Best Baby Bottles 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s

1. Comotomo2. Natural3. Philips
Comotomo Best Baby BottleComotomo Baby Bottle Philips Natural Baby 

Becoming parents is the most precious part of one’s life. But such fulfilling feelings can also bring some stress and worries. Stressing about what would be the best for their child is very natural, especially for new parents. You will surely want the best products available in the market for your newborn.

Feeding your child during the initial days seems the most challenging part for the majority of the parents. This is the period when babies take all of their nutrients either from breastfeeding or out of the bottles. So, choosing the best baby bottle for feeding your baby is essential. But this task is not that simple as it seems to be.


Most parents don’t even know that so many different types of baby bottles exist. However, the final choice of the bottles solely depends upon a number of factors that you will come to know about in this guide. Here, you will also find information about the different types of bottles available for babies, and how to choose the best one. But first of all, let’s have a look at top 30 baby bottles available for you to buy at present.

Top 30 Best Baby Bottles 2023

1. Comotomo Baby Bottles

Comotomo Baby Bottles

Babies can be very fussy about their things, and they rejecting their feeding bottles is a widespread phenomenon. Comotomo is a renowned brand for manufacturing baby products. They design their products while keeping this problem in their minds. It is one of the best baby bottle brands that create products that can almost accurately mimic the babies’ natural breastfeeding experience.

The shape of the bottle – the wide neck, the size, and shape of the nipples are made so that the babies cannot differentiate the bottle from their mothers. It helps in reducing the chances of rejection from the baby. This is a pack of two bottles that can contain up to 5 ounces of liquid food each.

The wide neck of the bottle makes it easy to clean properly with bare hands. The nipple and the entire body of this bottle are made of hygienic silicone material that is 100% safe for your baby. Moreover, this material has a high heat resistance power. You can even boil them in hot water for up to five minutes or put them into microwave, sterilizers, and dishwashers. The air-vents present at the top prevent leakage or any colic effect and allow proper flow of liquid to the nipples.


  • You can squeeze the body of the bottle
  • Cleaning is effortless with the wide neck
  • Simple to assemble the parts
  • Has dual anti-colic vents to avoid air-intake
  • BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free safe material
  • Nipples with three small holes ensure slow flow for newborns


  • The price is a bit high

2. Natural Comotomo Baby Bottle 

Comotomo Baby Bottle 

This is the second product from the same brand Comotomo on this list. The practical and innovative design of all their products is made to give the babies the exact similar experience as natural breastfeeding. Along with the soft silicone material of the nipple and the body, the wide neck is ideal for the parents who are having difficulties making their child transfer from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.

The squeezable soft body will not only help in the shift, but also encourage the baby to hold the bottle and self-feed. Moreover, this material is safe from harmful chemicals like PVC, BPA, and phthalates. The nipples of this bottle come with a single hole to ensure ultra-slow flow for your newborn’s safety from choking. There are two anti-colic vents on the nipple for avoiding air-ingestion or leakage.

This can be included among the best baby bottles for newborns for such great qualities. You can easily wash it with your hands, put it in the dishwasher, sterilize it in boiling water, or steam it in the microwave. There is no reason for rejection from your baby. This pink bottle can endure heat up to 180℃ and has a capacity of 8 ounces.


  • The soft material has a skin-like feel
  • Perfect design for easy latching
  • Anti-colic vents prevent spit-ups, gas, and colic
  • Wide neck makes the cleaning process effortless
  • Safe silicone material
  • High heat-resistance


  • The ring on the neck can be hard to fix with the base

3. Philips Natural Baby 

Philips Natural Baby 

Philips is a brand that is beyond any doubt for quality. It is recommended by mothers and doctors globally. The bottles are intentionally designed, keeping similarities with the mothers’ breasts to make the transition easier and smoother from nursing to bottle-feeding for the babies. The nipples have a natural design and soft texture for the better latch and easy movement while drinking.

The bottle has an ergonomic shape that enables you and your baby to hold it easily from any angle. The wide neck again helps to give the baby similar vibes of the mother’s breasts. There are anti-colic AirFlex valves that prevent air-bubbles from getting inside the baby’s tummy and protect them from pain due to gas, spit-ups, and colic-reaction.

The bottle is made up of BPA-free polypropylene silicone materials. It can easily be cleaned. This particular product is a set of four 9 ounces transparent bottles. These bottles are compatible with all Philips nipples with different flow rates so that you can increase the flow of liquids with your baby’s growing age.


  • Wide bottle neck makes it easy to clean and fill in
  • Soft natural human like nipples for baby’s comfort
  • Built-in air vents prevent air ingestion
  • Ergonomic design for effortless holding
  • Compatible with all Philips Avent nipples


  • High price range

4. Philips Gift Set

Philips Gift Set

Philips Avent has been serving in this industry for more than thirty years now. It becomes a lot easier for parents to trust a brand with experience of so many years for their babies. Moreover, this Philips Avent Natural baby bottle range has such striking features that will automatically win the parents’ and babies hearts. Philips can rightfully claim to be the best baby bottle brand for its excellent collection of bottles, with so many advantages.

This collection has been curated for a unique gift collection. You can get no other gift for a newborn better than this. Plus, this collection makes it much easier for the parents also to take care of the baby with the perfect choice of products. This collection includes two 9 ounce bottles with slow fow nipples, three 4 ounce bottles with newborn nipples, two Soothie pacifiers for up to 3 months old babies, and one soft bottle brush for cleaning baby bottles. Everything is free from BPA or any other toxic chemicals.

These bottles are made of silicone and polypropylene material. These cute looking pink bottles can be an excellent way to combine a baby’s breastfeeding experience with bottle-feeding. The ergonomic shape of the bottles with ultra-wide neck, soft silicone nipples, and body is manufactured to closely resemble the mothers’ breasts. The bottles have been integrated with AirFlex technology to effectively vent out the bottles’ air bubbles to prevent baby’s suffering from colic reactions.


  • Full range of collection for newborns
  • Brush is designed to reach the tricky corners
  • Pacifiers are made of hospital grade material
  • Shape, size, and materials present maximum natural feel to the babies
  • Wide neck size for easy filling and cleaning


  • Some customers complain about leakage

5. Dapple Baby Bottle

Dapple Baby Bottle

This product is not a baby bottle. However, this is an essential product that every mother needs to keep their baby-bottles thoroughly clean, odor-free and hygienic. This is a dishwasher soap specially formulated for cleaning the residue from baby bottles after having meals in them.

Moms trust Dapple because their products are always made without using any sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, phosphates, SLS, DEA, MEA, TEA, or formaldehyde. Moreover, it saves you from the baby’s rejection of bottles due to odor or artificial fragrances, as this product is completely free of fragrance.

This is a pack of three baby dish wash liquids each of 50ml, with a pump-top convenient dispenser. You can clean any of your baby’s accessories like pacifiers, breast pumps, etc. using this. It is also tested and recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians for its hypoallergenic formula.

The non-toxic dish soap is made of mainly plant-based ingredients. It does not contain any synthetic dyes, chlorine, or alcohol, too, and it has been a winner of the clean label project award for its pure ingredients.


  • Can be used for multifunctional purpose
  • Virtually eliminates the smell of milk and other formulas
  • Zero chemicals and fragrances
  • Does not leave any soap residue
  • Safe formula for the babies
  • Affordable price


  • Does not lather or produce foam properly

6. Medela Breast Milk

Medela Breast Milk

This range from Medala is one of the best rated baby bottles for easy storing of breastmilk. It has made the experience of breastfeeding so convenient like it was never before. For working mothers, this kind of product is a bliss. You can also use these bottles for storing the powdered formulas available in the market as well, though.

This is a set of three bottles, each with 8-ounce capacity. These bottles are ideal to use for babies between the ages of 4 months to 12 months. It is made of BPA-free, non-toxic plastic material that is safe for babies. The best convenience of using these bottles is that they can be used along with the Medala breast pumps, making it a lot easier to pump, store, and feed the milk in the same container.

The bottles can be stored in refrigerators, heated in the microwave oven, and washed in dishwashers. The leak-proof storage is convenient for traveling too. This set contains three medium flow nipples with wide-bases, concrete lids, collars, and caps. Plus, manufacturers will give you a bonus micro-steam bag for quick-cleaning and disinfecting the bottles and accessories.


  • Easy storage of breastmilk
  • Compatible with the breast pumps
  • Safe for the fridge, microwave, and dishwashers
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Safe material


  • The measurement labels printed on the bottle fades and vanishes with daily washings

7. Mam Newborn  

Mam Newborn Easy Start 

This product is again a great gift option for newborns. Mam baby bottle sets are loved by both the parents and the babies. This combination package includes two 5-ounces anti-colic feeding bottles with two silicone nipples, two 9 ounces bottles with two Medium Flow nipples, and two pacifiers with orthodontic symmetrical nipples for babies up to 2 months of age.

All these products are made of BPA and BPS free silicone materials. This is a made in Europe product. The bottles have an anti-colic base for reducing colic symptoms, gas, and reflux symptoms. The shape of the bottles and the nipples are ergonomically designed to mimic the mother’s touch and support healthy teeth and jaw development.

One more attractive feature of this bottle is that it can self-sanitize in the microwave within 3 minutes, and the wide openings make it easier to fill and clean the bottles. The bottle cap ensures leak-proofing. Each product passes through strict safety and quality checking. None of these products contain any toxins like PVC or LED. It has been designed with consultation from medical experts.


  • Toxin-fee material
  • Soft silicone material
  • Ergonomic design gives the baby a natural feel
  • Medically engineered product
  • Anti-colic base
  • Orthodontic nipples


  • It has complaints about leaking and heavy flow for infants

8. Philips Natural Baby

Philips Natural Baby

This is one of the best bottles for baby from the Philips Avent series. It is a single baby bottle with a 4-ounce capacity. It is made of safe plastic material. The nipples are made like the design of the mothers’ natural breasts’ shape so that it does not become a problem for the baby to accept the transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. The bottle has an ergonomic shape with broad neck for making it easy to latch on the baby’s bottle.

The bottle incorporates air valves that reduce the feeding issues like gas and colic symptoms. The bottles come with nipples with several flow rates for growing babies. Besides, the nipples are super soft with a spiral design that allows the baby to move freely while feeding. The wide neck of the bottle also allows easy cleaning even in the corners. With this scientifically designed baby bottle, you will enjoy your parenthood with a happy baby.


  • Ergonomic design of the bottles
  • Soft and flexible nipples with anti-colic vents
  • Wide neck and round-shaped bottle gives the baby same comfort as their mother
  • Easy to use and wash design
  • Supports nipples with different flow rates


  • Some people don’t like plastic material for babies

9. Dr. Brown’s Set For Breastfed

Dr. Brown's Set For Breastfed

Dr. Brown’s baby bottles are made with special care taken to eliminate all the possibilities of colic symptoms. It is the set of baby bottles loved by all moms. This is a set of four 4-ounce bottles designed with fully vented technology, four nipples with very slow flow, four nipples with level 1 slow flow, and four storage caps for traveling purpose or storing in the refrigerator.

The products are made with 100% soft silicone materials. These bottles and accessories are BPA free. They are safe to be washed in dishwashers. This baby bottle is the winner of many awards. The anti-colic technology is designed in association with medical professionals.

It significantly reduces the possibilities of spit-ups, due to which they are best suited for the infants. It is better to wash and sterilize all the bottle parts separately for best cleaning after use. These bottles help the babies swallow the food slowly. You can get this product in two color variants.


  • Prevents colic symptoms
  • BPA free plastic material safe for babies
  • Prevents reflux and gas
  • Travel cap stops leakage and makes traveling easier
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Slow flow prevents choking in infants


  • Vents are challenging to clean properly

10. Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic

Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic

This baby bottle is from the brand named Munchkin. The unique combination of a one-way valve and super-flexible nipple is the main attraction of this product. Studies have shown that babies may develop gas or colic symptoms due to air-passing through the bottles’ milk. That is why this bottle is designed with an anti-colic valve at the bottom. The nipple is also designed with a flexible soft material for better latching, just as the mothers’ breasts.

Healthy feeding habit results in a better and deeper sleep cycle for the baby. Doctors also prefer this baby bottle for a healthy and happy child. The bottle can easily be cleaned in dishwashers or with hands. The package includes three 4-ounces bottles with a slow-flow nipple and two nipples of medium flow and three discs for sealing. The nipples function just like natural breastfeeding, as they flex, stretch, and pump the same way as the breasts with a perfect latch.

These bottles can also be attached to the breast pumps from many different companies for more convenient use. However, you will need to buy the pump adapters separately. The nipples with two different flow levels provide your baby to consume the milk with more ease. It is made of BPA-free plastic material.


  • It won the best baby bottle award in 2015 chosen by moms in the American Baby’s Best Award
  • The nipple replicates the natural latch, movements, and pump quality of the mothers’ breasts
  • Anti-colic valve reduces the chances the flux, gas, or colic symptoms
  • Completely leak-proof


  • Hard to assemble
  • Anti-colic valve is tricky to clean

11. Philips Natural Glass

Philips Natural Glass

Philips Avent has a wide range of baby bottles with many different utilities and materials, as you can see on this list. It is one of the best baby bottles for newborns made of premium quality borosilicate pharmaceutical grade glass material that is exceptionally sturdy and thermal shock and heat resistant. The glass material is supremely safe for your babies, as they do not contain harmful chemicals like BPA.

The nipple’s shape and soft material are also ideal for combining a mixed experience of bottle feeding and breastfeeding for your baby. The bottle’s body with its wide neck has been designed while keeping in mind to make it resemble the mothers’ breast for a natural latch. Moreover, the nipples also incorporate AirFlex valves to vent out the unwanted air from the baby’s stomach for minimum feeding issues.

It is a set of four 4-ounces glass baby bottles with soft silicone nipples. The nipple that you will get with the bottle has a slow flow for newborns. But you can upgrade the nipples with the growth of your baby.


  • Cleaning process is very straightforward due to its wide neck
  • Compatible with all the nipples from the Philips Avent series
  • Air-vents secure your baby from unwanted stomach pains caused by colic symptoms and gas
  • Made up of safe, chemical-free glass material
  • Natural way to shift the baby from nursing to bottle-feeding


  • The baby will outgrow the capacity of the bottles very soon, as they are too small

12. Philips Natural Baby Bottle

Philips Natural Baby Bottle

This is yet another great product from the Philips Avent collection of baby bottles. It is a set of two clear baby feeding bottles with a high capacity of 11-ounces. The bottle’s size and the nipples with a higher flow rate are specially designed for comparatively older babies. This bottle is made of BPA free safe polypropylene materials.

The natural size and shape of the nipples of this bottle give the baby a better latch, so that they do not feel it uncomfortable to shift from the mothers’ nursing to bottle feeding. The AirFlex valves help in letting the air out of the baby’ tummy to avoid any unpleasant pain and ensure a sound sleep every time.

The nipples have an anti-collapse technology for an uninterrupted feeding experience. Moreover, the nipples are also made with a bite resistance power, so that the children above 6 months of age can also use them.


  • Safe BPA free silicone material
  • Big capacity for older babies
  • Wide neck helps in easy cleaning and pouring without any spillage
  • Anti-collapse, bite-proof nipples
  • Airflex vents for anti-colic symptom
  • Nipples ensure a natural latch


  • Some people complain about leaking

13. Philips Anti-Colic 

Philips Anti-Colic 

This is a Philips Avent baby bottle in a clear texture with a unique anti-colic feature. It is one of the best baby bottles for colic symptoms. Studies have proven that a considerable number of babies suffer from colic symptoms, gas, or reflux symptoms. That is why they keep rejecting the idea of bottle-feeding.

Philips is a brand working in the healthcare industry for many years, and thus have a substantial amount of experience. They have designed these bottles with a clinically proven anti-colic feature to avoid such conditions. This product is a package of 3 baby bottles of 9-ounce capacity each. The bottle has an ergonomic shape with a wide neck, making the cleaning process and pouring milk into these bottles very easy. Besides, the body allows you to hold the bottle at any angle, enabling the baby to self-feed.

The manufacturers provide a slow flow nipple with this bottle for babies of one month and above age. You can’t find another feeding bottle with such features, as it is one of the most trusted and recommended bottles by the parents.


  • Clinically proven venting system to reduce gas and colic
  • The ribbed texture on the nipples prevents them from collapsing
  • Easy to assemble and wash
  • Compatible with all Philips nipples with different flows
  • Available in two colors


  • A bit expensive

14. Tommee Tippee Cereal Baby Bottle 

Tommee Tippee Cereal Baby Bottle 

This baby bottle from Tommee Tippee is one of the most liked products by babies, as it is made in a shape that most closely resembles the mothers’ natural beasts. This award-winning bottle is made of BPA free safe and soft material. The nipples provide a natural latch and flex like the mom’s breasts. That is why all babies widely accept this bottle instantly.

The Y-cut nipple is made from phthalate-free material that is safe for your baby. The unique Y shape of the nipples helps in easy flow of the thicker liquid foods. It has a capacity of 11 ounces for holding more food for older babies. Moreover, this bottle also has anti-colic vents to avoid painful colic reactions due to the stomach’s unwanted air-flow.

The ergonomically shaped bottle can easily be held at any angle. Even the babies can grab them and learn self-feeding. The bottle can be paired with nipples with slow to high flows according to your baby’s age.


  • Unique nipple shape ensures better latch with the natural feel
  • Comfortable to hold and clean design
  • High volume capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low price


  • The nipple keeps collapsing, trapping food inside it.

15. Philips Air Free Vent 

Philips Air Free Vent 

The thought of gifting babies can get very confusing at times. You can consider this entire set to give a newborn as his or her first gift. The parents are going to love it. This all-in-one set includes two 9-ounces baby bottles, two 4-ounces bottles, four air-free vents, one formula dispenser, one pacifier, one soft spout, one My First Transition Cup, and one bottle cleaning brush.

The entire set is made of safe, BPA free polypropylene silicone material. The anti-colic technology is designed to reduce feeding issues like gas, colic, and reflux. The specialty of the AirFree vent is always to keep the nipple full of milk. This beginners’ baby bottles set also includes size-one and size-two nipples for newborns and babies aged more than one month.

The pacifier also has an orthodontic, collapsible nipple. It does not affect your baby’s natural gum and teeth development. The shield of the pacifier has six additional holes for proper air-flow to decrease any skin irritation sensation. The brush has a curved tip to reach the challenging corners. My First Transition Cup lets you add handles to the bottles.


  • The set has everything you need
  • Airfree vent ensures the highest milk flow
  • Anti-colic feature
  • Orthodontic pacifier


  • The nipples lack the natural feel of the mothers’ breasts

16. Philips Newborn Starter Gift 

Philips Newborn Starter Gift 

The Philips Avent Baby starter set is a fantastic gift option for newborns loved by all parents worldwide. This package includes three 4-ounces bottles, two 9oz bottles, two extra nipples with newborn and slow flow-levels, seven sealing discs, two Soothie pacifiers, and one baby bottle cleaning brush.

Like any other Philips Advent baby bottle, these bottles also have a wide neck that makes it easy to pour milk without spillage and clean the bottles more easily. Besides, the nipples of these bottles come with air-vents for protecting the child from colic and gas. The nipples are made of polypropylene, and the pacifier is made of silicone materials, both safe for your child.

The softness of the nipples gives the baby a natural latch with the flexibility of movement while feeding. You will also get sealers with the bottles, which will enable you to save the food for later with all the nutrients intact till the next use. The Soothie pacifier has a medical-grade silicone, and the soft brush has a perfect design that helps to clean even in the hard to reach areas.


  • Comfortable to hold, clean, and sterilize
  • Compatible with all Philips advent nipples
  • A great gifting set
  • Material is extremely safe and durable


  • Some customers do not like plastic material for their babies

17. Green Sprouts Water Bottle 

Green Sprouts Water Bottle 

This is a convenient item. It is not a baby bottle, but a spout adapter from the brand Green Sprouts. It is an excellent product for parents who are traveling most of the time. This spout adapter is designed in a way that it fits onto any regular bottle and converts it immediately into a baby bottle.

This spout prevents dripping. It is made of safe silicone material. It saves all the space that any other baby bottle set takes inside your bag. Besides, it also encourages the baby into a better oral habit. It should be more aptly used by the toddler more specifically.

The spout’s collar is made of polypropylene plastic, and the nipple is made of high-grade silicone material. The material is completely BPA free. Forget packing a whole lot of baby bottles and accessories while traveling. The spout also comes with a safety cap for keeping it clean and hygienic.


  • Saves space
  • Convenient use
  • Safe from dripping
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Safe material for your baby


  • High price for just a spout

18. Tommee Tippee Nature Color 

Tommee Tippee Nature Color 

This is a colorful baby bottle set from Tommee Tippee. Each bottle comes with a capacity of 9 ounces and has nipples that are designed for the newborns until three months. The nipples have size-1, slow flow single hole. Almost every mother recommends this brand of baby bottles, as the babies like the easy latch on the breast-like shape of the nipples.

The soft silicone material of the nipple not only makes the babies feel the natural touch of the mother, but also the nipples have the super flexibility of natural breasts. These features contribute a lot while shifting the baby between the breastfeeding and bottle feeding with more ease. The materials of the bottle and the nipples are devoid of BPA and phthalates.

The anti-colic vent enables maximum air passing to lessen the possibility of air intake by the baby, which saves him/her from all the discomforts of gas and colic. Tommee Tippee is considered one of the best baby bottle brands for their bottle nipple’s close-resemblance to the natural mothers’ nipples. These bottles are easy to clean and sterilize as well.


  • Safe material
  • Anti-colic vents pass the air out of the bottle
  • Attractive colorful design
  • Nipple’s shape and material provide a natural feel to the baby
  • Slow flow nipples for protecting the newborns from choking


  • If not cleaned thoroughly, it can retain the odor

19. Dr. Brown’s Pink Bottles

Dr. Brown's Pink Bottles 4 Pack

This is the second product from Dr. Brown’s brand on this list. The brand is a well-known name in the baby products industry. Babies always love colorful products. This made-in-China baby bottle set combines two 8-ounces bottles and two 4-ounces bottles, all in pink color. Each bottle has a level-1 nipple, which is ideal for infants.

The bottles are made of BPA free safe materials. Each bottle has a vent system to eliminate the air-bubbles for reduced chances of gas, refluxes, colic, burping, and spit-ups. The vent system also prevents the nipples from collapsing. The baby gets a similar experience as breastfeeding.

The material of the bottles keeps all the nutrients present in the milk in their original nutrition value. The bottles are super-easy to clean with hands and in dishwashers. This product gives value for your money product and can also be an excellent gift option.


  • Safe material for the baby
  • Anti-colic vents save the baby from unpleasant colic pains
  • Newborn nipple liquid flow
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Feels the same as breastfeeding


  • Too many parts take time to assemble and clean

20. Medela Breast Feeding 

Medela Breast Feeding 

This is an overall baby solution from Medela. This set has got everything you possibly need for a peaceful breastfeeding experience for your little one, starting from collecting the milk to storing and feeding. This set includes three 5-ounces baby bottles with collars, nipples, and caps, six 2.7-ounces breastmilk container bottles with lids, and twenty-five 6-ounces storage pouch bags. The entire set is compatible with Medala breast pumps.

This range is the number-1 physician recommended product for breastmilk storage. It reduces all the hassles of using different containers for storing and feeding the milk to your baby. The two different sizes of containers help you keep the original nutritional benefits of the milk intact until your baby consumes it, irrespective of the storage amount.

All the products that come in contact with breast milk are made with safe polypropylene materials without BPA. The bottles and the pouches have a colorful measurement marks on them for easily measuring dose for your baby every time. These bottles and pouch bags can be stored in refrigerators for later use, and while traveling, remember to screw the bottle’s lid properly to avoid any mess due to leakages. It is a dishwasher-safe product, and you can also wash with hands.


  • Great overall baby-bottle set
  • Convenient for using indoors and carry while traveling
  • Pump the milk directly into the feeding bottle and store them for later use
  • Safe and durable built-in material
  • Supports freezing
  • Dishwasher compatible
  • Slow flow nipples for infants


  • The nipples have a problem of collapsing sometimes

21. Life Factory Protective Silicone

Life Factory Protective Silicone

These bottles are the clear choice by the parents expecting an excellent performance. This bottle is made of glass without toxic chemicals such as phthalates, PVC, lead, BPA/BPS, etc. Moreover, it has an extra sleeve made of 100% medical-grade silicone. This sleeve ensures better durability and a non-slip gripping. It is safe to use in dishwashers too. It has a polypropylene, leak-proof cap. What is more satisfying for the parents is that FDA has approved this bottle material.

The bottle can contain liquids up to 9 ounces, making it ideal for any toddlers or school going little kids. They easily fit into the backpacks of kids or small purses of the mothers. Again, if you want to use these bottles for your babies less than one or two years of age, you can attach the Llifefactory sippy caps or the stage-3 silicone nipples with these bottles. The bottles can be cleaned on the top shelf of the dishwashers.

The silicone sleeve is an excellent way to protect the glass material from thermal shock. You can immediately transfer the bottle from the freezer to boilers without any fear of shattering. The bottle is even compatible with sterilizers. Such dynamic and convertible feature of this bottle makes it one of a kind product.


  • Silicone sleeve protects the bottle from shattering on falling or due to thermal shock
  • Dishwasher compatible
  • Does not contain harmful chemical elements
  • Looks beautiful and very attractive
  • Convertible between baby feeding bottle and sippy cups and regular water bottles


  • Expensive bottles

22. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle

This tiny baby bottle is ideal for the newborns. Philips Avent is a winner of the best baby bottle award by the popular choice of the parents. This package here is a set of two 2-ounces bottles. Like any other Philips baby bottles, this bottle will also help you smoothly combine the breastfeeding and bottle-feeding experience for serving the child a complete course of nutrients.

The soft silicone nipples and the wide bottle neck mimic the appearance and feel of the mothers’ breasts. The flexible nipples allow the child a comfortable latch. Moreover, it has anti-colic vents to save them from the unpleasant experiences of gas, colic, and spit ups. This small bottle incorporates very few parts, making it easy to assemble, clean, and sanitize.

The nipples come with a very slow flow feature for the newborns. The small size of the bottle is ideal for containing the amount sufficient for an infant’s consumption. The bottle has a convenient shape that makes it very easy to handle and clean.


  • Made of BPA free polypropylene material
  • Easy to assemble, clean, and sterilize
  • Slow flow nipples and small size bottles are perfect for newborns
  • Anti-colic vents prevent gas, reflux, and colic
  • Highly recommended by most of the parents


  • High price for two small bottles

23. Playtex Baby Vent Aire 

Playtex Baby Vent Aire 

Reflux and colic are prevalent problems in almost 67% of babies. This is a unique baby bottle from the Playtex store designed in an angular shape according to the doctors’ recommendations. It helps your baby to feed in a semi-upright position to avoid such conditions. Moreover, it has a microchannel bottom that helps vent out the bottle’s air not to get mixed with the milk.

The bottles are made of BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free materials for prolonged safe use. It is an excellent bottle to solve the colic problems of babies. The bottle’s ergonomic angular shape helps relieve your hand from holding the bottle in an upright position. These bottles have nipples that allow babies to have a natural latch and promote healthy feeding habits.

This product is a set of three nine ounces bottles in blue color. There is also a pink color variant available for this bottle. The bottle has a minimal number of parts, making it very easy and quick to assemble and clean every time. The nipple caps are very sturdy and can keep the nipple safe and hygienic.


  • Skin-like soft texture and shape of the nipple ensures less bottle rejection
  • Ergonomic structure of the bottle makes it comfortable to hold, feed, and clean
  • Slow and steady flow is perfect for avoiding a choking experience
  • Compatible with a range of nipples with a different flow rate


  • Can’t fit into bottle warmers easily

24. Philips Bottle Newborn Starter Gift

Philips Bottle Newborn Starter Gift

It is a complete beginner collection for baby feeding range from Philips Avent for new moms. This set combines three 4-ounce bottles, two 9-ounce bottles, a formula dispenser, a bottle cleaning brush, and a Soothie Pacifier. The soft material and wide shape of the nipple do not confuse the babies between the mothers’ breasts and feeding bottles, making it easy for the moms to switch between these two. The nipples with a spiral design have the flexibility that supports the baby’s movements while feeding.

The nipples are made of soft silicone material without any toxic elements. The nipples are incorporated with unique anti-colic AirFlex vents for avoiding gulping of air into the baby’s tummy. The formula dispenser is ideal for carrying measured milk formula while traveling. The medical professionals also recommend the pacifier for soothing the babies. The bottle brush has a unique design and shape that enables it to reach all the corners and clean thoroughly.


  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to be used in the dishwasher
  • Firm and natural nipple
  • Simple design, safe material
  • Anti-colic valve
  • Flexible spiral nipple


  • The lowest flow nipples also have a higher flow, hard to swallow for infants

25. Franco Kids Stainless 

Franco Kids Stainless 

This is not a baby bottle for infants. It is more of a water bottle that is ideal for grown-up school going kids. The cute and attractive design of the baby shark with his entire family looks beautiful for kids and make the drinking a fun experience. Proper water intake every day is essential for every human being, but for kids, making them drink water is also a difficult task. That is the reason behind making the drinking experience fun and enjoyable.

Kids or parents can carry these bottles anywhere with them. This travel-friendly bottle can also be an excellent option for birthday gifts or Christmas presents. The bottle has a double-layered insulated stainless steel body. The insulated technology helps keep the water cold for up to 12 hours without sweating. The screw-on plastic lid is spill-proof, and it features another fun element to this bottle. The bottle-lid opens up with a push bush button on the bottle.

The bottle is safe to use. It can contain up to 14 ounces of water. It has a size that kids can easily handle and carry. Moreover, the cleaning process is also very straightforward. These bottles are recommended for kids above the age of 3 years.


  • 100% BPA free and food-safe material
  • Fun design encourages kids into drinking more water
  • Easy cleaning and handling process
  • Interesting and spill-proof bottle-lid


  • It can still spill if the cap is not screwed properly

26. Comotomo Natural Feel 

Comotomo Natural Feel 8oz. Bottle

This bottle provides a comfortable latch to the kid, thanks to its soft nipple designed with keeping similarities with moms’ nipples. Besides, the wide neck of the bottle allows easy pouring and cleaning of the bottle. The air-vents present on the nipples help the air come out of the bottle to avoid gas and colic reaction to the babies. It also prevents the bottle from leakage.

The silicone material is very soft and squeezable that gives the baby an easy transition between breasts and bottles. This product is a combo pack of two 8-ounce or 250 ml bottles with two medium flow nipples having two holes. These bottles can be ideally used for feeding babies between 3 to 6 months of age.

Comotomo has two color variants for this product. It is a USA made product highly recommended by medical practitioners. The material is BPA free medical grade silicone. Moreover, lid covers the nipple and secures from any dirt and bacteria.


  • Safe BPA-free material
  • Compatible with variable nipple flow
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Anti-colic valves


  • Only 2 color variants

27. Philips Avent Natural Glass 

Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottle 

This is another product from Philips Avent on this list. This package includes three 4-ounces baby bottles. These bottles are the easiest way to combine breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, as the BPA-free soft silicone nipples provide the most natural breast-like appearance to the baby.

All three bottles in this package are made of durable glass material, which is completely safe for the babies. They also do not wear out with regular use and washing process. The ultra-wide and soft nipple supports a natural latch and the baby’s movements while drinking, as it has a delicate spiral design. The glass is made in the USA. These bottles can be used right from the birth of the baby.

The nipples incorporate AirFlex vents for getting the air out of the bottle, so it does not get inside the baby’s tummy mixed with the milk and then cause painful colic symptoms, gas, indigestion, spit ups, etc. The glass has high resistance to heat.


  • Soft silicone nipple
  • Mimics mothers’ breasts
  • Anti-colic vents
  • Provides natural latch
  • Heat resistant glass material


  • Sensitive to thermal shock

28. Homeford Jumbo Plastic 

Homeford Jumbo Plastic 

This product looks like a baby bottle, but it is not meant for feeding. It is a decoration piece that also works as a coin bank. This bottle exactly looks like a baby feeding bottle in giant size. It has got a height of 15 inches and a width of 5.5 inches. The item itself weighs 4 ounces. This bottle is made of durable and sturdy plastic material.

This cartoon sized big milk bottle is an excellent idea to gift on occasions like baby showers. The bottle can be filled with candies, ribbons, jelly-balls, gemstones, figurines, etc. You can put this big jar on a tabletop or your office desk. It looks adorable. There is a coin insertion slot on top of the bottleneck if you want to use it as a coin bank. But there is no hole in the nipple. That’s just for the show.


  • Very innovative decorative piece
  • Attractive to kids
  • Clear surface allows you the keep a count on the coins
  • Excellent gifting option
  • Sturdy plastic material
  • Durable


  • Not very sturdy

29. Homeford Baby Milk 

Homeford Baby Milk Bottle Coin

This is another product from Homeford. It is the same product as the above one. It is also a coin bank for saving the extra changes. This attractive looking bottle bank will encourage you to save more changes. It has the same size and dimensions as the previous one – 15 inches high and 5.5 inches in width. It looks like a baby’s milk bottle, but it does not have any hole in the nipple.

It is a decoration piece. You can decorate your drawing room, office desk, or study table with this beautiful looking piece. You can also give it to your kid to play. You can fill the giant bottle with matching or colorful candies, ribbons, figurines, jelly-balls, gemstones, etc. for making it look more attractive. This bottle is made of robust plastic material. Anyone will love to have this as a gift on occasions like baby shower, birthdays, etc.


  • Decoration piece
  • Looks attractive
  • Has a coin insertion hole
  • Big size


  • Not as strong as it looks

30. Heavea Baby Glass Bottle

Heavea Baby Glass Bottle

The HEVEA baby bottles are the final product in this list of best baby bottles. It is a set of two 4-ounce or 120ml bottles made of glass material. These bottles are best for babies within the ages of 3 to 24 months. The borosilicate glass material does not contain PVC or any other toxic chemicals.

The glass surface is highly hygienic and free from any odor or taste. Nothing can come in contact with the contents of the bottle. The white screw cap is also made from environment-friendly, non-toxic PP materials.

These bottles are made of naturally derived rubber materials that do not contain BPA, PVC, or phthalates. It has a special shape to provide anti-colic support. The nipple is soft but durable and resistant to biting and teething.


  • Value for money product
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable material
  • Chemical-fee
  • Provides natural latch and anti-colic support


  • Requires careful handling, as the glass can quickly get shattered due to accidental falls
  • Belongs to a high price range

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Baby Bottle

We have already mentioned that choosing the perfect baby bottle is not a very easy task. It would be best if you took many factors under your consideration before settling on your ideal one. The first thing should be your baby’s safety, and the rest you have to leave on the trial and error method. So, we will discuss some of the features that you should look for while choosing the best baby bottles 2022.

1. Age

One of the primary factors you need to keep in mind while choosing your baby’s right product is your baby’s age. Several factors vary according to the age of the baby while buying a feeding bottle. Firstly, the container capacity varies for infants and babies, as infants have tiny intake capacity compared to the babies above six months. Moreover, you should opt for bottles with the slower flow if you have an infant to feed, because higher flow may cause choking. According to the baby’s age, the best way to choose bottles is to keep experimenting with the bottle’s size and shape with your child’s growing period.

2. Nipple Material

There are the two most prevalent materials available for the nipples of the bottles – latex and silicone. It is very vital to check the material before making the purchase. If you have no prior experience with latex material with your child, then silicone would be a safer choice for you. Silicone is a more robust material than latex. Therefore, they last longer. Moreover, your child might be allergic to latex. So, it is advisable to avoid latex material without consulting your pediatrician or having your baby tested.

3. Nipple Size

The best baby bottles come in different nipple sizes and shapes. Some of the bottles have standard shape and size, while others try to make the nipples resemble the mother’s breasts. The nipple size again depends on your child’s age. Ideally, for infants, nipples with small holes, or a single hole is the best to ensure the measured liquid-flow. While for older babies, the perfect nipples would be the ones with multiple bigger holes for a steadier flow.

4. Bottle Material

After the nipples, what matters the most is the material of the bottle. The most commonly used materials for making baby bottles are glass, silicone, stainless steel, and plastic.

a. Plastic Bottle

These bottles are lightweight, but they contain chemicals that can potentially harm your baby. Besides, they don’t last long, and you will need to change the bottles frequently. So, it is best to avoid plastic bottles.

b. Glass Bottles

These are a better option than the plastic bottles, as these do not contain any chemicals. However, they need very delicate handling. If not used with care, they can shatter completely, making it risky to use for the babies. Moreover, they are a bit expensive too.

c. Silicone Bottles

Silicone is a safer option for baby bottles. The unique thing about this material is that they are very lightweight and soft, so that even your baby can also hold the bottle with his/her own tiny hands. They are unbreakable and long-lasting, and the soft material allows you to squeeze the bottle. But these bottles are a bit costly.

d. Stainless-Steel Bottles

Stainless-steel is an unbreakable material. These chemical-free bottles last for a longer time too. But they are challenging to find in the market always and also very costly.

5. Bottle Capacity

Infants need to be fed 7-8 times a day in small portions, while the older babies need larger quantities with less frequency. For instance, the best baby bottles for newborns should come with the capacity of 1.5-3 ounces. Afterwards, when your baby starts growing, you have to increase the bottle size with your child’s increasing intake capacity. Babies can drink up to 180-250 ml of liquid at a time, according to the health and needs of your baby.

6. Cost

Raising a baby is a challenging task. You have to choose only the best products and maintain a balance between quality and your family budget. So, while selecting a bottle for your baby, you cannot ignore your funds.

If you are in a tight budget, choose the necessary baby bottle with high-grade material, so that it does not harm your child. If you don’t need to think about the price and the money, then you should always go for the best quality bottles available in the market. No matter what, you should never compromise with the product’s quality, as it will determine your child’s health.

7. Leak-Proof

Check the bottle if that is safe from any leakage or spillage. While traveling, it becomes very problematic and embarrassing to check the bottle every now and then to ensure that it is not leaking. Plus, you don’t want to waste your baby’s food for a low-quality bottle.

8. Ease Of Cleaning

Cleaning is crucial to maintain maximum hygiene for your baby. Choose bottles with a broader neck and those with fewer parts, as they are the easiest to clean. Especially while traveling with your child, you cannot find means of sterilizing the bottles every time. So, choosing the bottles that are easy-to-clean and assemble is a smart option.

9. Nipple Shape

When it comes to your baby’s choice, the nipple shape matters, because while feeding on the bottles, each baby looks for the same comfort that they find with their mother. Therefore, some brands produce nipples to mimic the mothers’ breasts to manipulate the babies easily. Besides, choosing nipples with a broader base is also essential, as it reduces the chances of choking.

10. Weight

The weight of the bottle is another point to be kept in mind. Feeding bottles should always be very lightweight, because training your baby to feed on their own is necessary for both your baby and you. But that cannot be done with heavy bottles, as those would be difficult to hold for your baby’s tiny hands. Besides, lightweight products are always preferable when you have to travel with your baby.

Types Of Baby Bottles

Nowadays, the market has many different types of baby bottles to offer. Each bottle has distinct qualities and utilities. Here are a few common types of baby bottles discussed below.

1. Anti-Colic Bottles

Sometimes, babies swallow some air bubbles while drinking milk or water out of the bottles, which causes indigestion or gas. As a result, babies may get acute stomach pain. Hence, the best baby bottles for colic are designed especially with tubes or vents. However, these bottles fall under the pricier range, and cleaning these can also be troublesome.

2. Myself-Sterilizing Bottles

These bottles are the best for mothers who have to be always on the go. As anyone can understand from the name, that these bottles come with a hassle-free sterilizing feature. You only need to do is pour some boiling water at the bottom of the bottle and place the rest of the parts on top. Wait for the manufacturers’ suggested period, then rinse, and you are ready to use it again. But as all useful features come for a price, these bottles also come at a higher price.

3. Disposable Bottles

All disposable products are made for a single-use purpose. What makes these bottles unique is that they can be used right away after the purchase. You don’t need to sterilize them. Also, you can dispose of them after the purpose is served. These bottles are convenient for outdoor usage, as they are very convenient and time-saving. However, these bottles are not suitable for the environment.

4. Angle-Neck Bottles

These bottles come with a design that enables you to bend them from the bottle’s neck area at a particular angle. This feature makes sure that the nipple is always full of milk. Moreover, this prevents the swallowing of air bubbles. But you need to keep your baby upright while feeding to avoid ear infections. Besides, cleaning the corners of these bottles can be a challenging task.

5. Wide-Neck Bottles

These bottles are the easiest for cleaning and disinfecting compared to the previous one. They come with a rounder and fatter shape. These bottles are most liked by the babies habituated with drinking from their mother’s breast and bottle both.

6. Vented Bottles

These bottles are the safest for babies, as they effectively keep the air away. Vents in them protect your baby from choking and prevent spillage of the milk from the bottle. But the disadvantage of these bottles is that they are not always readily available in the market and cost at the higher range.

7. Disposable Bottle-Liners

The bottle liners can be used with any regular bottle you use for your baby. The liners come handy when traveling, as they do not take up much space in your bag. You have to place the liner inside the bottle before pouring the milk and throw it away after the usage. It saves you from the hazard of cleaning the bottle after use. Every time you throw away the liner, you become ready for the next use. They don’t even cost much. However, the downsides of these bottle liners are that they are not eco-friendly, and if you don’t use them properly, you can still end up cleaning the bottle.

Tips To Reduce Colic When Bottle-Feeding 

You can follow some the following tips as mentioned below:

  • Try making a habit of feeding your baby in an upright or semi-reclined position. The idea is to keep the baby’s head above the stomach to allow the gas bubbles to come up and escape through the mouth.
  • The bottle should not contain air bubbles while drinking. You have to be careful and make sure that there is no air trapped in the nipple area of the bottle. If you find any air bubble, try holding the bottle in a tilted position and allow the air to escape.
  • See if the baby is latching onto the whole nipple properly. If the baby does not open the mouth entirely and keeps sucking just on the bottle’s tip, then there will remain a chance of gulping air into the mouth.
  • Choosing the nipples with the right flow as per the age of your baby is vital. Give your baby a break from feeding every few minutes to give him space and time to burp. You should not wait until they finish drinking. This will help to reduce the possibility of gas build up in your baby’s tummy.

FAQs on Baby Bottles

Q1. How To Heat The Baby Food Inside The Feeding Bottle?

First of all, heating food every time is not necessary. But it has been found that all babies like to have warm food. So, if you want to satisfy your baby’s needs, you can heat the bottle’s contents, keeping them intact inside. For heating your baby-meal, take a saucepan with hot water and put the baby bottle into it for a few minutes. That is all. But try avoiding heating the baby’s meal in microwave ovens, as they can destroy the food’s nutritional benefits.

Q2. What Is The Procedure For Cleaning The Bottle?

The baby bottles can easily be washed with your hands. At first, you need to sterilize the bottles for five to ten minutes. It is the most crucial step. For this step, boiling the bottles in water is the most straightforward process. But you can also use any disinfectant formula available in the market. After this step, you have to wash the bottles in soap-water and rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Then leave the bottles in a hygienic place for air-drying or wipe off the excess water with a clean piece of fabric and store properly in a clean place till the next use.

Q3. How Do I Understand When To Replace The Bottle?

Unless you are using a plastic bottle, generally, there is no need to replace the bottle. Only the plastic bottles may deteriorate with time. But the other materials like glass, stainless steel, or silicone materials do not wear out to the level that you need replacement. However, it is essential to replace the nipples from time to time. Keep checking if the holes are dripping the liquid properly or the nipple’s material has worn and torn out. If you see any changes, immediately replace the nipples.

Q4. When To Stop Feeding The Baby With Bottles?

Generally, in most cases, the baby should be ready to use sippers or other cups when they become six to ten months. And after they complete one year, they should be able to intake all kinds of food – liquid and solid or semi-solids.

Q5. How Important Is It To Clean The Bottle After Each Use?

It’s not about whether it is important or not. It is one of your primary responsibilities for your baby. If you don’t want your baby to fall sick every second day, it is crucial. Cleaning, sterilizing, and maintaining the hygiene in every first step of your baby is essential, as during those tender days, the infants are highly sensitive to every small thing around them.

Besides, the cleaning process does not require much effort, time, or money. So why not maintain these basics unless you are using those disposable bottles or the bottle liners. Only in those cases, you don’t have to clean the bottle.

Q6. How Often Should I Sterilize The Bottles?

Sterilizing the bottles is very important. So, sterilizing them every time after using is the best habit for the sake of your child. There are different processes of sterilizing the bottles. Boiling the bottles in hot water is the most common process. Otherwise, you can buy bottles that can be sterilized by steaming in the microwave. Or you can also use bleach or other formulas available in the market that are safe for your child.

Q7. How To Manage When My Baby Rejects A Bottle?

Firstly, you should try to look for the reason behind the rejection. Babies can reject a baby bottle due to many reasons. The main reason is a faulty nipple of the bottle. Your baby might be refusing the bottle because they are feeling uncomfortable with using a wrong sized nipple. Secondly, if you fail to clean the nipples properly, it might contain odors from the previous meals taken, which can trigger the rejection.

To overcome such situations, try to find nipples that resemble most closely with the mother’s breasts. There are many different options available. And finally, there is no full-proof formula to solve this problem. You have to keep trying other options until your baby finds their favorite one.

Q8. Can A Baby Bottle Damage A Baby’s Teething Process?

Yes, this can be a valid concern for parents. Frequent and prolonged use of bottles can cause tooth decay or damage the gum shape at the baby’s formation age. If a baby keeps using these bottles for extended years of early childhood, it can even affect their speech or eating habit. Maintaining proper oral care is essential. Wipe the gums of your baby after every meal with a wet cloth or gauze pads.

Q9. Which Is The Best Material For The Best Baby Bottle?

Chemicals used in different materials can be very harmful to babies. The best material for baby bottles should be 100% free from toxic chemicals like BPA. It should be made of natural polypropylene. This material is the best, as it has the capability of mimicking natural breastfeeding experience.

Q10. What Is The Process Of Maintaining Baby Bottles?

  • Keeping the bottles clean and sterilized always is the only way to maintain these bottles for your baby’s health and the long life of these bottles.
  • Wash the bottles with all its parts and components with hot soap-water immediately after your baby finishes the milk. Then rinse the soap thoroughly with hot and clean water so that no traces of the milk remain.
  • Clean the rigid areas like the bottom, inner parts, and rubbers with a soft and clean brush to prevent any bacteria formation from the residue of any food particles. Use non-toxic mild detergents specially formulated for baby bottles.
  • Make sure to remove the detergent off the bottle. Rinse each part of the bottle to clean thoroughly.Then leave the bottles to dry in a well-ventilated, clean location. You can also wipe off the excess water before letting those dry, because dampness inside the bottle can also cause odors and fungus formation.

Feed Your Baby With The Best Baby Bottles

Motherhood is a blessing, but it can be tiring at times. More specifically, if you are a working mother. So, if you want your baby to make bonds with the other family members too, then developing a feeding habit with the other members can be a beneficial technique. And these best baby bottles have an indispensable role in that. Moreover, you can add some more proteins to your baby’s meals through the other baby-formulas available with the help of the feeding bottles.

After reading all the reviews, you know there are all sorts of bottles available in all price ranges. Choose what you find would be the best for your baby. In this review, we have tried to list out some of the best products and the pros and cons of each of them.

Baby feeding bottles are among the first few things that your baby experiences with all their five senses. So, it has to be the best and the safest for your baby.We hope it will make your task a bit easier. So, without causing a further delay, go and get the best bottle for your baby.

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