairy

Enfamil Prosobee Complete DairyIf your baby is crying a lot after drinking the milk or if he is suffering from constipation or other digestive problems, you immediately need to change his diet routine. Now, sometimes, babies can become fussier and more prone to lactose allergy.

It is for them that Enfamil has introduced an amazing product whose main ingredient is soy protein.  It does not contain any form of milk, which might cause your infant any form of digestive disorder. The soy protein present in the formula is easily digestible and doesn’t make the body react adversely. Apart from this, ProSobee is also laden with other essential nutrients that are present in breast milk.

It contains both choline and DHA, which are crucial for proper cognitive brain development. The amazing combination of vitamins and minerals will help in strengthening the immune system of your baby, thereby making him or her less vulnerable to diseases and infections. Apart from these, the product also contains essential medium chain fatty acids which make it the best baby formula.


  • Perfect for families following a dairy-free diet
  • Best for infants having serious allergic reactions to milk-based products
  • Can be given to babies between 0 to 12 months of age


  • Sometimes, might cause constipation in infants

28. Enfamil EnfaCare  

Enfamil EnfaCareSometimes, there are high chances that a pregnant woman can go into early labor. If this happens, she gives birth to premature babies, who are not fully developed as compared to the normal babies. These preterm babies are kept in a special room until they become strong enough to respire on their own.

These babies are always at a higher risk of infections and other problems. This is why pediatricians suggest a special kind of diet laden with more nutrients that will make them stronger and healthier. EnfaCare from the hands of Enfamil is one such product which has been specifically made for infants.

It contains the perfect ratio blend of MFGM and DHA- a composition which provides nourishment to the brain for its cognitive development. The nutrition profile has been picked up in a way where your infant will receive all the nutrition needed for growing up fast.


  • Non-GMO product with no additives
  • Contains iron which is essential for the health of the respiratory system
  • Increases the immunity power for fighting against infections


  • The taste is not good for the taste buds

29. Alfamino Nestle Science 

Nestle Science Amino Acid Nestle Health Science has always thought about the well being of the newborns and the infants. This is why they came up with this marvelous amino-acid based formula to promote digestion and good health for the babies It contains a blend of medium-chain triglycerides or the MCTs, which can be digested easily without any problem.

The formula is also lactose-free, which means that if your child is suffering from lactose intolerance, then he or she wouldn’t show any adverse symptoms after eating this formula. Apart from this, it also contains essential nutrients which are present in the mother’s milk, like DHA and ARA.


  • High in protein and fat content that can be digested easily
  • No more fussing and crying because of stomach aches
  • Enriched formula with multi vitamins and multi minerals
  • Perfect for babies between 0 to 1 year of age


  • It can alter the consistency of stool in your baby.

30. Enfamil Premium A2 

Enfamil Premium A2 Infant Protein Enfamil is definitely one of the best and recommended brands for infants and babies. However, this particular product has made the brand more trustworthy for new mothers. The source of the milk powder present in this product is the European cows that are only grass-fed.

This is why the proteins in the milk are easily digestible and won’t cause your infant any stomach or colon problem. In fact, the proteins found in this product are similar to the breast milk, thereby making it the best baby formula brand.


  • Contains no GMO-based compounds
  • No added sugar or corn syrup present in it
  • Has easy-to-digest milk proteins


  • It is a bit costly than other products

Factors To Consider While Choosing Best Baby Formula

Since you now know how important a baby formula is for your infant, you need to plan a strategy for buying the best product. There are indeed a lot of facts that you will have to consider before you make your final choice. So, let’s see!

1. Base Ingredient

The very first thing you need to consider is the ingredient on which the formula is based. Some products have cow’s milk as the primary ingredient while some have amino acids. So, you have to decide which type of ingredient will be suitable for your infant and then choose.

2. Digestion Power

Based on the digestion power of your baby, you need to shortlist the names. If your baby is allergic to lactose, it will be best to choose lactose-free products. Again, if your infant suffers often from colic or upset stomach, you need to look for gentle formulas that are good for the stomach.

3. Form Of The Infant Formula

There are three basic types of formulas that are available in the market. Your choice will be based on the convenience and efficiency of the formula’s form. For example, if you are a working mom, ready-to-use formulas or single serve sachets will be the most convenient type. If you want to have a bulky volume of the formula, you can choose the powdered form which is usually made for more than twenty bottles.

4. Nutritional Content

The next thing you have to think about is the total nutritional content of the formula. Usually, most of the baby foods have DHA, ARA, MFGM, and other probiotics found in breast milk. But in addition to these there are other nutrients too which might vary from one product to another.

So, read the nutritional content, understand which are needed for your infant, and then make the final decision about which is the best baby formula.

5. Price

Sometimes, the baby formulas can be way too costly for parents. Sometimes, the formulas come within an affordable range. So, you have to make sure that the formula you are looking for has a reasonable price according to your budget.

6. Child’s Weight At The Time Of Birth

Some babies who are premature or in case of twins have low weight at the time of birth. Weight of such babies could be less than 2.4 kgs. Therefore, you need to ensure that such babies are given added nutrition, so buy the formula that is especially designed for low weight babies.

FAQs on Baby Formulas

Q1. Does Every Formula Ease Constipation Or Upset Stomach?

Well, even though most of the baby formulas are prepared with the sole aim of easing the dietary transformation of an infant from breast milk to supplements, the extent to which it will help relieve constipation and stomach problems varies.

Q2. What Is The Purpose Of DHA And ARA In The Baby Formulas?

Both these compounds are omega fatty acids, which are very much essential for both brain development and improved immunity strength in infants. This is why they are included in the baby formulas.

Q3. Is The Milk-Based Formula Good For Infants?

First, you need to understand whether your baby is allergic to only cow’s milk or any form of dairy. If the former is the reality, you can choose the milk based formulas since the carbs present in them can be digested easily.

However, if your baby suffers from a dairy allergy, it will be better to look for other options like soy formulas, lactose-free formulas, and so on. So, choose the best baby formula with milk powder only if your baby can tolerate it.

Q4. How Many Times A Day Can The Formula Are Given To The Baby?

If your baby is on a mixed diet between breast milk and the baby formulas, you can use the product thrice or four times a day. However, if the formula is the only source of nutrition and food for your infant, you can use it for six to seven times a day.

Q5. Can The Prepared Formula Be Kept  In A Freeze For The Next Day?

No, most formulas are prepared in a way where they can’t be stored for more than one hour. And, hence you won’t be able to preserve the excess preparation for the next day in your refrigerator.

Q6. What Is The Expiry Date Of Babies Formula?

Expiry of baby formulas is mentioned on the packaging by manufacturers. There are two types of expiries one from the date of manufacturing and other from the date of opening the packet. Make sure you keep track of both the expiries. Also ensure make sure you close the lid properly and store your box as per your manufactures instructions.

Get Your Baby Best Baby Formula Today

Every parent wants only the best for their newborns. So, you too would want to provide your baby with all the important nutrients that are found in breast milk and which are essential for the proper growth and development. This is the reason why baby formulas are always recommended by pediatricians as a supplementary food.

The products which we have discussed are from the topmost recommended brands. All of them are approved by the government and are said to be the perfect substitution for breast milk. The pros and cons will give you a glimpse of the product in a detailed manner.

With the buying guide, you will be able to narrow down your list to just a few names from where choosing will become easier. Your common confusion has been cleared in the FAQ section. So, get your hands over the best baby formula and give your baby a comfortable and happy life.

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