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Best ABDL Diapers 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Fit-Flex2. Fit-Flex3. Amazon Brand
Depend FIT-FlEX Best ABDL DiapersDepend FIT-FlEX Amazon Brand

If you are suffering from bladder issues and want to put an end to them once and for all, the best ABDL diapers, which have a high level of absorbency, would be the way to go. They will give you comfortable protection, and wearing one can prevent many awkward public situations.

Furthermore, these best ABDL diapers can give you optimum support to urinate freely in case you are struggling with limited mobility. One can easily defecate by sitting and lying down after wearing them.

However, choosing the accurate size, style, type, comfort, and absorbency level among a wide range of collections is necessary to avoid some major discomfort. In this post, not only will you get the proper guidance of buying adult diapers but also some vital buying tips, and other useful information that will help you make an informed decision.


You will also find some frequently asked questions that people often wonder about answered here. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our quest to find the best ABDL diapers from the ten handpicked selections below.

Top 15 Best ABDL Diapers 2022

1. Depend Fit-Flex 

Depend FIT-FlEX Best ABDL Diapers

Depend FIT-FlEX Incontinence Underwear for Women is one of the best ABDL diapers available in the market. This diaper is perfectly suitable for waist size 29-43. One adult diaper will last all day, and they come with maximum absorbency protection that can give you an extra wide and extra thick leak guard for many hours.

Along with that, this adult diaper has the extra tall leakage proof cover to control enough bowel and bladder, making it ideal for daily usages. In this value package, you are getting two packs of 26 diapers in each, with fun printing patterns in every diaper.


  • Easily attachable with underwear
  • Maximum absorbency and odor control formula
  • Soft and flexible material
  • This product is skin-friendly


  • Sometimes the product can vary from the picture given

2. Depend Fit-Flex 

Depend FIT-FlEX 

If you are looking for a perfect fit adult diaper, your wait is over with the top quality Depend FIT-FlEX Incontinence Underwear for Male. This adult diaper is specially designed for males. It provides you with a better fit and adjusts according to your body type. This, being one of the best ABDL diapers money can buy, will boost your confidence if you have bowel problems, thanks to its advanced anti-leak guard technology.

Depend FIT-FlEX Incontinence Underwear for Male comes with 4d odor protection cover and will maintain tenderness of the skin. It further comes fitted with secure skin closures for a worry-free experience. In a nutshell, you must try this ultra-light adult diaper before deciding on the ideal one for you.


  • Absorbs odor effectively.
  • Extremely comfortable fabric
  • 100% skin protection.
  • The quick absorbent formula will keep one dry all day long


  • A bit expensive
  • Fewer color options available

3. Amazon Brand

Amazon Brand

Are you tired of using ill-fit diapers? Then you will find the right option in Amazon Brand Solimo Incontinence Adult Diaper. These are one of the best ABDL diapers available in the market that will fulfill your needs completely. The material of this diaper is skin-friendly and soft. Most people get worried about the leakage of the adult diapers, but this one guarantees you complete security and zero leakage. Both males and females can use this adult diaper, and it is perfect for daily use. The inner padding of the product will additionally provide you with a relaxed feeling throughout the day.


  • Super lightweight.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with the company’s 100% refund policy
  • Plush and comfortable material
  • Help you keep your skin cool


  • The product label lacks a detailed description
  • Single color option

4. Always Discreet

Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence

Discreet Postpartum Underwear for Women is made of soft material and has a secure skin closure, which makes it very convenient to use. The product has an excellent absorbency feature that will keep you dry all day long. Its massive absorbency power makes it a perfect choice for the people who have urine and bowel problems.

These best ABDL diapers are available in two different sizes – large and medium. The medium size is perfect for the waist of 28 to 37, and the large one is suitable for 30 to 47. This product is primarily aimed at females to be used in their postpartum stage.

Discreet Postpartum Underwear for Women can hold approx 4500 ml of liquid and be easily adjusted with your daily wear.


  • Super absorbent facility
  • The core turns the liquid into gel, keeping one fresh and dry
  • Can control your overactive bladder and heaviest leaks
  • Can easily adjust to your body shape


  • Not very affordable

5. Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence

Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence

Are you looking for a breathable outer cover for your daily wear? Then try Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence & Postpartum Woman Underwear, one of the best ABDL diapers one can buy. It has a non-allergic elastic crotch with 100% odor protection, which eliminates any unpleasant smell effectively.

This adult diaper is made of fluff pulp, which maintains the airflow efficiently and keeps you dry all day long. The product is suitable for the waist sizes of 27 to 47. Made especially for women, it will not give you any skin irritations, unlike some others.

Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence & Postpartum Woman Underwear will go with any of your outfits, including traditional wear as well.


  • Specially designed for small size
  • Two packs of adult diapers in a single order
  • Flexible materials offer the best comfort
  • Can absorb the leakage immediately


  • A little pricey

6. Amazon Solimo Incontinence

Amazon Solimo Incontinence

We don’t think there can be anyone who is not aware of the Amazon Solimo Incontinence Underwear for Women, especially if they are looking for the best ABDL diapers. It is one of the contemporary underwear for women, specifically designed to solve their leakage issues.

However, apart from dealing with the bladder leakage problem, it can be used in multiple situations like periods, postpartum leakage, and more. It is also great for people who sweat a lot. This can be worn underneath any dresses as it helps you accentuate the structure of your body.

Being dry-fit, the diaper will soak up all the wetness and provide you with a clean and dry surface. Furthermore, its premium quality fabric will prevent any irritation or redness, giving you the ultimate comfort you deserve. Amazon is offering this to you for an affordable price, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Anytime after purchase, if you feel like you are having issues with the product, you can contact the sellers directly with the help of the given help-line-number.


  • FSA eligible.
  • Can claim a refund at any given point if you don’t like the product.
  • Gives you the best fit you can ask for
  • Easy and comfortable to wear


  • For one time use only with a single color option

7. Depend Real Fit Incontinence 

Depend Real Fit Incontinence 

Depend Real Fit Incontinence Adult Diaper for Men is one of the best ABDL Diapers available to buy for men. It can absorb approx 44oz of fluid to keep the moisture away from the skin.

After wearing this adult diaper, you will not get any skin rashes or breakdown, and it helps to keep your skin soft. The product is extremely lightweight; hence, you can carry it easily inside a small handbag as well.

Depend Real Fit Incontinence Adult Diaper for Men comes with a smooth tape tab strong closer. You can continue your everyday activity after wearing this ABDL diaper.

It comes in seven different sizes, such as youth, xs, small, medium, large, xl, and 2xl. However, before you start wearing one, you should check the measurement of your waist, and only then purchasing according to your size would be a good idea.


  • Can instantly lock away the odor and wetness
  • Super plush material for all-day comfort
  • Comes with a stretchable waistband
  • Its tailored leg can prevent the leaks easily


  • Available in grey color only

8. Depend Silhouette Incontinence

Depend Silhouette Incontinence

This adult diaper is specially made for adult women. However, as the name suggests, Depend Silhouette Incontinence Women Underwear is one of the best ABDL diapers that feel precisely like underwear, and one will not be able to differentiate between the two.

It is made of premium quality fabric and extremely comfortable to wear. It also works as shapewear, meaning you will get a perfect figure by wearing this diaper. It has an ultra-soft liner that is specially designed to provide super gentle feeling on the skin.

Depend Silhouette Incontinence Women Underwear provides maximum water absorbance for trusted 24×7 leak-proof protection. It can lock away odor and wetness; hence, ideal for people who have bladder inconvenience or experience postpartum bladder leakage.

Once you wear it under your clothes, you will forget that you are even wearing something underneath. It feels so much better than those old school bulky adult diapers, no wonder everyone is opting for them.


  • High absorbance power gives an optimum leakage-proof experience
  • Smooth fabric offers easy wear time and doesn’t cause any irritation or rashes
  • Can be used as shapewear as well
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit women of every shape and size


  • Available only in the USA

9. Prevail Extra Absorbency Incontinence

Prevail Extra Absorbency Incontinence

Are you tired of wearing bulky adult diapers that irritate your skin as well as fail to provide maximum protection against water leakage? Then you have not tried Prevail’s High Absorbency Youth/Small Adults Breathable Underwear Diapers yet.

They are meant for youth as well as young adults, and most suited for those who have the size between 20 to 34 inches. Both men and women can wear this unisex adult diapers underneath their pants to avoid any kind of leakage.

There are several reasons why it is hailed as one of the best ABDL diapers by its users. Bladder leakage can cause various types of problems among adults, and that’s why Prevail has come with its new proprietary dry-fit technology to control bladder leakage that helps you to stay five times drier than with standard diapers.


  • Latest technology to provide you with the best bladder leakage solutions
  • No skin irritation or rash problems even when used for an extended period
  • Available in the medium and large size.
  • Both youth and young adults can use this underwear


  • Comes only in one white color option

10. Tranquility Overnight Underwear

Tranquility Overnight Underwear

Typical adult diapers can inflict irritation and cause bodily discomfort as well. The new Tranquility Overnight Absorbency Underwear is one of the most comfortable diapers which will provide you high absorbency, thanks to its highly-absorbent core that protects your skin from excessive leakage. These are the best ABDL diapers that can be used regularly and for all day long.

Tranquility Overnight Absorbency Underwear comes with different prints and designs. This product has big leak guards, which covers the brief completely. If you have bladder or bowel problems, this product will protect you from any type of awkward situation.

It has easy adjustment features, and both men and women can use this product. The underwear comes with an extra absorption layer that can eliminate moisture from the front and back portions efficiently.


  • Can control heavy leakage
  • Can be adjusted according to body shape
  • The material is comfortable.
  • Extra absorbent underwear
  • Comes with special odor guard technology
  • A skin-friendly product and protects one from rashes.


  • Not much color and size options to choose from

11. Amazon Brand Solimo Incontinence 

Amazon Brand Solimo Incontinence 

If you are looking for some extremely comfortable adult diapers with super absorbent features, then you must try this Amazon Brand Solimo Incontinence underwear. This product has a long-lasting tape, which one cannot remove easily and will prevent any leakage. Besides, the exterior is made of thick and high-quality polyurethane material, making it one of the best ABDL diapers. You can wear it under any type of outfit.

As the product is unisex, both men and women can wear it without any issue. Moreover, it can also provide you with overnight protection. Amazon Brand Solimo Incontinence Underwear is completely skin-friendly, and you can travel without any worry wearing these diapers.


  • Unisex adult diapers
  • Can absorb up to 5200ml
  • Its quick absorbency formula can lock the wetness very rapidly
  • will keep one dry throughout the whole night
  • Comes in four-diapers in a pack


  • The product is available in large size only

12. Tranquility SmartCoreTM Adult Briefs

Tranquility SmartCoreTM Adult Briefs

Are you tired of using old and ordinary diapers? Try the Tranquility SmartCoreTM Adult Briefs, and being one of the best ABDL diapers, you are sure to get amazed by its premium quality materials and long-lasting performance. This diaper comes with different designs and prints, which are also very different from the other brands available in the market. This is not a bad thing at all since the users seem to like them.

Leaking can make one go through some awkward situations, and those who are suffering from such bladder issues, they can completely trust Tranquility SmartCoreTM Adult Briefs. After wearing this diaper, they are not likely to face any such leakage problems.

It is wearable under any of your outfits and provides you with optimum support. The product has a high-quality outer surface and, therefore, can give you additional absorbency. It also comes with a robust leg band, offering you some extra protection.


  • Hassle-free and wearable under any dress
  • Effective absorbency formula guarantees no leakage
  • Comes with soft inner padding
  • Has a wetness indicator
  • Breathable side panels
  • Waterproof material
  • Comes fitted micro–hook closure tabs
  • Offers antimicrobial and antifungal protection, and pretty skin-friendly as well


  • It is available only in green color

13. Tranquility Incontinence Personal Care Pads

Tranquility Incontinence Personal Care Pads

Urinary issues are very irritating, and it can give you some hard times. However, with the help of Tranquility Incontinence Personal Care Pads, your life will be a lot easier. This product is extremely thick and soft; hence, you must try these best ABDL diapers for complete safety. It features a quick absorbent formula that can dry out your skin very comfortably and provide overnight protection, even if you have an excessive bladder leakage problem.

Tranquility Incontinence Personal Care Pads come with fantastic inner pads that can effectively control the bad odor. It will adapt your body shape very easily and will not affect your overall look. The quality of the waistband of this product is also premium.

This adult diaper is suitable for everybody having bladder issues, and especially if you have any bedridden family member going through some tough situations due to limited mobility, this product can be the ideal choice for them.


  • Works efficiently for any type of urinary problem
  • Ultra-convenient to use
  • Has an incredible absorbent feature
  • Can be used while traveling
  • Controls bad odor
  • Provides complete overnight protection
  • Its moisture-proof construction makes it easily usable underneath any outfit
  • Comes with a breathable outer cover
  • Unisex product and fits comfortably


  • Available in one size.
  • The product is steeply-priced

14. Prevail Maximum Absorbency Incontinence

Prevail Maximum Absorbency Incontinence

Prevail offers these dry fit briefs that are meant for women specifically and can be worn day and night. The specially designed shape of the product provides a better grip and ultra-dry protection. Since the diaper is meant for women, it comes with a special elastic band that offers a stronghold, which is comfortable as well.

The smooth, discreet, and feminine touch of the ultra-soft cover makes it suitable to be worn for a longer period. It has several protective layers with an anti-leakage formula that make the diaper capable of soaking even in extreme conditions and doesn’t get heavy easily.

Prevail Incontinence Protective Female 2X Large Underwear features a new technology called the Omni-Odour Guard that minimizes any odor that might occur and thus keep you fresh for an extended period. For its unique design and comfortable layer, Many users consider this product as one of the best ABDL diapers in the market right now.


  • Available in 4 sizes.
  • Doesn’t give you any irritation or rashes
  • Can wear it the whole day
  • Lightweight and leak proof.


  • A little bit on the expensive side

15. Attends Bariatric Protective Underwear

Attends Bariatric Protective Underwear

Attends bariatric protective underwear is undoubtedly one of the best ABDL diapers in the market that, too, for all good reasons. This adult diaper comes in a packet of 48 pieces, and each one of the bags consists of 12 pieces of premium diapers.

The extremely comfortable side panels have softer and more stretch, which provides a better wear experience without any irritation. The stretch formula and the fit is meant to fit and suit every body type. Also, the special acquisition layer and super absorbent polymer channels lock the fluid in its place and also keeps the odor away. You can easily jump around and move wearing it without any hesitation. One can also sit however they want while wearing this.

Thanks to its discreet design, Attends Bariatric Protective Underwear with Special Derma Dry Technology can be wearable everywhere with any of your outfits, and it will not affect the way you look. Also, the diaper can correct minor body shape issues and make you appear more attractive.


  • The pad area is quite wide
  • Thick and wide enough to fit even the healthiest adult
  • Extra soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Leakage proof and also locks away the odor
  • Can be worn under anything


  • No color option is also available.

Factors to Look Before You Buy The best ABDL Diapers

These days millions of people face bladder issues. And if you are one of them facing such urinary problems, then you should buy only the best quality adult diapers. However, choosing the ideal one according to your requirements can be tricky since there are different types of adult diapers available in the market. Hence, you want to go through the factors mentioned below to select one based on your specific needs. Here are the few vital things that you should check before purchasing an adult diaper.

1. Size

Size is one of the critical factors that you must check before deciding on an adult diaper. Although many people think that larger diapers will hold more, this is not the truth. If the diaper is too large or too small, then it can give you leakage issues.

Hence, you must follow the manufacturer’s size guide and compare yours to achieve the perfect fit. Also, you have to remember that the medium size of one manufacturer can be equal to a small variant for another brand, so you want to keep that in mind if you are hoping brands frequently.

2. Material

There are two types of materials available for adult diapers – plastic back and breathable. While the breathable ones can give you better airflow, the diapers with plastic backs will perform better in terms of keeping you dry. Also, both of these products are thinner; hence, they are not easily identifiable. Before purchasing the best ABDL diapers, you must check the material according to your choice.

3. Absorbency

Before buying the adult diapers, you should check whether the absorbing efficiency of the diaper is high or average. Also, the requirements of absorbency are different for day and night time. You must use the high absorbency adult pads at night because the urine flow is heavy at night.

Liquid absorption is quite crucial, and an adult diaper must be capable of keeping you dry by soaking all the moisture. Otherwise, it may cause several skin issues like a rash, itchiness, and more. However, if you want to ensure healthy skin while wearing adult diapers, you want to use only the best ABDL diapers with adequate absorbing capacity.

FAQs on ABDL Diapers

Q1. Can Adults Use Baby Diapers?

Even if you are thin enough to fit in the large size of a baby diaper, doctors or professionals will not suggest this ever. Baby diapers are exclusively designed for babies and not adults, that’s why even if you manage to fit in one somehow, it will not hold your leakage and cause you irritation as well. There are several top quality ABDL diapers you can choose from for your abdominal leakage or postpartum leakage problems.

Q2. Which Diaper Holds The Most Pee, Adult, Or Baby Diapers?

Undoubtedly adult diapers hold more pee than baby diapers. Because babies can’t urinate much and they only urinate in between their meals whereas adults produce much more amount of pee than babies and can pee several times a day, including post meals pee.

Otherwise, the structure of the two is more or less the same as they both are made of cotton and topped with powdery sodium polyacrylate. Adult diapers can soak more than baby diapers, and other than that, they also provide better support and are sleeker than baby diapers.

Adult diapers work as a body shaper, which is not a function available to baby diapers. Also, adult diapers are available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics, so you have a wide range of variety to choose from. To buy the best ABDL diapers, you have to take care of these things and then choose accordingly.

Q3. Why Do Adults Pee In Diapers?

Unlike babies, adults don’t pee in diapers intentionally. They mainly pee in the diapers because they have some severe health issues, or they are old enough and can’t move on their own. That’s when they use a diaper to pee in it.

People who are admitted to a hospital and can’t move on their own also wear adult diapers to avoid peeing in the bed. Some off the best ABDL diapers are perfect for people who are paralyzed and can’t go to the toilet alone. Also, they come in different colors that would make them less boring.

Q4. Is It Safe To Wear An Adult Diaper 24*7?

Given all the advanced technologies and unique features, it is now totally safe to wear an adult diaper the whole day long. In some ways, adult diapers are similar to baby diapers. Both of them have a soft surface and do not cause any harm to the skin or the body parts.

They are extra gentle on the skin and will not create any kind of skin irritation or rashes. Also, they are leak-proof and have a wide belt and surface for healthier people. Lots of different types of adult diapers are there; you can choose from the options given above. The best ABDL diapers are readily available in both online and offline.

Different Types Of Adult Diapers One Can Opt For

As you can see in the description above, there are multiple types of adult diapers from various companies. The manufacturers have differentiated adult diapers based on some crucial things such as size, color, durability, leakage, soaking ability, softness, comfort, and others. When you are going for an adult diaper, there are essential factors you have to keep in mind before investing your money in a diaper that may or may not suit you or meet your needs.

Unlike baby diapers, adult diapers come in the way many more sizes than baby diapers. More or less, all babies have largely the same kind of body structure or size, and that’s why it is easy to choose diapers for your baby. Whereas for adults, it is way more complicated as every person has a different body type and structure.

Adult diapers can be worn under your dress, and you can wear them almost everywhere without affecting your outer look.

Besides, even if you are at home, you can wear it 24*7 without any difficulties. One needs to keep all these critical points in mind and only buy the ones that perfectly suit their budget and requirements. If you still find it challenging to select the ideal product, you can very well choose any from the best ABDL diapers reviewed above without any worries as they all were extensively tested by our reviewers already.

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