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GoGreen Pocket Diapers

Made by: GoGreen Pocket Diapers
  Category:  Cloth Diapers : Pocket Cloth Diapers

Rating:     4.36
Number of ratings:  11

Average Price:  $ 11.92

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Ratings Comments
Rykers Mommy

Overall: 4
Price: $15.95

Condition: New

Purchased in 12/2011. Used this item for 10 months. Date Posted: 11/2/2012

I have loved the 2.0 version on my now 23 month old son. We started CD'ing when he was 10 mos old & used this on him starting then. It has a great fit on my skinny & tall son. I like the double gussets & the openings of the pocket at both the front & back of the diaper. I use this for a daytime or night time diaper. At night, just adding another microfiber insert & a Thirsties hemp insert. I don't often snap the inserts into the diaper though. I like their colors & would like to try the 2 birds, 1 bone print

Purchased at: circle ME


Overall: 3
Price: $15.95

Condition: New

Purchased in 2/2012. Used this item for 0.5 months. Date Posted: 2/29/2012

After reading such rave reviews and seeing their cute prints, I was really hoping to love these! However, I'm not impressed with the fit at all. Maybe I'm just picky. These did not fit the greatest on either of my children. Both are on the smaller side and skinny. My 15 pound 8 month old could fit in the diaper at the xsmall adn small setting however the xsmall was a little tight on the thighs and the small setting left gaps. On both she had to have the waist snaps done with the crossover snap so this diaper is just huge! I see it fitting chubby or bigger children much better. With my 27 pound 2.5 year old, he was on the medium setting and the smallest waist snaps after the crossover and while I was able to get a decent fit around his legs, the diaper was always falling down his bum within a few minutes of running around. The fit aside, I found other parts of this diaper that I just wasn't a fan of. Below I'll list the pros and cons.

Pros: color coded snaps, cute prints, minky fabrics, diaper should fit longer then some other one size diapers if you have a larger child, inside is soft and wicks away moisture ok,

Cons: couldn't get a decent fit around the legs without unnecessary bunching or the diaper cutting into the tops of baby's thighs, wide between the crotch, leg elastic sewn poorly and every diaper (I bought 11) the elastic part curls inwards resulting in leaking (I couldn't get it to lay flat on baby's thighs), back elastic is not very stretchy and also always rolls inwards, back is very high rise which results in bum sagging with both children, large cut leading to leg holes not sitting in the proper place (they sit down lower on legs instead of in crease like other diapers), flimsy materials and only one 3 layer insert--they could have either made a 4 layer or offered 2 sizes.

Overall I would not recommend to parents of small babies/toddlers. Despite the above, it was fairly trim.aor

Purchased at: Nicki's Diapers

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