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Best Baby Bath Tubs 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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The First Years Deluxe Bath Tub Best Baby Bath Tubs

Skip Hop Bath Spout CoverSkip Hop Bath Rinse Cup

A normal part of babies growing up is spitting, drooling, wetting or soiling themselves, or managing to drop something on themselves. And often, you rush to the bathroom to get the child cleaned before they catch cold or infection. While many parents think that the normal adult bath tub or sink is enough for cleaning the baby, looking at some of the best baby bath tubs will definitely make you change your mind.

Having a baby bath tub will not only eliminate the risk of bath tub accidents but also keep hygiene at the forefront that for sinks are not great for the baby’s tender skin and physiology. While looking for the best baby bath tub, you need to keep a few things in consideration. And, to aid you in your quest to give the best to your child, this baby care guide will point out a few of the noteworthy bath tubs along with how to make an informed decision.


But first, let’s explore the best baby bathtubs.

Top 20 Best Baby Bath Tubs 2022

1. The First Years Deluxe Bath Tub

The First Years Deluxe Bath Tub Best Baby Bath Tubs

A baby bath tub is one of the common accessories that you must have if you have a little one. Keeping this in mind, The First Years have come up with this Sure Comfort bath tub that will last till the baby’s toddler years. This bath tub ‘grows’ with your child as it has a sling attached to the main body of the tub. Once the child reaches the stage where it can sit unassisted, you can remove the sling.

The bath tub also comes with mesh netting, making bath time less stressful on the parents. When the baby is at the stage where you can make them lie down without the mesh, you can opt to remove it and rely on the sling along with a headrest. When you are dealing with a toddler, the sling too can be made away with as your child enjoys the feeling of water on them as they play with their toys.

The bath tub also has a bump that provides support for the baby’s bum to prevent them from slipping down. It also has a padded headrest that provides optimal comfort to the baby. The mesh sling can easily be cleaned in the washing machine. The anti-slip paddings are made to be resistant to mildews. Having a simple design, the bath tub is easy to clean and dry.


  • Supports the three stages of baby bath, newborn to toddler
  • Mesh sling is machine washable
  • Compact design, easy to store
  • Easy to drain
  • Hammock design to prevent skidding
  • Overhanging rim protects the baby while providing better grip


  • Some find the size to be too small for toddlers

2. Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover

Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover

Make bath time fun with the Moby Dick spout cover as this fun, and lively spout cover not only ignites the curiosity of the child but also prevents accidental bumps to the baby’s head at the tap. This spout cover fits almost all types of spouts. Whether you are fitting it at the sink or at a baby bath tub with a tap attachment, this blue whale is sure to keep your baby entertained and you stress-free.

The sleek whale comes in an energetic blue color and fits most faucet head. The cover is adjustable, and the tail also doubles as a hook when you are storing it. Of you wish to tighten the cover, you simply need to pull the fin to the farther side to tighten the grip.

This whale is not only dishwasher safe, but the material is BPA-free and resistant to mildews and molds. Also, this spout cover is free from phthalate or any other chemicals. The tough rubber is soft for the baby and hard on the faucet, just like it should be.


  • Easy to clean in a dishwasher
  • The adjustable fin makes it fit on almost all types of faucet
  • Tail doubles as a hook for easy storage
  • Soft rubber exterior prevents injury to the baby
  • Resistant to molds and mildews
  • Free from BPA, PVC, and phthalate
  • Easy to install


  • The fin used to adjust the grip is within the infant’s reach

3. Skip Hop Bath Rinse Cup

Skip Hop Bath Rinse Cup

Bath time is incomplete without rinsing out all the dirt and suds from your baby’s body. Make the bath time fun is Moby Dick design rinse cup that not only makes the baby smile but keeps them engaged while you prepare their shampoo or washcloth.

The waterfall rinser is made from polypropylene, which is low in weight and high on stability and sturdiness. The cup can easily be placed upright. The waterfall flow is enabled via the interior fins that not only ensure a proper flow but the mouth of the cup prevents soapy water from flowing down the infant’s face, causing them to cry.

A wide and sturdy handle allows you to have a better grip on the cup while holding your baby with your other hand. This rinse cup can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher and is resistant to mildews.


  • Made from BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free polypropylene
  • Doubles as a toy for the baby
  • Mouth of the cup acts as a visor; preventing soapy water from flowing down the face
  • Sturdy material and is easy to clean
  • Last for a really long time
  • Resistant to molds and mildews


  • Not ideal for fidgety babies as soapy water will flow down the face

4. Angelcare Grey Baby Bath Support

Angelcare Grey Baby Bath Support

Bathing a 3 month-old little one requires a lot of care. You can make their bathing time fine by using this bath support by Anglecare. It can be fitted in sinks or adult tubs. This grey bath support is perfect for babies up to 6 months old.

The compact design and lightweight of the product allows it to be stored easily and let to hang out to dry off. The mesh fitted inside is not just soft on the baby’s skin but allows better support for the baby. The soft yet good grip of the mesh, coupled with the ergonomic design of the body, will let you have the peace of mind that your baby is secure in the support.

The mesh is resistant to molds and mildews, easy to clean and dry. It is durable and has a tough plastic body. The firm lower grip allows you to use the bath support even on countertops near smaller sinks to give your baby a towel bath.


  • Mesh interior for better support for the baby
  • The hygienic mesh that is mold and mildew resistant
  • A durable plastic body that will last for a long time
  • Has a weight-bearing capacity of 20lbs
  • Has a built-in hook for easy storage
  • Easy to use; no assembly required


  • Vents allows airflow that makes bath time become chilly, especially in winters

5. Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub

Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub

Considered to be one of the best choices when it comes to bath tub under $15 with over 5000 positive ratings on Amazon, the green and white inflatable bath tub from Mommy’s Helper, Froggie Collection, is a freestanding baby bath tub that allows you to have the peace of mind a parent requires while bathing their child.

This bath tub is made from phthalate-free plastic, this sturdy tub can be placed in a bath tub and you need not worry about the baby tub slipping. The padded sides provide a smooth grip while being safe for your child to not slip and get hurt. Further enhancing the safety of the tub is a saddle horn that prevents tiny babies from slipping to a lying position in the tub.

The saddle horn inflation is optional, making this tub perfect for two babies to bathe together. Inflating the tub is easy, and since it dries fast, it can be stored easily without worrying about molds and mildews.


  • Phthalate-free material; safe for baby usage
  • A freestanding tub that sits well in a bath tub
  • Beautiful frog designs that will make the baby curious
  • Inflatable saddle horn for more support and prevents slipping
  • A padded body that prevents injury to the baby
  • Easy to dry and store
  • Comes with a drain that helps empty water faster
  • A travel-friendly tub that comes in a plastic bag


  • Not ideal for babies who are small in size for they slip even with saddle horn
  • Some find inflating the product difficult, especially without a pump

6. Skip Hop Moby Grey 3 Stage Bath Tub

Skip Hop Moby Grey 3 Stage Bath Tub

If you are looking for a convertible baby bath rub, then look no further; this Skip Hop’s grey Moby whale tub comes with a smart sling attachment that provides all the support and space for a growing baby.

The cute tub grows with the baby, from newborn to toddler. Having a mesh sling attached to the tub allows you to either use it as a hammock or a secure seat at various stages of the baby’s growth and muscle development. When your baby is ready to sit, the sling can be removed completely.

The feature that makes this the best is the dual mesh sling. The material not only provides support but also comfort to the baby, making them enjoy the bath-time. The round and thick edge of the sling offers good support to the baby’s head. All these features make this bath tub a good choice for parents who are looking for a perfect bathing partner for your little one.


  • The interior texture provides protection against slipping
  • Mesh can be used for two stages of the baby’s development
  • Removable mesh to let the child sit upright
  • Durable plastic body dries fast
  • Free from PVC and phthalate
  • Has a drain plug that helps remove water better
  • Hook allows the hanging option for better storage


  • Some find the product to be on the expensive side

7. Blooming Bath Yellow Baby Lotus Bath

Blooming Bath Yellow Baby Lotus Bath

If you are not looking for a traditional bath tub, but cannot simply let your beloved toddler sit in the sink, you can opt for the lotus-shaped baby bath that acts as a cushion for the infant. It is ideal for babies between 0 to 6months; this bright-colored petal bath will definitely brighten up your and your baby’s day.

The soft crystal Minky fabric not only makes sure that your baby’s skin stays happy, but it also dries up fast and is extremely easy to fold and store. The four-petal design provides great coverage in sinks allowing your baby to be in a semi lying down position without worries of them sliding and slipping. The design also allows water to stay in the curve, making bathing easy.

Not only is this soft, but it is machine dryable. You simply need to wring out the remaining water and either let it hang out to dry or rely on the washing machine dryer.


  • Easy to store and dry
  • Soft fabric that is delicate on the baby’s skin
  • Easy to install in a sink and remove
  • Ideal for newborns and parents not wanting a bath tub
  • Plush pedals offer great comfort to the baby
  • Perfect for traveling


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Drying becomes tedious in areas with high humidity

8. Summer Deluxe Baby Bather

Summer Deluxe Baby Bather

When it comes to buying the bath tub for baby, then one of the first things that you will be looking forward to is the space and comfort of the baby. This baby bather is priced under $20; this chair is not only a perfect fit for bath tubs but also in any kind of bathroom.

With three-position flexibility, the bather is made to provide the most comfort to the child. The recliner comes with mesh support that cradles the baby in its soft embrace. If you are planning to give your baby its first sponge bath, this recliner is the perfect product for you.


  • Perfect for storage in small places and for traveling
  • Three-position recliner for more comfort to the baby
  • Fits in any bath tub or sink
  • Fabric is machine washable
  • Dries easily
  • Comes with head support for the baby
  • Can be used until the toddler age


  • Not ideal for fast-growing babies
  • Stability can be an issue, especially with very active babies

9. Fisher-Price Multicolor 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

Fisher-Price Multicolor 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub

Fisher-Price is a name that has always been synonymous with baby products, and their multicolor bath tub with sling and seat has become one of the best baby bath seats. This 4 stage bath tub comes with a squeeze bottle and whale scoop to make bath time fun for your baby and less tiring for you.

This is also a perfect bath tub for the newborn as it comes with a sling that supports the baby. It is a 4-in-1 bath tub that has a supporting and anti-slipping stopper for the infant; an aid for the unsteady sitter; or a tub for a toddler, all four stages are covered in this single bath tub. This convertible tub helps the baby adjust to bathing from the first sponge bath.

The mesh sling is easily detached and washed. It comes with a convenient hook so that you can leave it out to dry. For the babies trying to sit you, you can use the stopper insert that provides good support to the baby and prevents slipping down.


  • A convertible tub that supports toddlers easily
  • Quick to dry and easy to store thanks to the hook
  • Plug drain system that aid with removal of water
  • Soft foam surface that is gentle on the baby’s skin


  • No rubber feet or suction cup to keep the tub stable in larger tubs

10. Skip Hop Moby Convertible 3 Stage Tub

Skip Hop Moby Convertible 3 Stage Tub

It is counted as one of the best bath tubs under $40. This a convertible bath tub that comes in a traditional Moby the blue whale design to keep the kids engaged and for parents to not deal with a very fidgety baby.

This bath tub is made such that it easily matches the needs of the baby as per their age. The tub comes with a mesh sling that provides a comfortable yet firm grip for the newborn so they do not slide and be at risk of drowning.

The mesh sling also has a strong edge that doubles as head and shoulder rest. The mesh can be adjusted to support an infant just learning to sit straight. When you have a toddler strong enough to sit unaided, you can remove the mesh altogether.

Another great feature of this bath tub is that it does not have and inflation or bumps that many parents find to cause discomfort to their toddlers. The tub also features a drain plug that makes cleaning and drying the tub easy.


  • Easy convertible bath tub
  • Broad and rounded rim for better grip
  • The Interior has a non-slip texture for more support to a sitting toddler
  • Free from phthalate and PVC
  • Easy to dry and store


  • Mesh is not of very high quality

11. Munchkin White Baby Bath Tub

Munchkin White Baby Bath Tub

This freestanding and non-slip bath tub is perfect for letting your infant have some quiet time in the water without slipping and staying seated. The soak feature is maximized with an optimal water level measure that helps keep the baby warm while it sits and rests.

The padded backrest and the built-in support bump helps keep the baby is a secured and upright position so that their muscles develop better. This latex-free bath tub also comes with an easy drain plug that makes cleaning this bath tub an easy-breezy task. This no-fuss bath tub has been voted best baby bathtub for baby by everything mom in 2022.


  • No-fuss latex-free design
  • Helps the babysit without slipping due to its padded support and bump
  • Maintains an optimal water level for helping the baby soak it better
  • Easy to clean with a drain plug
  • Handle doubles up as storage hook


  • Active babies might push themselves off the base bump and slide down in the water

12. Okbaby Compact And Upright Toddler Tub

Okbaby Compact And Upright Toddler Tub

This upright toddler bath tub is all you need to make your baby’s bathing time a pleasurable experience. With a built-in seat and handles for support, this compact bath tub aids the toddler to sit up straight and enjoy their bath time.

Since it does not have much room for the baby to slide and be at risk to drown, you can breathe a little more easily and focus on giving your baby a good bath. The plastic body is durable and made to be BPA-, phthalate-, and PVC-free, making the baby laying their mouth on the body not unsafe.

The anti-slip base makes sure that the bath tub stays secure on any surface so that you can use both your hands to clean your baby. It also has a maximum water level indicator to let to rest assured that you are not going to accidentally drown your child. This upright toddler bath tub is perfect for babies 4 months and above. So, if you are looking for a hassle-free bathing experience of your baby, then you must consider buying this product today.


  • Ergonomic support for toddlers to sit upright
  • Body free from harmful materials
  • Water level indicator
  • Compact design that is easy to store in smaller spaces
  • Easy to drain, dry, and keep clean
  • Good anti-slip base


  • Not ideal for petite babies for the bath tub is huge for them

13. Summer Infant Store Bath Sling

Summer Infant Store Bath Sling

If you are looking for a foldable and travel-friendly bath sling, then do consider Summer Infant’s baby bath sling that comes with warming wings. The sling is easy to fold, unfold, and is compact enough to be easily stored in any small space. But do not let the compact size fool you, for the sling is functional and useful.

The sling comes with a headrest that provides comfort to your baby while the two warming wings on either side can be used to keep the baby warm. These wings can be used in both wet and dry conditions, and can also be detached and used as washcloths. The mesh interior is soft and is gentle on the delicate skin of babies. It is foldable, and you can easily carry it along with you.


  • Compact and easy to store
  • Travel friendly for it is easy to fold
  • Sturdy headrest for better comfort
  • Warming wings to keep the baby warm
  • You can use it in a sink or a bath tub


  • Unfolding it might be tough for many parents

14. Munchkin Pink Cradle Tub

Munchkin Pink Cradle Tub

If you worry too much about getting your baby too wet or prefer not to let a baby soak in water, then this cradle is what you need. Simply lay your baby sown and pour water over them without worrying about dirty and soapy water collecting.

It provides better support to the baby’s body with the high sides secures the baby inside the cradle. A high headrest gives the baby ample support, and non-slip feet prevent accidents. The front drain is removable for better cleaning of the cradle. It is compact in design and can be stored easily.


  • No-fuss design
  • Can be separated in two-part for easier cleaning
  • Safe overflow to maintain the required water level
  • The soft headrest that is inclined to prevent water from entering the baby’s ears


  • Some find the cradle to be on the expensive side

15. Weylan Tec Foldable Large Bath Tub

Weylan Tec Foldable Large Bath Tub

If you have toddlers at your place, and you are looking for an ideal bath tub for twins, then you can consider buying this bath tub by Weylan Tec. The tub is sturdy to hold even an adult. Made from PP, the tub is odor-free, and the foldable parts are made from TPE, making the tub flexible and easily foldable.

The large and roomy tub is perfect for toddlers who are 4 years and above. The self-folding makes storing the tub easy without sacrificing much space. It also has great insulation to keep the water warmer for a longer period of time.


  • Large tub that is fit for twins
  • Study and heavy usage body; durable and safe
  • Flexible and easily foldable to save space
  • Non-slip base prevents accidents


  • Not ideal for babies and toddlers below 4 years age

16. Aquascale Multifunction Baby Bath

Aquascale Multifunction Baby Bath

This freestanding bath tub with a digital scale and water thermometer. With this bath tub, you don’t have to worry about overheated water. This is a great way to ensure that your baby doesn’t get uncomfortable while bathing because of too hot or cold water. This two-stage baby tub can be used till the baby crossed the toddler phase. The infant can be made to lie on the slanting part with an anti-skid base, and the babe bump prevents accidental slipping.

As the baby learns to sit up, they can play around in the tub and not be at risk of drowning. The bath tub has a sturdy base that makes it sit well on any surface.


  • Digital scale for weighing the baby
  • Thermometer that indicates the water temperature
  • Can be used untill the toddler age
  • Sturdy base
  • Easy to clean


  • Tub can be too large for some smaller babies

17. Baby Born Shower Head Bath Tub

Baby Born Shower Head Bath Tub

If you want to give a spa-like treatment to your kid, then you can consider buying this bath tub with a showerhead that also performs the foaming function. It is the best baby bathtub for a newborn. While this is a playset, you can set your hands with this real-time role play set that allows you to give a baby-size doll all the care a child will require.

Starting from showering the child properly to using a showerhead correctly, this set will guide you to be a great parent and let your kid enjoy bath times.


  • Real life game set
  • Has musical play button
  • Real functioning shower head
  • Great practice game set
  • Has a rubber duck included


  • Water hose is too small for proper functioning

18. Yookidoo Baby Bath Mobile

Yookidoo Baby Bath Mobile

Bathing is going to be fun with this bath tub. It can also be learning and about your baby developing their sensory skills. Able to be fitted in any bath tub, this mobile attachment includes spinning flowers and birds that gently squirt water while swiveling.

This colorful toy is battery-operated and often keeps a baby engaged with its motion as you can focus on cleaning the child better. This is particularly helpful for parents who have very active kids; the toys keep the kids engaged, thus making them bathe becomes easier.

The arc is adjustable, making it ideal for newborns and toddlers alike. So, if you are looking for a good quality bath tub for your little one, then you can consider buying this product.


  • Comes with connectors to fit a wide range of tubs securely
  • A colorful and battery-operated toy that aids in sensory development
  • Perfect for newborns to toddlers
  • Can be easily stored as the arc can be dissembled


  • Battery house is not well-protected to prevent water from entering; can lead to a short

19. IndulgeMe Blooming Flower Bath Pillow

IndulgeMe Blooming Flower Bath Pillow

Made from biodegradable fabric, this floral shaped bath pillow is great for parents looking for a no-fuss alternative to bath tubs. Easy to store and clean, this multi-layered bath pillow is gentle on the baby’s skin and has natural breathability that is more than cotton. The pillow is also easy to dry, and the suction cup at the base makes it stick to the sink or bath tub firmly.

The inner filling is made of polyester fiber that aids in quick drying and is a comfortable seat for your baby. The quick to dry pillow also makes a great travel kit and a perfect gift for new parents.


  • Comes with a bear-shaped bath sponge
  • Made from organic and breathable material that is biodegradable
  • Comfortable pillow cum cushion in a floral shape
  • Easy to rest the baby and have both hands free
  • Made from vegetable fibers that are not harmful to the baby


  • The drying is not as fast as it should be

20. Safety 1st White Convertible Bath Tub

Safety 1st White Convertible Bath Tub

Supporting the three primary stages of child growth, this convertible bath tub is great for newborns to toddlers with all the essential features to make bath time less tiresome and more fun. The machine-washable soft hammock is perfect for newborns to help keep them firmly in place while you sponge them or wash them thoroughly.

This bath tub provides contoured support to help infants and toddlers find the right support for their sitting positions. The bath tub also features three holders that are convenient for the storage of soaps and other bath accessories, so you need not worry about moving away from your child. It also has a towel bar for drying up your baby faster.


  • Compact and convenient design
  • Hook for hanging that makes drying and storing the tub easy
  • Supports three stages from newborn to toddler
  • Has holders for soaps, accessories, and towels
  • Machine washable hammock provides good support for newborns


  • Some find the material to be too hard for newborns

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Baby Bath Tubs

When you are looking to buy the bath tub, then you will come across different options in the market. Understanding which kind of bath tub you need has to be your first priority.

There are a few factors that can be your guiding point, and following them, you are sure to make a better choice. These basic factors are:

1. Budget

The first thing that you need to limit is the budget for the bath tub. Since there are a number of brands and options, the pricing will vary. If you are unsure, then you must choose a bath tub, which has all the necessary features. For example, if you are looking for a bath tub for a toddler, then the sling is not necessary. So, you can skip the ones that come with sling mesh and save some money here.

If you are having difficulty judging how much is not too much when it comes to buying the best baby bath tub for newborns, you can decide on what features the tub should have that will be convenient for you and the baby. Once you have sorted out that, finding the required products and deciding on the budget will be easy.

2. Type Of Bath Tub

The most common types of bath tubs available for babies are:

Standard tubs – These are the usual, and most commonly used, baby bath tubs. This plastic bath tub is not only inexpensive, but the designs have passed through the test of time to be still considered reliable amidst the other high-end tubs.

You can opt for one that has a mesh to help your baby stay in an upright position till the time they can sit on their own or a slightly contoured one to keep them in a semi-lying position.

  • Convertible tubs – these bath tubs are among the best choice, especially if you want to have a tub that lasts till the toddler age. These also make excellent gifts. The convertible bath tubs can be extended as the child grows, making them last well into the toddler days before they make the progression to normal tubs.
  • Foldable tubs – If you have space crunch, these types are the best baby tubs. The foldable ones are also great for parents traveling with their babies. These don’t lack in space, nor do they block space like traditional tubs.
  • Inflatable tubs – If you are looking for a temporary bath tub, then you can consider the inflatable ones. These are not only easy to store but most come with suction cups at the base to help keep the tub in place, whether you are using it to give your baby a bath or letting it hang to dry. The only downside of this is that there are no additional features of this tub.
  • Luxury tubs – as the name suggests, your little one will experience their first spa visit right at home with these bath tubs. Fitted with all the comforts a baby can want –starting from automated water flow to calming vibrations – these bath tubs are heavier than others and on the costlier side. That said, the fitted features will surely keep your baby happy during bath times.
  • Hammock tubs – If you have a particularly wriggly baby and bathing them is an issue, this kind of tub will help you in your quest for baby cleanliness. These hammocks often come with attachments that can be adjusted or altogether removed, as the child grows.

3. Duration Of Use

Some kids tend to grow out of their bath tubs sooner than anyone anticipated. Some tend to like being in the tub untill they are toddlers. If you want to invest in a bath tub, then you need to determine what sort of bath training you want to impart to your baby. Which type of bath tub you choose will greatly depend on how long you plan to use the tub and in what conditions, like water temperatures, the material of the tub, etc.

Many parents choose to opt for second-hand or pass-me-down bath tubs for their kids because it is the affordable and most convenient option.

4. Features

The best baby bath tubs come loaded with features, which can help you as a parent. The essential features include:
Temperature indicator – Many pediatricians suggest that the ideal temperature to bathe babies is between 92 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Many bath tubs have this feature included that helps the parents gauge the correct temperature so that the delicate skin of the baby does not suffer from burns.

  • Drainage – Having a drain plug not only helps in emptying the bath tub effectively and swiftly, because the last thing you will want to do is lift a heavy tub and upturn it to empty it. The drain plug will let you use the baby bath tub on any surface without you having to worry, and it also will help you clean the tub without much fuss.
  • Surface property – Here, the bath tub material plays a vital role. The surface of the bath tub should be non-slippery, and if the material is heavy, it should stronger legs for better support. Plastic tubs should pass the toxicity-free tests so that your baby does not fall ill.
  • When you are using soaps and shampoo, the baby will get slippery, having a non-skid surface will ensure your child does not slide down in the water while you turn for a moment.
  • Tub rim – One of the most important features of any bath tub is its rim. Consider the shape and texture of the rim while buying a bathtub. A baby bath tub rim should always be free from sharp edges. It should also be overhanging, which will make carrying it easy, especially if you are planning to fill it with water and carry the tub to another place.
  • Water-level indicator – Having a water level indicator helps understand just how much water will be suitable and safe for putting the baby. This will also help in avoiding overflowing of the water, and making the surface you are standing becomes slippery, especially if you are working with soapy water.

5. The Correct Size

While your love for your baby should be immeasurable, the same cannot be said about the bath tub. Investing is a tub that is too big for the designated bath space will be a mess you are better off avoiding. A bigger tub also increases the risk of the baby drowning.

You can measure the space you are fixing for the baby bath tub and then check out the measurements of the tub from your list. You can also opt for the convertible or foldable tubs if you plan to travel with your baby or have one fit two babies at a time.

FAQs on Baby Bath Tubs

Q1. What Is Meant By A BPA-Free Bath Tub?

Most of the bath tubs are made of plastic, and if you are buying it for your baby, then it must be safe. A BPA-free bath tub is considered to be safe. BPA-free bath tubs are made to keep this chemical out of the plastic.

If you are looking at bath tubs that will save your space, you have to consider plastic for the folding and inflatable ones are made of plastic, since these are easy to dry and store. These plastic tubs are often tagged as BPA-free.

Q2. How High Should Be The Rim Of The Tub?

Ideally, when you are looking for a bath tub, you need to be aware that the rim of the tub plays a vital role. Thus, having too high a rim is as serious an issue as having no rim at all. Opt for a bath tub that has a medium overhanging rim. This will ensure both a proper grip for you and rounded edges for the baby’s safety.

Q3. Is It Difficult To Clean Intricately Designed Tubs?

When you are dealing with a newborn, you can never be too careful when it comes to cleaning and sterilizing baby products. While intricately designed tubs will look appealing, cleaning it is a different task altogether, especially if you want to avoid molds. Mildews are also an issue, especially with tubs that have not been dried properly.

If you do not mind the extra scrubbing and looking at every nook multiple times, then you can opt for one.

Q4. Is A Baby Bath Tub Really Necessary?

In days gone by, people gave their kids a bath in the sink, but with days evolving and life becoming hectic, many parents juggle caring for their child with other household chores, and often they are handling the baby alone. Having a bath tub to hold the baby in place while you get the washcloth ready is more convenient than having to carry a dripping wet baby across the room to fetch something.

Q5. What Is The Difference Between A Bath Tub And A Bath Seat?

At its core, both a baby bath tub and a baby bath seat helps you keep your child safe and in one place as you give them a bath. The difference is, bath seats are more for babies who have mastered the art of sitting upright without assistance. A bath tub, on the other hand, is ideal for newborns to toddlers alike for you can make your kid lie down (as bath tubs have head and shoulder rests) or sit upright.

Best Baby Bath Tubs – Conclusion

Bath time with your baby is one of the best moments that you two can share. The silence of the room, the gentle sound of the lapping water, and the sense of calmness that prevails is what help you bond better. Whether you are investing in a second-hand or buying a new bath tub, the best baby bath tub can never compete with the vigilant eye and intuition of a parent. You always need to be wary of your child and never leave them unattended.

Having a baby bath tub not only makes you have fun with your child while they are getting accustomed to the bathing ritual, but it also makes you breathe a little easy when you are handling a particularly active child. You should also consider all the factors that are mentioned above when you are looking for in a bath tub. So, make the best purchase, and let your little one enjoy the bathing time.

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