Best Diaper Sprayers 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Purrfectzone2. BabyMojos3. Spray Pal
Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer Best Diaper SprayerBabyMojos Two Spray Mode Diaper Sprayer KitSpray Pal Diaper Sprayer

Whether you are using a cloth diaper or a disposable one, flushing out fecal matter into the toilet is important, so that it can be treated in the sewer system instead of staying in the landfill. But do you need to use your fingers to remove the mess sticking to the diaper? No, now you can use a diaper sprayer that works like a shower to dislodge the gunk and let it go down the toilet.

The best diaper sprayer is the one that is easy to install and has an adjustable water pressure. However, there are so many other things to consider too. In this guide, we have listed top 10 diaper sprayers available out there, along with their pros and cons. We have curated this list after reading hundreds of reviews and using them ourselves. With a few FAQs answered by experts in the end, it will become easier for you to make the right choice in terms of diaper sprayers.


Top 10 Best Diaper Sprayers 2022

1. Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer

Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer Best Diaper Sprayer

This is a hand-held bidet sprayer that is highly effective in removing gunk from your toilet or from a used diaper. You can not only use it to remove the mess from the diapers, but also to clean your toilet by reaching inaccessible areas, cleaning potty chairs, bathing pets, washing plates, and even refilling a fish tank. It is so easy to use with just the press of an integrated lever.

Whether you want just a dribble of water in the area or a stream of water with full pressure, you can adjust the pressure on this sprayer. The harder you press the trigger, the stronger the water pressure will be. When you fully press it, the water pressure will be strongest, and as soon as you leave the trigger, the water will stop spraying automatically.

The best thing is that using a diaper or toilet sprayer like this one is friendly to the environment. This is because when you use water pressure to clean away the gunk, you end up using less toilet paper, thus save money as well as the environment.

When you order this diaper sprayer, you receive a kit that contains all the components required for its installation and use, including washers, plumbers’ tape, sprayer holder, T-valve adapter, screws, anchors, and hose. This means that you can easily install it on your own without even requiring a plumber’s help. The hose that comes with it is nylon braided and leak-proof.

The sprayer comes with two mount options. You can either install it on a wall next to your toilet, or on your toilet tank. The sprayer head made up of stainless steel is easy to clean and resistant to rust, and the nozzle is detachable for easy cleaning. The hose is flexible, sturdy and kink-free, due to which it lasts for a long time.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Flexible and kink-free hose
  • Attractive design and finish
  • Environment friendly
  • No plumber or plumbing tools required
  • Available in chrome and brushed nickel finishes


  • Hose length is too small

2. BabyMojos Two Spray Mode Diaper Sprayer Kit

BabyMojos Two Spray Mode Diaper Sprayer Kit

This is a versatile diaper sprayer kit from BabyMojos that can be used not only to clean the diapers or the toilet, but you can also extend its 5 feet long hose to clean your bathtub, sink, and other corners of the bathroom. You can also dismount it and take it to the backyard to bathe your pets which makes it multipurpose and much more useful.

The sprayer has two options of water pressure, either soft spray or jet spray, depending on the water pressure desired. You can mount it either on the wall next to the toilet or to the toilet tank for easy access. With soft spray, you can spray off the mess without splashing it back.

For tougher cleaning tasks, you can increase the pressure at the T-valve adapter. The product comes with one year warranty, and if you are not happy, you can get your money back without any questions asked.

When you have a diaper sprayer, you feel more comfortable using reusable cloth diapers, which are friendlier to the environment than disposable diapers and save your money too. With the sprayer, you also get a wet/dry bag, in which you can store those spoiled diapers and wash them later. You also get a DIY guide to make a splatter shield for your cloth diapers.


  • Easy to use
  • 5-minute installation without professional help
  • 5 feet long hose
  • Attractive finish
  • A percentage of the money that you spend will go for a cause against child abuse
  • 1 year warranty


  • Only 2 spray modes available

3. Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer

Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer

This diaper sprayer from the house of Spray Pal also comes with a splatter shield, so that there is no chance of splash back while washing. It comes as a complete sprayer kit that is easy to install without professional help, and easy to use as well. It also saves the environment by encouraging you to use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones.

The shield is made up of eco-friendly material that is free from PVC, phthalates, and BPA. No installation is required for the shield, as you just need to open it, clip the diaper in it, spray it to remove the mess, fold it back and tuck it behind your toilet. Once the gunk is removed, your cloth diaper is good to go in the laundry. The best thing is that the shield is quite tall so that there is no splash back while you are spraying the diaper on full water pressure.


  • A great combination of sprayer and a shield
  • Shield made up of eco-friendly material
  • Easy to use and install
  • Shield folds flat
  • Hands-free cleaning of the gunk


  • After use, if you forget to turn off the water pressure, water starts leaking from the nozzle

4. RinseWorks Bundle of Aquaus SprayMate

RinseWorks Bundle of Aquaus SprayMate

The combination of this diaper sprayer and splatter shield is perfect for cleaning and rinsing spoiled diapers in the toilet. It is made up of strong and corrosion-free polymers that are resistant to impact. The company claims that it is the only diaper sprayer that is NSF Certified. Featuring ceramic seals and brass valve core, it is rust resistant and long lasting.

The shield has bottom and side walls to prevent splash back and splatter. When the gunk is contained within the shield, the other parts of your bathroom and toilet remain clean and germ free. The package also includes a drip pan, an EZ Reach tool to stretch the diaper, and 6 spring clips to hold the diaper in place. The water pressure can be controlled with your thumb. It comes with 3 year warranty to assure quality and durability.


  • NSF certified
  • Comes with a splatter shield
  • Made up of rust-resistant, impact resistant, and corrosion resistant material
  • 3 year warranty
  • Shield can be stored next to the toilet
  • Shield can be used as a trash can when not in use


  • 6 clips that come with it may break easily

5. GPI Diaper Sprayer Set

GPI Diaper Sprayer Set

This diaper sprayer can be used not only as a diaper sprayer, but also as a bidet or toilet sprayer. The installation can be done quite easily without calling a plumber, as it comes with all the required components. It features a chrome plated solid brass shut off valve, that allows you to adjust the water pressure as per your requirements.

The chrome finish of the sprayer head looks aesthetically appealing, and matches well with the interiors of any bathroom. The ergonomic handle is easy to use and maneuver, and you can easily control water pressure with its integrated trigger.

It also comes with a wall mount with chrome finish, which completes the look of the entire gadget. The best thing is that the materials used for making this sprayer set are completely free from lead, BPA, latex, and phthalates.

The sprayer also comes with a 60 inches hose, which is long enough to do a variety of tasks in the bathroom, including cleaning and washing. It is a spiral metal hose, chrome plated and aluminum wrapped, with rubber washer. Therefore, it is quite flexible and does not kink. Along with the wall mount, it also comes with all the screws and parts needed for DIY installation. It comes with limited lifetime warranty for your satisfaction.


  • Easy DIY installation
  • Attractive looks
  • All parts included in the package
  • BPA, latex, phthalate, and lead free material
  • 60 inches long hose
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Pressure is low even on highest setting

6. WOSKY Handheld Diaper And Toilet Sprayer

WOSKY Handheld Diaper and Toilet Sprayer

This handheld diaper and toilet sprayer is made up of anti-rust aluminum material. It features a 7-hole nozzle that sprays water over a wider area while keeping water pressure under control. Its ergonomically designed groove handle is slip-resistant and easy to grip. Water pressure can be adjusted by turning the dial to switch from soft to high-pressure flow.

The sprayer is equipped with a powerful massaging jet that can give a gentle massage to your skin. The sprayer is extremely easy to install, as its package contains all the necessary equipment, including 59 inches long stainless steel hose, a bidet, plumbers’ tape, T-valve, and a water tank hook. The beautiful silver body of the sprayer matches well with all bathroom themes.

The hose that comes with it is flexible and kink-free, and it is long enough to do all your cleaning and washing tasks easily. It also comes with a 30 days money back guarantee, which means that you can be sure of its quality and satisfaction. The product has received many satisfactory reviews and you can buy it without much worries.


  • Attractive looks
  • Easy use and installation
  • Adjustable water pressure with a dial turn
  • Ergonomic design handle
  • 59 inches long hose
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • Water spray is not that strong for diaper cleaning

7. Shile Handheld Bidet Sprayer

Shile Handheld Bidet Sprayer

This handheld bidet sprayer from Shile is made up of high quality stainless material and is given a smooth brushed nickel finish. It is extremely easy to install, and all the family members irrespective of age and gender can use it easily. It works not only as a toilet sprayer and diaper sprayer, but can also be used to do your washing tasks in the garden area, kitchen or yard.

The package contains all the necessary accessories for installation, including the sprayer, T-adapter, wall holder, and a 1.2 meters stainless steel hose. The hose is flexible and kink-free, and it is long enough to carry out your washing and cleaning tasks easily. Use the hook holder to affix the sprayer to your toilet. The brushed nickel finish adapts well to all types and themes of bathrooms.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • 1.2 meters long stainless steel hose
  • Versatile use for multiple purposes
  • Easy use and installation


  • Nozzle starts leaking over time

8. Diaper Dawgs Dual Mode Diaper Sprayer

Diaper Dawgs Dual Mode Diaper Sprayer

This kit from Diaper Dawgs contains all the components needed to mess-free diaper spraying and cleaning. The powerful sprayer in this kit also comes with a splatter shield and a wringing pad. The sprayer allows you to switch between two modes of spray, including soft spray and jet stream, with just a simple twist.

The wringing pad locks in all the bacteria and germs while cleaning. When you wash the diapers immediately with this sprayer, they do not accumulate stains and they keep looking like new for long. The funnel system not only prevents splatter and splash back, but also prevents germs to spread in your bathroom.

You can install the diaper sprayer on any regular toilet in just a few simple steps. It comes with a 4 feet metal hose that allows comfortable spray every time. It also has a brass water diverter valve, with which you can adjust water pressure or completely shut it off when not in use. The shield fits in your palm and can be folded down.


  • Extremely easy to install without any professional help
  • Wringing pad included to contain germs
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Switch between two spray modes with a simple twist


  • Water needs to be turned off after each use

9. LYOOMALL Diaper Sprayer Kit

LYOOMALL Diaper Sprayer Kit

This diaper sprayer from LYOOMALL is made up of 304 stainless steel material with nickel finish. It is sleek, durable, and resistant to heat, corrosion and rust. The 48 inches hose is also flexible and durable due to its stainless steel casing and EPDM inner tube. Its T adapter is made up of brass, that makes it extremely strong and corrosion resistant. The stainless steel hanger is easy to install, mount and assemble with the help of a screw driver.

The package comes with all the components required for its complete installation without professional help. You have the option to either mount it on the wall or on your toilet tank. Just turn the lever on its T-valve to adjust the water pressure from forceful to soft. Versatile use ranges from diaper cleaning and toilet cleaning to pet bathing and potty training.

The ergonomic design of the sprayer allows you to wash the diaper with one hand only. You don’t need to turn off the water either, as it closes automatically. However, once you are done, cut off the water supply to avoid unnecessary pressure on the valve.


  • High quality 304 stainless material
  • Attractive nickel finish
  • Easy to install
  • Two options for mounting
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Automatic shut off
  • Versatile use
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Leakage problems over time

10. Eco Aligned Toilet Sprayer

Eco Aligned Toilet Sprayer

This diaper sprayer from Eco Aligned is made up of stainless steel, that is resistant to corrosion, rust and impact. Having versatile use in the bathroom, kitchen, garden or yard, this handheld bidet is easy to install without any professional help. By making cloth diapering easier, it reduces your carbon footprint on the environment.

It comes with a hose that is braided in the interiors, so that you can stay assured against any leakage and flooding disasters. The high quality hose is high in quality and can withstand extremely low or hot water temperatures. You can easily control the water pressure and switch between mini-fire to gentle stream modes. It can easily remove stubborn spots without any splash back.

The stainless steel construction of the sprayer has a brass valve core, which is extremely durable and aesthetically appealing. It also comes with one year full warranty, so that you can be rest assured for its quality and durability.


  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Brass valve core
  • Easy to install
  • Eco-friendly
  • Different modes to adjust water pressure
  • One year full warranty


  • Water may leak if you don’t turn off the water after use

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Diaper Sprayer

1. Ease Of Installation

The diaper sprayer should be easy to install. Most sprayers come with a complete kit that includes all the components required to install it.

2. Mounting

Give attention to the mounting method of the sprayer. Most sprayers can be mounted on the wall next to the toilet or even on the toilet tank.

3. Water Pressure Adjustment

The diaper sprayer that you choose should have a feature to adjust water pressure as per your needs. Also make sure that the water pressure is enough to do your washing tasks easily.

4. Looks

Stainless steel, brushed nickel, and chrome finishes are the best for bathrooms. They match with all types of bathroom décors and do not look old over time as well.

5. Quality

Quality should be given due attention, as the best diaper sprayer is made up of durable material which is resistant to rust and corrosion.

6. Length Of Hose

Hose length should be enough, so that you don’t find it uncomfortable to stretch and do your washing work.

7. Warranty

Like any other component in your bathroom and other parts of the house, diaper sprayers also come with a warranty. Give attention to the warranty period provided by the brand you are thinking about buying.

8. Price

Most diaper sprayers are available within the price range of $30 to $60. However, the price depends on the quality, brand and components of the sprayer. Make a budget and find the one within that limit.

FAQs on Diaper Sprayer

Q1. How Does A Diaper Sprayer Help?

Many times, poop in the diaper is solid which can be easily shaken off to go down the toilet. But sometimes, it is semi-loose and sticks to the diaper. In that case, you need to swirl the diaper which is gross and unhygienic. At such times, a diaper sprayer comes to be of great use, as you can direct a stream of water to the poop without touching it with your hands.

Q2. Is A Cloth Diaper Better Than Disposable Ones?

Yes. There are several benefits of using cloth diapers over disposable ones. Cloth diapers are reusable, as the poop can be washed and the diaper can be reused any number of times. Cloth diapers are also eco-friendly, as disposable diapers can lie in the landfills for hundreds of years and cause pollution. Cloth diapers save your money as well, as disposable diapers are expensive while cloth diapers are reusable.

Q3. What Are The Other Uses Of A Diaper Sprayer?

As its name suggests, the basic purpose of a diaper sprayer is to spray off poop from the diapers. But this device can be used for a variety of other purposes as well, such as washing your intimates after using the toilet, tilting the nozzle to clean the toilet in the corners, washing your sink and bathtub, showering your pet, etc. You may also install it in your garden or yard to water your plants or wash the floor. A long hose can be attached to wash your cars as well. Wherever you want a shower of water, you can have this diaper sprayer handy.

Q4. What Is The Use Of Shield That Came With The Diaper Sprayer?

Shield is used to keep your diaper in, so that the poop does not splash back and it does not spoil your toilet seat, walls and your clothes. You can easily clip the spoiled diaper in the shield and spray the poop with the spray without using your hands.

Go For Cloth Diapers And Save The Environment, As Cleaning Made Easier With The Best Diaper Sprayer

When using reusable cloth diapers diaper sprayers come very handy. They also help you minimizing your carbon footprint because use and throw diapers create large amount of environmental waste .

Here, we have given you complete information about what the best available options for diaper sprayers are, and what factors you must consider while choosing the best one. 10 Best diaper sprayers mentioned in this list are durable and multipurpose you can buy any one of them that meets all your needs.

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