Best Wet Bags For Cloth Diapers 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. AlvaBaby 2. Buttons Diapers 3. Biubee
ALVABABY best wet bag for cloth diaperBiubee Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bags

You cannot keep your baby padded up with plastic diapers because these diapers can irritate the skin of your babies. Cloth diapers were introduced to keep your cute babies away from rashes and these diapers are much more comfortable.

Cloth diapers are reusable and much more affordable than plastic diapers. What you’ll do when you cloth diaper is dirty, and you are travelling? The answer is a wet bag.


best wet bag for cloth diapers have become a basic necessity for modern parents. The dirty cloth diaper can be stored in these wet bags, and you’ll not have that stinky feeling.

You can wipe off the messy stuff and reuse the diaper after cleaning it.If you don’t know which is the best wet bag for cloth diapers, here is our list of top 15 picks of wet bags that are highly recommended to modern parents.

Top 15 Best Wet Bags For Cloth Diapers 2022

1. AlvaBaby Cloth Diaper

ALVABABY 2 Pieces Cloth Diaper Wet Dry Bags Waterproof best wet bag for cloth diaperAlva baby sells one of the most excellent wet bags for cloth diapers. There are various reasons why this product is highly recommended. Top of it, these wet bags are made of 100% polyester material, which is durable and will last longer.

Above all, it comes with two separate wet and dry compartments. The wet section is 100% waterproof and sealed for stinky diapers. Furthermore, the wet section doesn’t allow wetness and odor to come out.

This wet bag is multi-functional. You can store your wetsuits and other accessories during the beach trips. The best part is you can fold and carry these Alva baby wet bags effortlessly.

This wet bag is very lightweight, and you can carry it even in a handbag. Lastly, it can store up to 7 diapers at once. Without any doubt, this is the best wet bag for cloth diapers.


  • High-quality and waterproof polyester material
  • It also comes with a dry compartment to store some accessories
  • Available in multiple colors and designs


  • The polyester material doesn’t dry up quickly
  • This wet bag can be bigger

2. Buttons Cloth Diapers

Buttons have the broadest range of wet bags and other baby products. This brand boasts wet bags, cloth bags, travel bags, and lite wet bags. This waterproof and reusable wet bags can stinky cloth diapers.

Furthermore, Buttons designs wet bags in multiple sizes and designs. Another feature of this wet bag is the waterproof PUL (Polyurethane laminate) material. PUL material is lead-free, anti-microbial, and waterproof. It is manufactured with hidden rolled seams to avoid odor and wetness.

With the rolled seams, this wet bag by Buttons looks sleek and stylish. However, like other products, they also have some pros and cons. The price range of this wet bag varies depending on your preferred design and size.

This wet bag by Button is machine and hand washable. The straps are also sturdy to hang strollers and hooks. You’ll fall in love with this wet bag, and you can use it for years.


  • High-quality waterproof PUL material that keeps moisture and odor away
  • Perfect wet bag for day and beach trips
  • This wet bag comes in a variety of designs


  • This wet bag should be bigger

3. Biubee Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bags

Biubee Wet Dry Cloth Diaper BagsNow, third in the line is wet bags by the brand ‘’Biubee.’’ Biubee wet bags are manufactured with superior-high-quality TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material. TPU material is made up of multiple eco-friendly materials.

TPU material can handle all the stinky cloth diapers and bad odor appropriately. Thus, your babies stay away from harmful gases and other fuss. Above all, only eco-friendly materials are used during the manufacturing process.

When it comes to designs, various cartoon characters are printed on wet bags. Biubee wet bag is hand and machine washable; the original look will always stay intact. Also, this wet bag is lightweight with two separate compartments.

The inner material of the dry compartment is a fine sheet that keeps your clothes dry. This is a reusable wet bag; therefore, you can store baby products and other travel accessories. At last, before using this wet bag, clean it thoroughly.


  • Quite spacious and lightweight to store 5-7 diapers
  • TPU material deliver excellent waterproofing
  • Comes with two compartments for wet and dry items


  • It doesn’t dry up quickly
  • Not as durable as costly wet bags

4. Babygoal Wet Dry Bags

Babygoal Wet Dry BagsBabygoal offers three different wet bags with multiple unique features. All the wet bags are enormous in size. These wet bags can hold up to 7 diapers. Now, you don’t have to face the hassle of damping the diapers again and again.

With the double-pull zipper, emptying the diapers is an easy task. The unique feature of these wet bags is they can resist the water up to 3 inches. They boast all the features of ‘’On the go’’ wet bags. You have the freedom to choose according to your needs.

They also come with durable straps that can be attached to strollers and hooks. Above all, they are more than wet bags because you can even store some baby wipes and other accessories.


  • Dry compartments keep the accessories well-organized
  • Highly affordable and lightweight
  • Comes with both dry and wet compartments


  • Your wet bags can start smelling if heavily loaded with stinky diapers

5. Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bag

Bumkins Waterproof Wet BagWith more than 1000 positive reviews and 5 star Amazon rating, this Bumkins waterproof wet bag is one of the ideal choices for cloth diapers. In simpler words, you can say Bumkins bag is the best wet bag for cloth diapers.

This bag is machine washable with 12-by-14 inches and can hold up to 6 diapers. Bumkins bag is very lightweight and easy to carry. With waterproof inner compartments, it also boasts an additional zippered compartment on the front side. It also has attached handles or straps for easy carrying.

This wet bag comes with a 1-year warranty so you can rest assured about the material quality. With more than 20 colors and six designs, you can choose the best wet bag for yourself.You can clean this wet bag in a machine with heavy loads of clothes. Above all, the colors and designs will also not fade even after heavy usage.


  • Two zippered compartments for both wet and dry items
  • Made up of 100% high-quality polyester with waterproof coating
  • This wet bag is PVC-free, phthalate-free, BPA-free, lead-free, and vinyl-free.


  • A bit pricey

6. Mom & Bab Wet Bags

MOM & BAB Wet BagsMom & Bab wet bags are the best wet bag for cloth diapers for travel freaks. This is a combo of two different wet bags that are 30% larger than other medium bags. Each bag can hold up to 10 diapers and other large towels and clothes.

Mom & Bab wet bags are easily washable by hand and machine. These wet bags also come with a lifetime warranty. These bags are manufactured with BPA and PVC-free, high-quality polyester and PUL material. The inner part of these bags is double-sided seams.

The best part is that even these bags are quite larger, but they are easy to carry. You can easily store all your soiled diapers for three days, and the odor will also not escape. If you are searching for larger wet bags, then Mom & Bab bags are perfect for you.


  • These bags are larger and very spacious
  • Quite budget-friendly
  • The designs of these bags are very simple and practical


  • No separate compartments available
  • No size options available

7. Wegreeco Reusable Wet Dry Cloth

Wegreeco Reusable Wet Dry ClothAre you looking for wet bags with ample of storage, this Wegreeco reusable hanging bag should be your choice. It’s a waterproof wet bag measure 16-by-27 inches with a capacity of holding 20-25 diapers. Wegreecom reusable wet bag comes with durable nylon straps or handles.

Above all, they feature an additional front zippered pocket to store baby accessories and other products. This wet bag is manufactured with high-quality Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) leak-free fabric with additional waterproof coating. With two different compartments, moisture and odors will stay away. This wet bag is suitable for both kids and adults as well.

It is extremely useful for storing diapers, gym accessories, napkins, cosmetics, baby products, toiletries, nursing pads, etc. Also, this wet bag is hand and machine washable. Due to lightweight nature, you can carry this bag anywhere. If you are planning for long trips, this wet bag is perfect for you.


  • Made from high-quality TPU material
  • Two different zippered compartments for both dry and wet items
  • Holding capacity of more than 20 diapers


  • Color can quickly fade after heavy usage
  • Odor can escape outside after loads of stinky diapers

8. AlvaBaby Cloth Diaper

ALVABABY 2 Pieces Cloth DiaperAt half the price of other reusable wet bags, these Alva baby two pieces of wet bags are perfectly a steal. They are sold in a combo; each bag is manufactured with 100% high-quality polyester material. Above all, both the bags also feature additional waterproof inner lining for extra protection.

The handles are attached to these bags for easy carrying and attaching with the strollers or hooks. The best part is you get two different zippered wet and dry compartments for keeping things separate.

You also get a 1-year warranty with these Alva Baby wet bags.Furthermore, the designs and colors of these bags will not fade away even after heavy usage. It is highly recommended to wash these wet bags gently.


  • Inexpensive wet bags combo
  • High-quality two zippered compartments
  • These wet bags are lightweight and easy to carry


  • Less capacity for storing diapers
  • Fluctuating prices

9. UmLife 3 Pack Cloth Diaper

UMLIFE 3 Pack Cloth DiaperUmlife provides three different wet bags for cloth diapers, each including two zippered pockets. These reusable and waterproof wet bags boast different attractive designs. These designs will be printed perfectly, and they’ll not fade away quickly.

All the wet bags are manufactured with high-quality TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material. With the help of zippered compartments, you can put all your messy diapers in the wet compartments. On the other hand, a wet compartment is available for other baby products and accessories.

These bags help you to stay organized while traveling. Your bags will look clutter-free without any odor and wetness. These are multi-purpose bags so that you can use them as travel organizers and handbags.

Each bag has enough space to hold a minimum of 5-7 diapers.Above all, you can wash these bags in your machine with loads of towels. The TPU material is highly durable, so you can even carry numerous stinky diapers hassle-free.


  • Three different wet bags at a cost-effective price
  • Highly-quality TPU material
  • All the bags are lightweight and easy to carry


  • The zippers of all the bags are quite flimsy
  • The dry compartments are not much spacious

10. Planet Wise Wet Bag, Medium

Planet Wise Wet Bag, MediumIf you are a new mother and searching for wet bags, you’ll come across different Planet Wise wet bags. Yes, bags of this company are highly durable, and they last for years. This is the largest and best wet bag for cloth diapers in this list.

This Planet wise wet bag measures 12 inches long and 15 inches wide. It has the capability of storing around ten diapers. Above all, this bag is waterproof and reusable with sealed seams and PUL (polyurethane laminate) material. All the materials used while manufacturing is lead-free, BPA-free, and PVC-free.

However, there are no different compartments. You can only use this bag for storing your stinky diapers and other wet clothes. This bag is machine washable, but keep it away from air drying. If you want to stay away from odor and clutter, this wet bag is a perfect choice.


  • Waterproof wet bag with a good holding capacity
  • Machine and hand washable
  • Made with PUL material with sealed seams


  • No different zippered compartments

11. Cloth Diaper Wet Dry

Cloth Diaper Wet DryIf you are a travel lover and mostly stay away from the house, this wet bag is the best choice. When it comes to space, this wet bag measures 11.8 x 9.8 inches and weighs around 5.3 ounces. In simpler words, this wet bag is lightweight, and it can hold more than ten diapers.

This wet bag by MCGMITT is made of PVC-free and waterproof nylon material. Additionally, this wet bag has a water-resistant lining to prevent leaking or wicking. The snap buckles of this wet bag are stronger compared to other wet bags.

With the help of two different zippered compartments, you can separate your dry and wet stuff. Therefore, you can organize all your stinky items and dry stuff as well. At last, like other wet bags, this bag is also machine washable. But, try to wash this bag gently if you want it to last longer.


  • Comes with reliable and durable handles
  • Spacious two different zippered compartments
  • Lightweight design that can hold numerous diapers


  • A bit pricey according to the design and material.

12. Teamoy Wet Dry Bag

Teamoy Wet Dry BagThis next product is manufactured by Teamoy. This brand has a wide range of different wet and dry bags. This pick of Planet wise brand is because of its size and material. This wet bag is very lightweight and measures 24.7″ x 18″ inches with sturdy snaps to carry this bag anywhere.

This bag weight is extremely light weight and you can easily fold up when not needed. Above all, this wet bag is big enough and can hold up to 10 diapers and some other wet clothes. It means the wet compartment is very spacious. It is PVA-free and BPA-free Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) latex and lead free bag which makes it very easy to use.

The best part is this bag is machine washable and comes with a dry compartment. You can store all the other baby accessories in the dry section. If you want to stay organized and clutter-free, this is the best wet bag for cloth diapers.


  • Clan be cleaned easily and quickly
  • Odors don’t come out
  • Bag fabric is soft
  • It folds easily and can be kept in other bag.
  • fully leak free
  • Safe to use as it id BPA free, latex free and lead free.


  • Not very durable

13. Damero 3 Pieces Travel

Damero 3 Pieces TravelMost of the time, you feel the need for a set of wet bags varying in size while traveling. It’s essential to have three different wet bags that has spacious compartments for storing your diapers. Thus, the next pick is the Damero combo of three different wet and dry bags.

In this combo, you get small, medium, and large bags of different sizes. The small bag measure 9 inches in length with 11.5 inches in width. The medium bag is 14 inches tall and 11.8 inches wide. At last, a large bag which is 16.8 inches tall and 13.3 inches wide which allows it a huge space.

All three bags are waterproof and come with wet and dry compartments. The sturdy handle straps allow you to carry these bags easily. You can even use them in your house as organizers and handbags.


  • Three different wet bags at a cost-effective price
  • Each bag has an inner water-resistant coating
  • No need of using bleach to clean these bags


  • The design of all three bags is the same and not much practical

14. Itzy Ritzy Sealed Wet Bag

Itzy Ritzy Sealed Wet BagCurrently, the Itzy Ritzy wet bags are considered the most durable wet bags in the market. This bag measures 14 inches in length and 11 inches in width. You can also choose the larger size for storing loads of stinky diapers.

However, you don’t get separate wet and dry compartments like other wet bags. One of the important things that set Itzy Ritzy wet bag apart is a zipper closure with a water-resistant inner lining of polyurethane. The adjustable handles of this bag are easily attachable to the strollers and hooks. More than 15 design options are available for you.

Itzy Ritzy bag is quite spacious; you can easily store around 10-12 diapers at once. Due to the double-layer construction air drying process is needed, and it’s a time-consuming process. This bag is machine washable, and you don’t need to wash it with bleach.


  • Multiple design options are available
  • This bag is highly cost-effective
  • This wet bag is lightweight and easy to carry


  • This bag doesn’t have separate compartments

15. Wet Dry Bag Baby Cloth Diaper 

The final product on our list by the brand Hibaby. This is the latest brand that manufactures multiple baby products and accessories. If you are looking for an affordable reusable bag that can store your soiled diapers, this wet bag is perfect for you. This is the affordable and best wet bag for cloth diapers that are available in six different designs.

Like other bags, here also you get two different zippered compartments for both wet and dry stuff. This is a medium-size wet bag that measures 14 inches in length and 11.5 inches in width. You also get a handle to attach this bag with hooks and strollers.

Above all, this bag is very lightweight and only measures 0.64 ounces. If you are a travel lover and stay outdoors, this wet bag is one of the perfect choices.


  • Available in 6 different designs
  • Two separate compartments available for both wet and dry items
  • Available at a budget-friendly price


  • The handles of this wet bag is not durable
  • The quality of the inner material is not waterproof

Factors To Look When Buying Best Wet Bag For Cloth Diaper

Like diapers and other baby accessories, wet bags are also available in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Some have pleasing designs and features; some are cost-effective and larger in size. When you search on the internet, you’ll find innumerable options for the best wet bag for diaper cloth.

Therefore, it becomes a challenging task to pick the right one for yourself. Here are some essential factors that you should consider while buying wet bags for cloth diapers.

1. Material And Durability

Basically, wet bags are mostly made up of two popular waterproof materials. Both are very similar in terms of features that prevent water from entering inside and leaking. PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) is a common type of laminated material and perfect material for wet bags.

This material is thick and shiner than TPU. TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) has the same features as rubber and plastic. The material looks like rubber, and it is very smooth, durable, and flexible.

Both these materials keep the water, moisture, and stinky smell away for days. Above all, these materials allow air to flow in and out properly. Also, these materials disallow the growth of mold and bacteria. Your preferred material should also be durable and sturdy. It should last longer even after heavy usage and cater to your needs appropriately.

2. Size

When it comes to selecting the size of your wet bags, it entirely depends on your requirements. Think about how much you travel and how many soiled diapers you store. Your ideal wet bag should be quite spacious to carry a chunk of cloth diapers and other accessories.

The smaller size is enough to store a couple of soiled diapers during the weekend trips. Most of the buyers prefer a combo of wet bags because they are easy to carry. The small wet bags can hold up to 4 soiled diapers at once.

If you travel for weeks and stay outdoor, you should consider the medium size that can store chunks of soiled diapers. Medium size wet bags measures around 14 inches in length and 11 inches in width. These bags can hold up to 8-10 diapers.

At last, larger bags are perfect for international trips and long road trips. Don’t think about measurements, because such bags are huge in size. They can hold up to 20-25 soiled diapers at once. However, they are not easy to carry during trips.

3. Weight

Wet bags are similar to your travel bags during the trips. You’ll be storing soiled diapers, baby products, and other accessories in these bags. Therefore, choose a wet bag that is lightweight, but never compromise with the quality.

Therefore, make sure your wet bags don’t cause inconvenience during the trips. You can even purchase combos of different wet bags. It becomes easy to carry your travel bags along with your wet bag.

4. Waterproof Or Water-Resistant

Most of the wet bags have a thin layer of vinyl that keeps the moisture inside. As mentioned, most of the wet bags are water-resistant than waterproof. The waterproof wet bags are a bit pricey compared to water-resistant bags.

The 100% waterproof wet bags have an additional coating of PUL or TUL near the edges to disallow water from entering inside. Such bags can also soak water up to 2-3 inches. Water-resistant bags don’t have additional coating near the edges. There are higher chances that odor and water can escape, and you experience that stinky feeling.

If you are going to use your wet bags occasionally, then water-resistant is the right choice. However, it is recommended to spend some extra bucks and prefer waterproof wet bags.

5. Number Of Compartments

Packing both dry and wet items is recommended while going for the trips. In simpler words, your wet bags should have two different compartments for wet and dry stuff. Most of the wet bags only have a single compartment for soiled diapers.

Above all, the best waterproof wet bags have one single compartment. With two different compartments, you can store soiled diapers in one section and other baby products in the dry section.

6. Maintenance

The primary purpose of wet bags to make your life easier during and after traveling. In simpler words, you don’t want to spend your time washing and drying your wet bag. Therefore, you should look for bags that are machine washable and easy to dry.

Many wet bags should only follow the gentle cleaning process because of their delicate inner material. Thus, never add loads of towels and other clothes with wet bags while washing.

7. Price

This is the last and most important factor in choosing your best wet bag for cloth diapers. You should thoroughly research about the products, their features, prices, and so on. Remember, your ideal wet bag should not be expensive because you’ll use it occasionally.

At last, never compromise with the quality while considering the price factor. Whichever wet bag you choose, it should be useful and durable as well.These are the seven factors that you consider while purchasing wet bags for yourself. Research well, compare the products and pick the right bag according to your needs.

FAQs on Wet Bags For Cloth Diapers

Q1. Why You Need Wet Bags For Soiled Cloth Diapers?

Wet bags are like the storage bag where you keep your soiled diapers before transferring them to diaper bags. You can use wet bags instead of diaper bags while traveling.

Q2. How Many Wet Bags Do You Require?

There is no appropriate answer because it depends on your requirements. Most of the modern mothers need 2-3 wet bags. You should also keep some additional wet bags for trips.

Q3. How Often You Should Wash Wet Bags?

It depends when you are comfortable with washing them. You can wash them daily, after 2-3 days, or weekly. For hygienic purposes, it’s better to wash them after every use.

Q4. What Is The Difference Between Pail Liner And Wet Bags?

Pail liners don’t have zip closure like wet bags. Above all, pail liners are larger in size compared to wet bags.

Q5. Store Away Dirty Diapers With The Best Wet Bags

Nowadays, cloth diapers are being used widely as they are suitable for kids and eco-friendly and when using cloth diapers wet bags become necessity. Products like pail liner and wet bags are making life easier for new parents. With attractive designs, zip closure, and moisture blockers, stay away from garbage or plastic bags.

It is highly recommended that you should consider the above factors while picking best wet bag for cloth diapers or you can avoid all the hassle and choose your wet bag from our top 15 list which is mentioned here.

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