Best Baby Powders 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Johnson’s2. Caldesene3. Gold Bond
Johnson's Baby Powder Best Baby PowderCaldesene Medicated Protecting PowderGold Bond CORNST Plus Baby PWD

One of the significant needs of baby care other than food, clothing, and diapers is baby powders. Their skin is sensitive, and diapers, clothes, or even moisture and humidity can rash. These powders give a good fragrance to the baby’s body and also helps in keeping the baby’s body rash and chafe-free

Mothers have been using baby powders for centuries. These powder brands keep changing their formulas to make it better and match them with the current requirements and developments. One of the most significant actions that changed the baby powders formulation entirely happened in recent years. It was found that talc can cause cancer in women and children; natural, chemical-free powders keep the bacterial growth at bay, the baby does not suffer from a wet body and it remains hygienic and dry.

There are hundreds of brands in the market selling the best baby powder that are talc-free, but some of the powders contain other harmful ingredients or chemicals that can harm your baby’s skin. As a responsible parent, you want best for your baby, but with so many options and confusing labels making the right choice can sometimes become overwhelming. Therefore, we have made a list of 17 best baby powders that are natural, organic, and talc-free.


We have carefully selected the companies that are well known and old in this market. Along with this, you will also find a section of FAQS and factors to look for when choosing the best baby powder. Lets first look into our list of top 17 baby powders.

Top 17 Best Baby Powders 2022

1. Johnson’s Baby Powder 

Johnson's Baby Powder Best Baby Powders

Johnson’s is a well-known name in baby products, and they are manufacturing them for over 125 years. They are known to keep improving their products based on the new researches. The powder is completely hypoallergenic, and even the application is simple, you ca simply dab it on to the surface of the baby’s bum or the underarm area.  It is known to absorb the moisture and keeps your babies gentle skin soft and smooth.


  • Dermatologist-tested.
  • Clinically proven mild
  • 100% gentle.
  • Free of parabens, phthalates, dyes.
  • Free from harsh fragrances.
  • The light and silky texture make it easy to apply.
  • Value for money as it comes in pack of three


  • The size of the bottle differs from the picture

2. Caldesene Medicated Protecting Powder 

Caldesene Medicated Protecting Powder

Diaper rashes are one of the common problems in small babies and toddlers. Rashes can also be caused by heat or moist skin. Sometimes babies and adults may also suffer from chafing. It will also help you in removing sand from your skin quickly by absorbing all the moisture. This does not contain any harmful chemical or fragrance and can be applied very easily. It is ideal even to be used by the whole family.


  • Formulated with cornstarch and zinc oxide
  • Safe to use.
  • Talc-free
  • Fresh and clean scent.
  • Does not lead to skin irritation, itching and rashes
  • Soothes absorbs and protects the skin.
  • Prevents and protects chafed skin and diaper rash


  • Cap is difficult to use

3. Gold Bond Cornst Plus

Gold Bond CORNST Plus Baby PWD

Gold bond is making baby products since 1908 and is a well-reputed name in the industry. This baby powder is medicated baby powder with triple action relief, meaning it protects, soothes, and softens babies’ delicate skin. It absorbs moisture and prevents diaper rash as well as chafing.


  • Medicated baby powder.
  • Protects against chafing.
  • It heals without affecting the skin condition of the baby
  • It ha therapeutic value and it helps in reducing irritation and in absorbing moisture
  • Protects against diaper rash.
  • Protects minor skin irritations.
  • Prevents moisture buildup and wetness.
  • Provides therapeutic skincare.


  • Some users complained of increased skin rashes.

4.  Johnson’s Baby Powder 

Johnson's Baby Powder 

This is a cornstarch formula to soothe your baby’s skin and keep him free from rashes and chafing. It contains a natural lavender smell that keeps your baby smelling good always. It contains cornstarch and comes in a lovely packaging as well. It lasts long, and it is completely non-toxic in nature.


  • Free from parabens, phthalates, and dyes.
  • Light and silky texture.
  • It can be used as a dry shampoo.
  • Cornstarch formula
  • It does not contain dyes and sulphates
  • It can be used away from the face and can be applied to the baby’s body
  • Dermatologist test
  • Very mild and gentle


  • Smells to strong

5. Johnson’s Baby Powder With Naturally Derived Cornstarch Aloe 

Johnson's Baby Powder With Naturally Derived Cornstarch Aloe 

This baby powder from Johnson’s is specially designed using Aloe & Vitamin E to keep your baby’s skin soft and fresh. Derived from cornstarch, it is one of the best baby powders.


  • Tested by dermatologists
  • Hypoallergenic and free from parabens, phthalates, dyes,
  • No harsh fragrances.
  • Good for kids and adults, both.
  • It can be used at the beach to remove sand from the body
  • Can be used as a dry shampoo to keep the adult hair non-greasy and non-frizzy
  • It is free from parabens, dyes and sulphates


  • Contains Hydroxyapatite, derived from bovine bone.

6. Anti Monkey Butt Baby Powder 

Anti Monkey Butt Baby Powder

Soreness, itching, redness caused by clothes and sweating can ruin the entire day but using Anti monkey formula, you can keep your baby and yourself free from all these problems. Designed by dedicated dirt bikers in 2003, it is a safe to use and effective product. It is talc-free and can absorb sweat.


  • Prevent diaper rash and Chafing.
  • Made using cornstarch
  • Contains calamine
  • Safe and therapeutic.
  • Fights friction
  • value for money – Pack of 3


  • Bottles are half empty

7. Little Twig All Natural Baby Powder

Little Twig All Natural Baby Powder

We all want the best for our babies, and little twig is known to produce 100% pure and natural products such as Grapeseed Oil, green clay, and cornstarch. It is a talc-free safe formula to keep your baby’s skin dry and nourished. It is gentle on sensitive skin.


  • Certified by Leaping Bunny.
  • Made in the USA.
  • No talc
  • Few ingredients
  • Helps in preventing diaper and butt rash
  • Gives a soft soothing effect to chafed skin
  • Therapeutic in nature
  • Good value pack
  • Effective


  • Quite expensive
  • Chalky and gritty.

8. Baby Powder Talc Free

Baby Powder Talc Free

Made from all-natural ingredients, it is nutrient-rich and organic baby powder. It helps cure dry, chapped, or damaged skin of kids and adults both. There are no toxins and harsh ingredients in this product, and that’s why it is one of the best baby powder. Kaolin in this powder removes skin toxins.  Rosemary gives this powder an amazing smell and antimicrobial qualities.

Rosemary also contains antioxidants and helps reducing skin damage. Calendula oil used in it is known to treat skin inflation and has antifungal, antibacterial properties.  Marigold flower is used to distil this oil. It also helps in stopping bleeding and speed healing. Arrowroot powder used in this formula is known to kill bacteria and soothes pain.


  • Nutrient-rich.
  • USDA certified.
  • No harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients.
  • 100% natural and Organic.
  • They are known to reduce inflammation, dryness, and moisture.


  • Expensive

9. Johnsons Medicated Diaper Rash Baby Powder

Johnsons Medicated Diaper Rash Baby Powder,

Johnson’s is manufacturing baby products for 125 years, and they keep improving their formulas as per new research and feedbacks of consumers. It contains zinc oxide and this leads better longevity and freshness to the baby’s skin. This Johnson’s product is a specially designed medicated formula with zinc oxide and cornstarch to protect your baby’s gentle skin.


  • Dermatologist-tested powder formula
  • Zinc oxide used to protect skin
  • Completely hypoallergenic
  • It treats minor and major skin irritations and boils
  • Trusted brand


  • Strong smell.

10. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder

Burt’s Bees Baby has been manufacturing diaper ointment, cream, powders, and baby wipes. The smell of this powder is light and pleasant. It is a 100% natural formula made from corn starch and free from talc.


  • Keeps baby’s skin soft
  • Lightly scented and can be used as a dry shampoo for adult hair
  • You can shake the powder, take it in hand and then dab on to the baby’s skin
  • Can be stored and carried easily
  • Meant to provide gentle comfort to the skin
  • 100% Natural
  • No parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, or SLS.
  • paediatrician tested


  • The texture is not very silky

11. Talc Free Baby Powder

Talc Free Baby Powder

It is a unique formula designed by Ora’s Amazing Herbal that is a small family run business and owned by a woman. It is made in the USA and is talc-free, scent-free, grain-free, chemical-free, and Cornstarch. It keeps your baby’s skin rash-free and soft. It is claimed that Cornstarch might cause rashes in the delicate skin of babies, so it’s designed without Cornstarch.


  • Natural
  • cornstarch free
  • talc-free
  • scent-free
  • It is non-toxic and non-greasy
  • Gives a floral touch to the baby’s body


  • Contains soda

12. Farmstead Apothecary 100% Natural Baby Powder

Farmstead Apothecary 100% Natural Baby Powder

If you are looking for a brand that uses 100% natural and organic ingredients, Farmstead Apothecary is one of the Best baby powders brands. It has nothing harmful or synthetic in its products. They are free from talc, Phthalates, SLS, Parabens, and gluten. All their products are free of toxins. And organic. These products are made using the bests ingredients and are incredibly gentle on babies’ skin.


  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Recycled plastic
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
  • Environment friendly
  • Not tested on animals.
  • 100% Plant-Based
  • 100% Organic
  • Vegan, and Cruelty-Free


  • The texture is like baking soda

13. Noodle & Boo Delicate Baby Powder

Noodle & Boo Delicate Baby Powder

The Noodle & Boo Delicate Baby Powder contains cornstarch, aloe vera, allantoin, and oatmeal-based formula that is a hundred percent soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. Therefore it has anti-inflammatory abilities. It can easily absorb excess moisture and makes your skin dry, fresh, and smooth and keeps it like that for the entire day. The [powder is organic, and all its ingredients come from natural sources. The brand tests all its products is clinically by dermatologists and pediatricians.


  • Manufactured in an FDA approved facility
  • Made in California, U.S.A.
  • This cornstarch powder is delicate, mild and completely gentle on the baby’s skin
  • It is free from parabens or any toxic elements
  • Does not cause problem to the eyes or any kind of breathing problem
  • A Gentle and Talc-Free Baby Powder
  • This Cornstarch and Oatmeal formula.


  • It has fragrance

14. Squeaky Cheeks All Natural Baby Powder

Squeaky Cheeks All Natural Baby Powder

Squeaky Cheeks – All Natural Baby powder is a 100% natural product and is known to prevent diaper rash, blisters, and chaffing. It also removes odor and sweating. It is designed naturally and has natural anti-anesthetic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities to prevent babies’ skin. It also provides pain relief in rashes and blister.


  • Unscented
  • 100% natural
  • talc free
  • Smells great
  • Non-cracking Barrier to prevent blisters.
  • Eliminates odor
  • Contains Bentonite Clay


  • Little hardtop pour

15. Made Of – Organic Baby Powder 

Made Of - Organic Baby Powder 

Many baby powders in the market contain toxins and carcinogenic ingredients, and they may cause irritations. But this Made Of product is formulated using organic Cornstarch, Aloe, and Argan oil. It is a plant-based and cruelty-free product that will keep your skin comfortable and smooth. It not only prevents skin from diaper rash but also eczema. Made Of also ensures to buy its ingredients only from reliable and organic producers from the US and get their products tested only in US labs to keep the work’s quality pure.


  • 100% Non-GMO
  • 94% ORGANIC & 6% NATURAL ingredients,
  • NSF Organic Certified
  • Free from – Phthalate, Paraben, Sulfate-Free
  • Dermatologist and Paediatrician Approved


  • Quantity is less in comparison of price

16. Bee All Natural Organic Baby Powder

Bee All Natural Organic Baby Powder

This product is manufactured by Bee All Natural Organic Baby Powder and tested and approved by FuzziBunz. It is a powder designed keeping in mind your baby’s health and breathing both. Organic arrowroot powder gives a better longevity and fresh essence to the skin. It is also smooth on the skin, and leaves no lump or powder layer when applied.


  • Reduced rashes
  • Organic
  • Improves chafed skin
  • Made in Michigan
  • USDA Certified Organic by OEFFA


  • Slightly grainy

17. Pipette Talc-Free Cream

Pipette Talc-Free Cream to Baby Powder

The Pipette is one of those brands that is known to provide the cleanest and safest skincare products. This particular powder is talc-free and plant-based, and it is completely safe for your baby’s skin. It is a kind of magic formulation that goes on as a cream abut transforms into a silky powder. It prevents chafing and irritation and also nourishes and moisturizes your baby’s skin. The Pipette has banned more than 2,000 potentially toxic ingredients from their formulas.

They have replaced them with the cleanest and pure ingredients. They ensure to create all their products in the guidance of biologists, pediatricians, and dermatologists to ensure that their products are 100% safe and gentle. The company also rigorously tests its products and is known to make hypoallergenic, and environment-friendly products.


  • It is a cream to powder product
  • It is100% safe and tested product
  • It is free of artificial smells.
  • It is a cruelty-free, plant-based product.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It contains mango seed butter to keep the baby’s body soft


  • It does not change from cream to powder as per buyers

This was our list of 17 best baby powders now lets look at the factors that make these powders best.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Baby Powder

There many companies making different types of formulas for baby powders, but are all of them good and safe?  With lack of information on E codes that are used on labels and so many ingredients there are always chances to pick up the wrong product that can actually harm your baby.  Therefore, here we have shortlisted various factors that will help you buying the safest and best baby powders.

1. Hypoallergenic

Always look for the baby powders that have been tested for hypoallergenic tests. It is because they will reduce the chances of skin irritation on soft baby skin.

2. Labels

Labels can be confusing; thus, learning to read labels and reading them carefully is essential. They should be free from  many chemicals and ingredients. Mentioned below are few of the most harmful ingredients that can cause harm to your babies delicate skin or gentle health:

  • Dyes: Dyes are used to bring color or extra whiteness in powders. These dies can be very harmful if not made from natural ingredients but is much better if the powder has no die at all.
  • Phthalates: Phthalates are industrial chemicals that help in soften polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. They are known to have a harmful effect on the liver and reproductive system. It is because they observe in our body
  • Parabens:  are neurotoxins that are found almost everywhere and can cause skin irritation and reproductivity toxicity. They are present in soaps, body washes, shampoos, creams, and moisturizers. They are even present in babies’ products.
  • Triclosan: When products are labeled as antibacterial, they might contain triclosan. Triclosan is an extremely harmful and carcinogenic endocrine disruptor.   It is good to control bacteria’s around babies, but triclosan is not what you want for your baby.  It is best to stay away from the powders and soaps that contain triclosan, as it can harm the skin layer of the baby.
  • Propylene glycol: it is another chemical that can easily penetrate the skin or be observed by the skin. It is also known to be carcinogenic. Its main work is to open the pores so that let chemicals go in the skin. It is used to de-ice airplanes, and it can be extremely harmful to one’s.
  • 1,4-dioxane and ethylated surfactants: Many baby products may contain 1,4-dioxane, it is present in these products but not listed. It is a by product, and it occurs when “ethylene oxide,is mixed with other chemicals. Ethylene oxideis used to soften products or reduce their harshness. So it is better not to buy products that contain Ethylene Oxide.
  • Other ingredients: Sodium laurethsulphate, Polyethylene, ceteareth, polyethylene glycol, oxynol,oleth, -xynol, and PEG are some more chemicals that you should stay away from.

3. Fewer The Ingredients Better The Product

It is best to look for baby powders with limited ingredients. It is because having a large number of ingredients can be confusing. Moreover, finding out genuine ingredients and harmful ingredients can also be taxing.

4. Clear The Doubts

If you want to buy any product but have any doubts about it, contact the company to get your answers. You can always call them or leave them an email. Any reputed company will love to resolve your query. You can first read the label and check the ingredients and then buy the product. The functionality of the right powder needs to be checked.

5. Quality Is Better Than Quantity

Never compromise with quality over quantity. Mostly baby skincare products are pricy because they use unique, safe and USDA recommended natural organic products. Therefore don’t try to buy your baby’s product in bulk or at cheap rates. It can get you cheap or expired products.  All skins are not the same, hence buy products that are also helpful for sensitive skins.

6. Always Consult A Pediatrician

Pediatricians are child specialists, and they know very well what is best for your child. If you want to try a new product and you are not sure, consult them.

7. Fragrance

Almost all cosmetic and skin care products have fragrance that is used to cover the odour of chemicals in the products. It is made usually from coal or petroleum-based chemicals.  These smells might be soothing to our nose, but they are not good for eyes and skin. They are long lasting, and they may create respiratory and neurological diseases. It can also lead to asthma in children. Therefore it is best to look for products that are fragrance and odor-free or have natural fragrance from flowers like roses.

Natural Vs. Non-Toxic

Nowadays, everyone wants organic and natural products. Make sure that you research the products well before buying. Look for nontoxic terms. Many products can lure you with their texture, color, and smell, but not important.Similarly, all-natural products are not as per their claims. Products must not have preservatives, petroleum products, or byproducts they are considered safe.

1. Allergies

When you are using any product for the first time on your baby, be observant. Don’t apply a lot of powder at ones. Use small quantities and see if babies can use them, and they don’t have any signs of allergies. If you see any allergies, stop using that product. Another thing to keep in mind is looking for the ingredients that were not there in the work that you discontinued.  It is always useful to buy a baby’s powder that is hypoallergenic and that does not contain any chemical that will give rise to skin irritation.

2. Global Standards

Always buy your product from a brand that follows global standards, which means its products should have passed tests of well-known labs and universities of the world. When Johnson & Johnson was in the news for finding Talc in its powder that can cause cancer, it formulated all its products again to remove Talc. India, Singapore, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, and Egypt have now given the companya clean chit.

3. Talc

In the 1990s, the news came out that Talc contains asbestos and lead that can cause cancer. Talc is found in many cosmetic and skincare products. Asbestos has already been banned in many countries, even in the construction industry.

These were the factors that will help you select the best baby powders. Now let’s move onto our next section of FAQS on baby powders.

FAQs on Baby Powders

Q1. Why Is Talcum Powder Used?

It is used to absorb the moisture of the skin. It is used to keep the skin free from all types of rashes, irritation, and chafing that can be caused by humidity and wetness.

Q2. How To Apply Baby Powders Safely On Babies’ Skin?

Baby powders are only meant for topical application. Therefore, one of the essential things to keep in mind when applying baby powder is that baby doesn’t inhale the powder, and it does notgo in their mouth, eyes, or ears. Instead of poring them directly on your baby, you can take the powder in your hand and rub on to the baby’s skin.  When using powder, keep the fan closed if any discoloration, humidity, or fungus in the product don’t use it. Avoid eye and mouth contact. If he inhales or eats, it accidentally takes him to the doctor.

Q3. Can Adults Use Baby Products?

Yes, the best baby powders are safe and mild and gentle to all skin types so that all age groups can use them. Many women use baby powders because it makes their skin much softer.

Q4. Which Are Five Baby Powder Is The Best?

Best baby powders are:

  • Pipette Talc-Free Cream to Baby Powder
  • Bee All Natural Organic Baby Powder
  • Organic Baby Powder by MADE OF
  • Johnson and Johnsons powders
  • Powders from Era-Organics

Q5. What Alternatives Do We Have For Talc-Based Baby Powder?

With the advancement of technology and demand for natural and organic baby products, many companies are making different formulas. These baby formulas are free from talc powder, chemicals, artificial fragrance, or other harmful additives. You can also check:

  • Cornstarch based Baby powders
  • Arrowroot starch or tapioca-based starch powders
  • Oats flour-based powders
  • Baking powder based
  • Zinc oxide-based powders

Q6. Are Baby Powders Safe To Use?

Baby powders are safe to use only if you buy organic talc-free and natural ones.   IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), which is a part of the world health organization, warns against the use of talc-based powders not only on babies but also on adults. Because of the presence of asbestos in these powders, which is carcinogenic to human body, so they should not be used on internal body parts.

Moreover, they are dangerous to inhale as per the warning of the CDCP (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). They can cause bearing and lung diseases. Therefore, talc is banned by the European Union in all health and beauty products.

Buy Best Baby Powders To Keep Your Baby Rash Free And Happy

Our babies are precious and delicate, and they deserve nothing but best. When we have to care for our babies, we are over conscious about their needs. We might use some low-quality product on us but never on our baby. Their skin is specially very delicate and any damage or irritation in the skin can make the baby cranky and put him in pain.

This is why we have baby products like baby creams, shampoos, and powders that are made especially for babies. All these products are made using a formula that doesn’t irritate your beautiful babies’ soft skin. Thus, never use the adult products on your babies and make sure that you get only organic and natural baby powders because they are the best baby powders. Even you can use these products on your skin because they will make it much softer and cleaner.

We care for your babies, which is why we are dedicated to providing you the information on all the safe products for babies. We hope that this guide on the best baby powders helped you in making the right choice for your beautiful baby.

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