Best Swim Diapers 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Storeofbaby2. Green Sprouts3. Finis
Storeofbaby Best Swim DiaperGreen Sprouts Swim DiaperFinis Swim Diaper

It is hard to keep yourself away from pools and beaches during summer. Even if you do not own a private beach, then pool membership comes in handy, or beach vacation is an ideal place to go. Now, if you are taking your baby to a swimming session, you need to take extra care.


Babies and toddlers pose a definite risk of accidental poop leaks which are not potty-trained while in a pool or beach. Pool and beach authorities, are direly strict in this case nowadays, owing to health issues, visitors annoyance, cleaning, sanitary notes, and so on. It is not a huge problem when you are well acquainted with the term best swim diaper.

Here is crisp and analytical guidance for picking the eco-friendly, pocket-friendly and skin-friendly swim diaper for your child. We have chosen these products after some market research; you will also get other vital buying tips.

Top 15 Best Swim Diapers 2022

1. Storeofbaby Swim Diapers

Storeofbaby Swim Diapers Best Swim Diapers

100% polyester made, the Reusable and Adjustable Swim Diaper combo pack comes with two pieces of diapers from Store of baby. Specially crafted for babies of 0 to 36 months of age, these diapers are most suitable for 8 to 36lbs. Durable and easy to wash, these diapers feature a complete waterproof outer layer design with a soft polyester mesh in the inner side for absolute comfort and softness.

These diapers come with snap buttons of each side as well as in front. High adjustability is ensuring as you can tighten the fit with side three rows of snaps on each side and two rows on the front. The elastic bindings in the thigh area and waist offer a complete snug fit. Moreover, the product is available in an impressive array of design and color options.


  • 100% polyester made, soft and comfortable
  • Available in 19 different prints and color options
  • Snap buttons and elastic waist and legs ensure an absolute snug fit


  • The snap buttons fall off sometimes
  • Posing a choking hazard for kids

2. Green Sprouts Swim Diaper

Green Sprouts Swim Diaper

This I-play by green sprouts product presents a delightful collection of more than 30 colorful and distinctive cartoon printed reusable swim diapers. These diapers boast of a unique baby boy’s collection. Designed in the style of male brief’s these baby boy’s diaper collection set is crafted out of 100% Polyester. Polyester lining in both outer and interior linings ensure seamless comfort and soft touch for your baby’s skin.

Since it is a collection for babies, the design has been made to make kids feel comfortable. Snap closure design ensures complete fittings, along with a slim and lightweight design which enhances ease of wearing it all the time you are inside the pool.


  • The trim design and snug fit to ensure comfort
  • 100% polyester made
  • Easy lock snaps
  • STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX certification
  • 50+ UPF sun protection


  • Leg holes are too tight to be a comfortable fit for healthy babies
  • Should need a bigger size

3. Finis Swim Diaper

Finis Swim Diaper

Finis is a reputed brand in the swimming and water sports gear industry. Being an expert in the field of designing swimming gears for babies as well, it brings this reusable pool swim diapers designed specially for babies and toddlers. You will come across seven different sizes available for infants up to 4 years old kids. Bold and solid colors make the products eye-catching and 100% polyester material at the same times makes them comfortable.

The company ensures high absorbency, which means if there is no poop incident, lasting for long hours. Besides the product has comfy and stretchable elastic built around the legs and waist.


  • FINIS babies and toddlers diapers are UPF 50+ protecting the sensitive areas from harmful UV rays
  • Absolute fit with elastic waist and legs ensure no leakage of waste
  • No PVC or harmful material used, only 10% polyester
  • Complete size chart available on the product website


  • The sizes offered for different ages seem to be inaccurate in terms of actual fittings.

4. Green Sprouts Swim Diaper

Green Sprouts Swim Diaper

When it comes to a design of swim diapers for babies, Green Sprouts knows the perfect craft to offer you waterproof, breathable and absorbent, sun-protected diapers. These baby snap reusable diapers from the company is one of its trim and sleek designed, lightweight diapers with the patented triple-layer design for enhanced comfort and security against poop leaks, which offers superior function and comfort.

The polyester made diaper is highly breathable with an inner absorbent layer which helps any leakage of poop to be controlled without absorbing pool water. Sleek design with snap button on one side, helps to offers a secure grip and tight fittings. Lightweight and slim design help in the comfort of wearing. These diapers are designed and manufactured to be suitable for machine wash.


  • UPF 50+ sun protection offering 97.5%-99+% guard against UV rays
  • The product offers STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX certification
  • Complete size chart guide on the website
  • Breathable and lightweight design, friendly for kids


  • The size chart guidance differs with actual size requirements

5. Huggies Disposable Swim Pants

Huggies Disposable Swim Pants

Huggies is a globally recognized brand with the highest-selling records and a creditable brand name in the world of baby diapers. Huggies little swimmers diapers are carefully designed with unique material which does not swell in water, remains lightweight and comfy. With a side Velcro mechanism, these diapers are comfortable to wear and put off.

One of the bestselling disposable swim pants, these diapers offer absolute leak guard for little swim enthusiasts. The side closure offers effortless handling, minimal time to achieve adjustment and the right fit.

The diapers are made for limitless fun of kids in pools readily available in different sizes. The most widely popular ones are size 3 (for 16-26 lb.), size 4 (for 24-34 lb.) and size 5-6 which is for babies over 32 lb.


  • Two Disney-Pixar Finding Nemo designs in each pack
  • You can refer to size recommendation on site
  • This size three products are best fit for babies from 16lb to 26lbs
  • Side adjustable fits make it easier to put on and acquire the best fit


  • This product is only for small babies
  • Not meant for toddlers with this size 3

6. Beau & Belle LittlesSwim Diapers

Beau & Belle LittlesSwim Diapers

Globally recognized as a premium brand for baby products, Beau and Belle Littles has also developed these premium league swim diapers for repeated use. Budget-friendly, eco-friendly, seamlessly washable, waterproof, and safe for your baby’s soft and sensitive skin, these eco-friendly reusable baby swim diapers from this company are high-end reusable, easy to machine wash and handle.

You cannot overlook the exquisite style factor either with these attractive swim diapers crafted out of premium soft, waterproof and breathable 100% PUL polyester cloth fabric. These diapers are fabricated with cute cartoon style prints to amazing kids.


  • Crafted with soft mesh 100% polyester
  • Highly breathable fabric and waterproof
  • Seamlessly machine washable, mesh lining is easy to clean, eco-friendly design


  • The design of these diapers seem to be smaller for toddlers

7. Pampers Swim Pants

Pampers Swim Pants

Pampers is a reputed international brand known for offering baby diapers. The company has ensured a high mark in quality and comfort over the years in their baby products. These swim pants from Pampers also stand high in quality. Pampers medium disposable pants are highly waterproof and do not swell up in the water. Ideal for all kinds of water activities, this size is recommended for babies from 20 to 33 pounds.

Pampers is known for the skilled craftsmanship for baby diapers. These swim pants are designed with dual leak-guard barriers and snog fit to ensure absolute comfort. The design integrates a waistband which provides a comfortable and tight grip by the waistline. You can adjust the sides for better fittings.


  • Easy put on/off with advanced side tabs
  • High-grade elastic waistline for comfy and snug fit
  • Lightweight, dual leak guard protection for the best experience


  • Disposable swim pants,
  • Not eco-friendly

8. Huggies Swim Diapers Disposable

HUGGIES Swim Diapers Disposable

If you want a simple, convenient, comfortable way out of carrying a spoiled diaper back home for washing, drying and maintaining it every time, Huggies Little Swimmers offer you the best and smartest way out with their disposable swim diapers. Designed to ensure extended playtime in pools, Huggies specializes in designing a waterproof sim pant which does not swell quickly. Decorated with Disney and Pixar designs, your kids ought to fall in love with these swim buddies involuntarily.

A single pack comes with 12 disposable swim pants, which can easily fit into your bag to a vacation. Specially designed side open panels make putting off/on diapers easy and time-saving.


  • Nonabsorbent waterproof design
  • Side panel lock ensure a better fit
  • Exciting Disney Nemo design


  • This product from Huggies is not design for unisex use

9. Finis Swimming Apparel For Babies

FINIS Swimming Apparel For Babies

Nowadays, where most public pools and swim schools seem to be highly concerned to maintain optimal sanitary, there are strict regulations and demand for pool diapers for kids. FINIS understands the pulse of the demand and has accordingly crafted 100% polyester made, soft, breathable, comfortable to wear for longer duration reusable swim pants to guard any leakage of solid waste.

With quality and creativity, FINIS has also brought a league of different sizes for parents to pick the best and most suitable fit for their kids. Besides, top as a cherry on the cake, these reusable swimwears are also UPF 50+, which means your kid’s sensitive areas are secured from the harmful UV rays with these swim gears.


  • UPF 50+ UV rays protective shield for sensitive areas of kids
  • Soft and 100% polyester built ensures comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Available in a line of sizes


  • Sizes following the weight or age of babies do not seem to be a match

10. Finis Swim Diaper

Finis Swim Diaper

When you wish to maximize your kid’s safety during swimming experience, you must have FINIS mermaid swim diaper reusable. Swim diapers are compulsory in most public pools and swim schools. You cannot omit the budget-friendly quotient of adhering to reusable swim pants over disposable ones. FINIS merges your requirements with quality and with a UPF 50+ UV protective built, 100% polyester crafting ensures both UV safety and poop leak safety.

While FINIS skillfully eliminates the use of any harmful materials or PVC, it ensures softness for baby skin and snug fit with top-notch elastic waistline and legs. Another feature that ought to amaze you is the extensive array of size range offered from FINIS ranging from X small for 0 to 3 months babies up to size 4T dedicated to 48 months kids of 38-46 lbs.


  • Snug elastic confirms smart and enhanced grip around the waist and legs
  • Safe and soft 100% polyester lining keeps babies’ skin from rashes
  • Wide variety of sizes makes parents happy to find the best fit


  • This FINIS Mermaid does not seem to be a unisex design

11. Huggies Swim Pool Diapers

Huggies Swim Pool Diapers

While enjoying a vacation, you do not want to do all that poop cleaning every time your kid accidentally leaks in a pool, Huggies Little Swimmers disposable swim diapers are what you need. You can avail the size three fit for babies 16-26 lb. Designed with unique double leak mechanism, and superior waterproof polyester, with no absorbent technique so that the swim pants does not swell up, Huggies comes up to one of the most adorable choices.

If you are worried about quick changes, and snug fit among diapers, Huggies once again understands your need. With a quick side adjustment and lock panel, it is not only ready to put on/off but also ideal to obtain the best fit as well.


  • Comfortable fit with soft and stretchy waistbands
  • Reclosure sidebands allow the best fit and quick changes
  • Double leak guard protected design


  • Product is a little high priced being a disposable one

12. Huggies Swim Pants

Huggies Swim Pants

Leading industry and bestselling baby diapers brand Huggies is an iconic name. The company is perhaps one of the best picks among disposable diapers in the market, Huggies Little Swimmers swim pants boast of the size 4, which is ideally designed for babies of 24 – 34 pounds. As the invincible quality features list with Huggies, these diapers are crafted with care and love for the little ones. Soft material, with double leak guard, takes care of not only solid leaks but also of the sensitive, smooth skin of babies.

Slim and superior design with the best waterproof material allows no swell while in the water. Disney Nemo prints add to the intriguing appeal of these diapers to kids. Along with this Huggies Little Swimmers size 4 product, you can now avail Huggies Wipes Clutch ‘N’ Clean as well.


  • Stretchy elastic waistband and smart open sides offer adjustable and snug fit
  • Dual leak guard blocks stable waste leakage
  • Sleek and slim design


  • The expiry dates for reward points on the pack is confusing

13. Bummis Swimmi Swim Diaper

Bummis Swimmi Swim Diaper

Bummi Swimmi X-large size cloth swim diapers stand unique and extensively effective in any accidental poop inside the pant. You will notice these diapers are made of nylon interior and cotton exterior with hook and loop closures, which guard the diapers. These diapers are consisting of 33.3% cotton, 33.3% polyester, and 33.3% nylon. You are sure to get an exciting color scheme, soft cloth, and waterproof crafting with good quality material.

You can wash and dry them at average temperatures in washer and dryer. Make sure you skip chlorine bleach, fabric softeners, or other whitening agents.


  • Soft cloth material, skin-friendly
  • Machine washable
  • Consist of 33.3% cotton, 33.3% polyester, and 33.3% nylon


The pattern is slightly different


14. Thirsties Swim Diaper Whales

Thirsties Swim Diaper Whales

Thirsties swim diapers are perhaps one of the most effective, pocket friendly, and easy to use diapers. Duo wrap diapers are equipped with maximum adjustability on both sides, making them a fit for babies from 8 to 40lb. Thirsties swim pants are designed with signature leg gussets which help to offer added protective lock to accidental poops from leaking. Besides the exterior shell is crafted with high-quality waterproof material, guarding the pants against swelling while in water.

The comfort and ease of wearing doubles with the trim styled design of the pants. Moreover, soft mesh interior adds to the skin comfort as well. You will notice the side snaps for adjustability, which are helpful while removing or putting the pants in a hurry.


  • Exclusive leg gusset design to add to a leak-proof mechanism
  • Waterproof exterior shell
  • Extended adjustability
  • Soft mesh interior is soft to skin avoiding skin rashes


  • Does not fit well for 18lb babies

15. Baby Goal Swim Diaper

Baby Goal Swim Diaper

Eco-friendly, budget-friendly and user friendly is what Babygoal diapers aim for as the company brings the collection of reusable baby swim diaper with adjustable snaps. These snaps on the side help to adjust comfortably as per the baby’s comfort and convenience. You get it for babies to toddlers, 0 to 2 years. Snap buttons in rows help enormous scope of achieving flexible adjustment. Soft, comfortable, and breathable TPU are what makes the diaper friendly for kids. The outer layer is made of polyester and completely waterproof.


  • Rows of adjustable snap buttons help to acquire the best fit
  • No harmful chemicals present
  • Made of Polyester and breathable TPU


  • Not big enough to 18lb

Factors To Consider For Buying Best Swim Diaper

We cannot deny we do not go to the swimming pool to just as a spectator by a pool. Beaches or pools automatically trigger an impulse to dive in and enjoy; even little kids have great fun in the water. But as you know, pools and many beaches pose an unusual restriction on kids in diapers, to eliminate accidental poop incidents.

While you cannot help your kids in pools where they have complete prohibitions of kids in diapers to enter the pool, with other pools, you help your kids to filter all the fun.

When it comes to choosing the best baby diapers, you do have a lot of things to consider. Multiple options can confuse you. You should choose the best swim diaper for you, little darling. Here are the essential features you must dig in to bag the best product.

1. Age And Size

While shopping for swimming diapers, you can either shop by age or by size. Since these diapers are primarily crafted for non-potty-trained babies and toddlers, you can start availing these diapers for 3-month-old infants up to kids aging four years. Now the point of concern while shopping with age criterion is that every child has a different growth rate.

Children of the same age can differ considerably in their growth, size, and figure. So, finding the right size for your baby with just age might now always be that easy.

Check product sites, user reviews to know the advisable size recommended for your baby’s age. Some products also refer to age as well as the weight of the baby to offer you a better insight into the required size of best swim diapers for your little one.

2. Type

You will come across two main types of swim diapers, reusable swim diapers and disposable diapers. As the name suggests for itself, reusable diapers are crafted in a way so that they can be washed and used several times. At the same time, disposable swim diapers are meant for one-time use. Both of these types do not absorb liquid, whichever model you pick to use; it is essential to maintain the frame of use.

Do not put on the diapers on your baby hours before diving into the pool, or there can be an irritating litter of urine everywhere. Here are the fundamental differences, advantages, and limitations of both the types since it stands to be a primary feature while shopping for swim diapers.

Reusable: Reusable pool diapers are user-friendly, eco-friendly, budget-friendly for long-term use and easy to wash. These diapers are designed to withstand both hand and machine washing or used several times. Made out of cloth, polyester, and a comfy mesh lining inside, these diapers are comfortable. If people who have a private pool, or regular club membership, or if your baby is learning swimming, and so on, you need diapers all the time, these bits expensive reusable swim diapers and be worth investing.

However, since these are washable, you must take all that inconvenience of carrying a dirty diaper back to home and clean it as well for next use. Investing in reusable diapers makes sense if you have routine pool diving in your kid’s daily schedule. These diapers are readily available in a wide range of snap and Velcro adjustable designs or unusual prints.

Disposable: Disposable pool diapers are meant for single-use and throw away. Convenient to use, no troubles of washing away the mess, you can use them anywhere and so on. These are ideal if you are going for a vacation, or your baby is going into the pool occasionally. Since these diapers are disposable and meant for single-use, the diaper material differs in most cases.

Unlike reusable ones, these diapers use plastics, papers, as well as fabric sometimes with nonabsorbent crystals. These are pocket friendly only if you need them occasionally, but for regular use, these diapers can be heavy on your pocket.

3. Snug Fit

Swim diapers are designed for toddlers and kids, but not too liquid excrete but only poop. Thus, these diapers are not meant for absorbing liquid or else they would be the last thing fit to enter a pool. These diapers help your little one from accidental pooping in a pool. But to make any swim diaper most effective, it needs to offer your baby a snug fit. Without proper fitting, poop can always leak out. Besides a good fit of a diaper also helps kids to feel comfortable while they enjoy themselves in water.

Finding the right fit, even for the best swim diaper in the market, is essential. You also need to keep in mind that every diaper brand have their sizes, but the same size of every brand might not be the perfect fit your baby needs, so check the fittings before dipping into the pool.

4. Style

Since swim pool diapers are meant for kids, even the best swim diapers come with kids’ friendly style, features and looks. Undoubtedly you can make available an extensive range of colorful prints, bright and reliable colors which easily fascinate kids. Besides, the fabrics and materials used for these diapers, both reusable and disposable are mostly soft, caring to kids’ skin. Digging into the fitting style, you will come across wide varieties, like snap buttons, Velcro straps, snap buttons or simple pant style pull off/on diapers.

Now style can also be necessary because for some kids while flexible fit can be ideal for other Velcro or snap button offer greater adjustability. Even more, in reusable diapers, elastics can loosen after a while, so it is good to bag in Velcro or snap style.

5. Use

Usability depends directly on the convenience of use, fittings, comfortable to wear. If you have grown up kids around three to four years old, who can dress up on their own, finding a suitable easy to wear diaper can be convenient. Velcro or snap styles do take some time to put on since you must adjust them. So, buy as per your use type and convenience. Again, if your baby needs to put on the diaper inside the swimsuit, get a slim diaper design that will not bulge out oddly.


Product review is another essential feature. Reliable and reputed brands always ensure to offer scope to buyers to put in their feedbacks. It enhances the brand value as well as helps the company to improve its product, provide better user-friendly features. Besides, reading the reviews so that you can understand the drawbacks of a swim diaper, it gets heavy quickly, if the Velcro fit is of good quality if the diapers are meant for sensitive skin and so on.

FAQs on Swim Diapers

Q1. Does My Child Need Swim Diapers?

As a parent, you would understand the importance of the best product. While some public pools do maintain strict regulation for kids under four years of age who compulsorily need to wear swim diapers, some pools might keep that decision with parents to decide. In both cases, however, you need to understand no pool authorities withstand the hectic problem of fecal contamination in such public pools.

Such incidents are not only shameful for authorities but bring upon negative publicity and compel to keep the pool closed for hours for comprehensive sanitization processes.

Q2. How Do I Know the Pool Rules Of Any Public Pool?

Most public pools have clear rules and limitations for toddlers and kids below four years. Poop accidents can be very embarrassing as well as harassing for pool authorities, visitors and employees. Most pools have specific regulations for kids and adults elaborately declared in their notice boards, websites, membership cards or entry cards.

Kids without potty training essentially need to put on the best swim diaper to elope chances of poop contaminations in public pools. The strictness of these rules may vary from pool to pool, while some other pools entirely prohibit kids in diapers from using pools. Besides, many pools either strictly declare or you can take it as an untold norm with all pools that you should keep children with diarrhea out of public pools.

Q3. What About When My Child Is Out Of The Water?

These diapers are not meant to absorb liquids, which means out of the pool to secure your child from ruining their dress with uncontrolled peeing, you need to change their diapers to regular ones. However, there are also absorbent inserts available in the market which you can use along with a reusable best swim diaper when your baby is playing outside the pool.

Q4. Why Buy Swim Diapers?

Nowadays, swimming is a routine schedule for most people, either fitness or refreshment. Either way, if you are swim freak, it is hard to stay away from pools. Many times your kids want to enjoy in pools. You cannot keep them away long, or you might want them to enjoy the pool as well. On this note, you must remember that all public pools maintain strict regulations to restrict accidental fecal contaminations. Therefore, you will come across dire restrictions for non-potty-trained kids to enter a pool only with a swim diaper on.

These diapers are specially designed to hold only solids, and these do not absorb liquid. Which means these do not get a wet inside pool and at the same time saves from accidental poops. Accidental fecal movements in pools can spread diseases, cause health issues, skin problems, lead to the pool’s poor reputation, guest harassments, and so on.

Even the pool can become nonoperative for hours or a day due to such accidents. Thus, to save the trail of problems, public pool managements always recommend swim diapers for kids below a certain age, and parents or guardians must also adhere to such rules.

Q5. How Many Swim Diapers Does My Baby Need?

In the case of reusable diapers, if your baby is going to be in the water for an hour, one diaper should be enough. However, if the duration is more, or the baby needs to be in water repetitively, you need more diapers. Although reusable, but when a baby needs to be in the water in the day for more than few hours, you probably will not have time for washing the diapers, drying them, and reusing them. So, you need to carry extra reusable sets with you.

Similarly, even for disposable ones, it is the span of pool time the baby might have, which can determine the number of diapers you must pack. Besides, even if your baby is going to be in the pool once in a day, you will need more disposable diapers than reusable one, since for reusables you can wash, dry and use the same every day with maybe a couple of buffer diapers in hand. But for disposables, you need a new one every time.

Q6. Can I Manage With A Regular Diaper Work?

The functionality and purpose of a regular diaper are to absorb the urine of a baby, which means these are highly absorbent. The material used for these diapers easily absorb even a little amount of liquid until they are full. While on the contrary, the best swim diaper is a kind which is strictly nonabsorbent to be useful in pools. These diapers are meant to block only poop passes.

When you put on a regular diaper on your baby for a pool dive, the diaper will immediately absorb water to its optimal capacity. Such a diaper not only making it uncomfortable to wear but also heavy with all the absorbed liquid. It will either fall drooping from the thigh or might fall away or be excessively bulky and uncomfortable. All the ways, regular diapers are not made for the purpose at all.

Best Swim Diapers – Wrap Up

Swim diapers, unlike regular diapers, do not contain water crystals of sodium polyacrylate, which is why they do not absorb liquid. All you need to know is how to choose all the swim diapers.

Getting the best swim diaper is undoubtedly the best way out to avoid embarrassment at beaches and public pools for the accidental fecal movement. While shopping from the list we have provided, all you need to keep in mind is that swim diapers are strictly designed only to guard leak of solid wastes. They cannot hold your baby’s pee, since these do not have a crystalizing water mechanism.

So, if you are on vacation or even a long drive to a pool, you carry your regular diaper for your baby as well. Make sure you take an informed decision.

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