Best Overnight Cloth Diapers

Best Overnight Cloth Diapers 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Fitted 2. Bummis 3. GroVia
Fitted Cloth DiaperBummis Dimple DiaperGroVia O.N.E.

It is a common experience amongst new parents to stay awake all night to change nappies or nurse their baby to sleep. Frequent disruption of sleep at night can be stressful for the parents and the baby.

Before this turns into a daily routine, try changing the ordinary baby diaper into the best overnight cloth diapers. You need to select a multi-layer, absorbent material to run overnight. This will ensure a good sleep for the baby despite accidental bedwetting at night.


This article will primarily focus on the best cloth diapers available in the market. We will review different options, so you can choose the ideal cloth diaper for your baby.

We have handpicked the best overnight cloth diapers from reliable brands for you to choose from. Here you can find answers to all your questions regarding cloth diaper to prevent night time leaks. Keep reading to know more.

Top 10 Best Overnight Cloth Diapers 2022

1. Fitted Cloth Diaper

Fitted Cloth Diaper Best Overnight Cloth Diapers

If you want your baby to get sound sleep without bedwetting issues, you must try out the cloth diapers by Ecoable. These cloth diapers comprise 55% of hemp and 45% of cotton. It features one size with snap buttons on the waist. The material used in this diaper is highly absorbent and leak-free. This hemp cotton fitted cloth diaper is hypoallergenic that can prevent diaper rashes and allergies.

This diaper suits heavy wetter babies, and the diapers can be cleaned with detergent wash. You must not boil this diaper or its insert. It is soft and really well made that is leak-free for 10 hours. The snap-in hemp insert soakers allow more absorbency, and it is easily removable.

If your baby is a heavy bed wetter, then this well-fitted cloth diaper will give them a lot of comfort at night. There are snap buttons and adjustable sides that fit well with babies from 10 to 30 pounds. The elastic in the diaper is comfortable and flexible.


  • The material used is absorbent and leak-free
  • Hypoallergenic and versatile
  • Snap buttons on the waist and adjustable size
  • Elastic used is comfortable and fits well
  • The snap-in hemp insert soakers help absorption
  • Compatible to waterproof wool cover or PUL cover
  • Compatible to machine or hand wash


  • It is a bit heavy and less absorbent
  • Waterproof wool cover or PUL cover not included

2. Bummis Dimple Diaper

Bummis Dimple Diaper

Bummies Dimple overnight diapers are one-size fits all diaper that can give mothers respite from overnight diapering. The quality of the diaper is soft and luxurious; which is going to make your baby feel comfortable wearing it. It uses organic cotton, that is absorbent.

The absorbent core and the detached booster are derived from organic cotton. The size of the diaper is adjustable since it features three rise setting and cross-over waist snaps to fit the baby well.

The booster of this diaper features a stay-dry polyester layer on one side and organic cotton on the other end. This diaper is not only the best solution for heavy nighttime wetter, the soakers always dry quickly in the dryer. Bummies dimple diaper is the trimmest fit for the baby. You can use a pull-on diaper cover or wrap-style diaper cover on top of it.


  • Premium quality, soft and fluffy
  • It features three rise setting and cross-over waist snaps
  • Materials manufactured in the USA but made in Canada
  • Highly absorbent and a perfect choice for night time heavy wetter
  • It has adjustable rise and the cross over waist snaps
  • It is a one size trim fitted diaper that is easy to dry
  • Compatible to pull-on diaper cover or wrap-style diaper cover


  • The fabric is fragile and cannot be washed in hot water

3. GroVia O.N.E.

GroVia O.N.E.

If you are looking for a god cloth diaper for your baby, then GroVia O.N.E. is the best overnight cloth diaper for a heavy wetter. It has excellent absorbency capacity that offers a good sleep of the baby. It comprises cotton topped with 100% polyester microfiber and water-resistant polyester TPU. The material used is super comfy and machine washable.

Unlike other cloth diapers, which require some amount of preparation before using the diaper on the child, you can use these diapers directly on the child for the nighttime. Parents can use this diaper from the very inception days untill the potty training stage.

It also features hook & loop and snap closures for the diaper. It is easy to use, completely hassle-free. It is leakage-proof and has a channel soaker design that ensures the baby’s cloth and bed sheet is dry. The diaper can hold the pee for 12 hours easily.

It is easy to clean; you need to first remove the hook & loop strips before washing. It can be washed regularly with detergent and left to dry. To remove the stain or smell, you can also rinse the diapers in baking soda and vinegar solution.


  • It has an excellent absorbency capacity
  • Overnight leakage protection
  • It lasts from birth to potty learning
  • Water resistant polyester TPU is used in the diaper
  • Hook & Loop or Snap closures both are used
  • Can use it without prepping
  • It is easy to wash


  • The fitting of the diapers could be better
  • It is a bit thick takes time to dry

4. ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers

ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers

This unisex one-size diapers fit all. The length of the diaper is 15” in length X 13” in width, and it is ideal for babies and toddlers. ALVABABY pocket cloth nappies are the best cloth diapers. This diaper is ideal for babies in the weight range is 8-35 lbs.

The outer layer of the diaper comprises polyester with waterproof and breathable TPU. The suede cloth inside absorbs moisture and keeps the baby dry. Each diaper is accompanied by a 3-layer microfiber insert. These layers are soft and breathable that keeps the baby bottom dry.

It is trim diapers come with pockets to hold the inserts, and you can remove it when required. This premium quality diaper is washable and waterproof. This leak-proof cloth diaper has a comfortable elastic legging area. However, you need to follow few instructions before washing the diaper. Remember to wash the diaper separately from other clothes. Also, wash the diaper and the insert separately.


  • Good for Baby to Toddlers
  • It is washable, waterproof and breathable
  • It has flexible elastics at the leggings area
  • Hip snaps and crossover snaps prevent wings from bending
  • Diaper with pocket holds the insert
  • Prevents night spill and rashes
  • It is eco-friendly and worth your money
  • Available in various colors and prints


  • It is not an ideal choice for toddlers
  • They sometimes leak


5. Blueberry One Size Simplex

Blueberry One Size Simplex

This all-in-one diaper is a perfect choice for a heavy wetter. This exclusive cloth diaper has a polyester, waterproof exterior, and 100% birdseye cotton interior. It also constitutes a semi-attached soaker pad that helps the diaper to dry faster and keeps the buttocks of the baby dry.

Some babies have sensitive skin; in such a case, one has to be cautious when it comes to choosing a diaper. Blueberry pays special attention to these conditions and uses latex-free soft elastics that are skin-friendly. The recommended weight range for the diapers would be 10-35 lbs.

Another unique feature of this product the diaper has a pocket opening on both sides that can be used to add inserts. Additional inserts can increase the capacity of absorbency. Thus, babies can remain comfortable and have great sleep at night. These inserts can be brought out of the pocket for washing. The natural fabric used in the diaper makes it easy to clean.


  • Natural fabric used is skin-friendly
  • It has a waterproof exterior
  • Soft and trim
  • Cotton inner lining prevents rashes
  • Semi-attached soaker pad helps the diaper to dry faster
  • Inserts increases absorbency
  • Latex-free soft elastics
  • Adjustable as per the body shape and easy to clean
  • It is ideal for heavy wetter’s


  • The quality of the fabric could be better

6. OsoCozy 6 Pack Birdseye

OsoCozy 6 Pack Birdseye

If you are looking for a natural, skin-friendly diaper, then OsoCozy brings you the unbleached, flat diapers perfect for tiny tots. They make it with 100% cotton unbleached birdseye weaved cloth diapers. This cloth is soft in texture, durable, and economical.

This flat cloth diaper is absorbent that can be used on heavy wetters. It is versatile that be folded, stuffed into a diaper shell for overnight use. This soft fabric can be easily washed at home, and it also easily dries.

This product comes with diaper pins, which is used to safely fasten the flat diaper. These pins are available in seven colors and are made of stainless steel. This reusable cloth diaper is eco-friendly, unlike disposable diapers, thus the best choice when it comes to cloth diapers.


  • Soft, durable and eco-friendly
  • It is unbleached and easy to dry
  • It is versatile that also be used as a burp cloth, washcloth or baby wipes
  • Economical and value for money
  • Absorbent and ideal for heavy wetter’s
  • 7 Diaper pins included
  • The stitching quality is good
  • Each packet has washing and folding instructions in English and Spanish


  • The cloth shrinks after washing and does not remains soft
  • The cloth used is not stretchable

7. Pooters Overnight Plus Cloth Diaper

Pooters Overnight Plus Cloth Diaper

This diaper is counted amongst the best overnight cloth diapers. It is natural, anti-bacterial, and has a great absorption capacity. It comprises of hemp and cotton that enables the absorption of 31 ounces of pee at night. This diaper is ideal for overnight and perfect for a child.

The absorption capacity of this diaper is amazing. So parents can be rest assured about the next 16 hours of the night, as Pooters will keep your baby dry and safe. It fits a baby really well and can hold the optimum weight of 12 to 40 pounds. These diapers are 22 – 43 inches long that also suits plus size babies.

You can also use diaper cover if you please. These diapers are also machine washable but do not use bleach, fabric softener, or detergent. A simple wash in the machine and a dryer is enough for its maintenance. The best part of this cloth diaper is it comes with a 30-day leak-free guarantee period. If it fails to deliver its promise in the first 30 days, you will get a money return.


  • Good quality hemp and cotton blend
  • It comes with 2 inserts and 1 booster
  • Absorbs up to 31 ounces
  • Provides 16hrs nighttime dryness
  • It can fit skinny to chunky babies
  • The stay dry inserts keep the baby comfortable
  • Easy wash and dry
  • The manufacturers 30-days leak-free guarantee period


  • The stains cannot be removed easily
  • Need to separately buy the diaper cover

8. Sustainablebabyish


Sloomb offers the best quality fleece fitted diaper ideal for a baby. It is soft, looks cute, and is made from bamboo organic cotton fleece. This diaper offers superior absorbing capacity. It comprises a double-length 3-layer snap-in fleece soaker to advance the absorption capacity. Sustainable babyish wool cover can give extra protection from further leakage.

This fits well for a 9-16 lbs baby. It features a snap-down front; XL or large diapers has a snap on the hip. These snaps help in adjusting the size of the diaper on the buttocks of the baby. It is the best overnight cloth diaper.


  • It is soft for the bamboo organic cotton fleece
  • It has 3-layer snap-in fleece soaker
  • Perfect absorbent for heavy wetting at night
  • Sustainablebabyish wool cover makes it leak-proof
  • Snaps on the front of hips helps to adjust the size
  • It fits all size baby
  • Easy laundering


  • It is slightly expensive

9. Best Bottom Heavy Wetter AIO

Best Bottom Heavy Wetter AIO

Choosing the best diaper for your baby is paramount. It ensures the comfort of your baby and also assures sound sleep. This cloth diaper is manufactured in the U.S.A with the premium quality material, which is free from PVC, BPA, and Lead. Best Bottom offers exclusive printed diapers for babies from 10 to 40 pounds.

This AIO diaper offers a maximum number of options to you. It consists of two layers of super absorbent bamboo viscose. It includes one size insert and six layers of bamboo viscose. Additionally, there is a soft no-pill fleece layer on the top that will keep the baby dry and comfortable. It is a perfect solution for heavy wetting at night, and the polyester outer cover is waterproof and leak-proof.

It also features one-size insert snaps in and out that facilitate the drying process. This AIO has snaps that also increase the absorbency capacity of the diaper. The size of the diaper is adjustable and has four rise settings and a crossover waist snap to take care of infants. However, remember to wash the diapers with detergent for 3-5 times before use.


  • Good quality material used that is free from PVC, BPA, and Lead
  • The soft no-pill fleece layer on the top keeps the baby buttocks dry
  • Greater absorbency capacity, perfect for heavy wetting
  • The crossover waist snap fits small infants
  • It is trim and it is waterproof, so no cover is needed
  • Leak stopper PUL strips are used on the front and back
  • The AIO Diaper has double gussets, durable snaps that prevent bedwetting


  • Some complained about leakage issues

10. Tots Bots Easyfit Star

Tots Bots Easyfit Star

This product is made in Scotland and certified by Oekotex. Tots Bots is a reputed company that manufactures all in one size cloth diaper. Each of these diapers comes with an excellent bamboo core. The bamboo core helps in enhancing the absorption capacity of the diaper, thus making it the best overnight cloth diaper. This a best-selling diaper because one size fits babies from 8- 35lbs that are applicable for a newborn to a toddler.

It also does not need any separate waterproof diaper cover. The reason parents choose this diaper is that it is very comfy for the baby. The stitches-free seams give adequate space for the bum and keep it dry. This product is washable and can be reused again.


  • This product is tested and certified
  • Soft and looks good
  • The bamboo core helps in more absorption of pee at night
  • Good for newborn babies to toddlers
  • The hook and loop fastening is easy to use
  • Stitch-free seams good for bum performance
  • This is easily washable and can be reused


  • It is a bit expensive

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Overnight Cloth Diapers

Overnight bedwetting or heavy wetting can be a major cause of concern for the baby and their parents. An ill-fitted diaper with low absorbency can result in diaper rashes, allergies, or skin infection. So parents need to be selective while choosing the cloth diaper. Read the factors below to know which one to buy for your precious darling.

1. Greater Absorbency: It is of prime importance to check the absorbency of the cloth diaper that can absorb urine quickly. Hemp and bamboo are two absorbent fabrics good for heavy wetters. While looking for an ideal cloth diaper, check the stay-dry layer on top of the diaper.

2. Sustainability or Durability: When you are choosing a reusable diaper, then your key focus should be to choose the one which is durable, such that even after regular use, the diaper coating doesn’t get peeled, or it loses its texture.

Usually, cloth diapers have a PUL cover to facilitate air dry. However, too much washing in hot water can peel the plastic coating. To encourage the sustainability of the cloth diaper, use wool diaper cover.

3. Quick Drying Time: Diaper laundering can be stressful and time-consuming. So look for diapers that have layers, which can be removed separately to reduce the drying time.

Trim and Good-fitting Diaper: Never opt for a diaper that is too small or loose for the baby. Safety and comfort should be a priority. If there is too much gap that can lead to leakage problem and can’t hold the pee overnight. So check if the diaper is trim and has flexible elastic around the baby’s leg.

4. Cost: Compare the price of the cloth diapers and choose the one that best suits your interest and budget. Disposable diapers can be more expensive in the long run. Choosing a pack of 4 or 6 or more would be more economical.

Finally, these factors can help you choose the best cloth diaper that will keep your baby to remain healthy and dry overnight.

FAQs on Overnight Cloth Diapers

Q1. Why Should We Use Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers are a good choice because it is reusable. Thus, it saves money in the long-run compared to disposable nappies. It is also ideal for babies with sensitive skin as it prevents rashes or allergies. It is soft and more skin-friendly and an eco-friendly alternative.

Q2. Can Cloth Diaper Keep Baby Dry At Night?

Yes, cloth diapers can prevent leakage of pee at night. If your baby is a heavy wetter, you can use absorbent inserts, soakers, doublers, and boosters to enhance absorbency. However, the diaper uses suede or micro-fleece materials to keep the baby dry at night.

Q3. Does A Cloth Diaper Smell More?

It can smell if not washed properly with detergent and water. The accumulation of urine generates the smell of ammonia, which can easily be removed through hand-wash or machine wash.

Why are snaps used on a cloth diaper?

The snaps are used in diapers to size it according to the baby’s weight. The vertical line snaps are used for height adjustment and the horizontal snaps for waist adjustment.

Q4. What Should I Do To Prepare The Diapers Before The First Use?

Preparing the diapers before use depends on the fabric of the cloth diaper. One or two thorough wash is enough, but for cotton cloth diapers, it may require five wash before use. This will make the diaper soft and increase its absorbency.

Best Overnight Cloth Diapers – Final Thought

Being a parent is not an easy job; a whole lot of preparation starts long before the arrival of the little one. They need to anticipate and cater to every need of the child. Parents always choose the best to keep their babies healthy and comfortable.

One of the challenges they face is night bedwetting or heavy wetting of the child that soaks their clothes and the sheets. To avoid this problem and give your child a hassle-free, sound sleep at night, be careful to choose the best cloth diapers. This article is a one-stop solution to all your questions.

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