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Forget those flat sheets and clumsy pins. Cloth diapering has a new look that is functional and easier than ever!

When I was pregnant with my first child, a friend advised me to buy those flat cloth diapers for burp rags. She commented, "I don't know how people use those for diapers, they are so thin!" It turns out that people don't use those! At least not anymore. Actually there is quite a broad selection with today's cloth diaper. Visit us often for a new informative cloth diapering articles from talented writers and cloth diapering mamas.

the art of diapering - diaper folding techniques: Folding prefolds is easy with Carynia's instructions. Learn the standard, diaper cover and kite fold!

The Womanly (and Manly!) Art of the Kegel - Many women have asked recently, "What is a Kegel?" When that question is answered, more questions invariably follow: "Should I be doing this?" and, "How on earth do I do a Kegel?" The answer to the "Should I be doing this?" question is a resounding "Yes", and that applies to men as well as women...

Horton Hears a Who ~ Cloth Diapering : Recently, I read the wonderful book, Horton Hears a Who, by Dr. Seuss to my daughter; and had a funny feeling this book could teach me some serious lessons about why my cloth diapering business is so important to me...

Protecting your images online - a technical perspective: With the growing number of online parenting forums and baby galleries on the Internet, more and more parents are uploading their babies pictures to share with other admiring parents. But there is a not so innocent audience lurking silently around these sites. They include pedophiles, child pornograhers and fetishists and they are stealing baby pictures from the internet and adding them to their own, lurid sites. For this reason, we must protect our images online...

A Cloth Diapering Pros and Cons List: Systems, Covers, Diapers, Inserts, Soakers, Fabrics and Miscellaneous Items - Compiled by Rebecca Cronin, this article contains a pros and cons list of cloth diapering systems, materials, diaper types, etc. collected from cloth diapering mamas at The Pin.

Better Than a Bread Sack (Traveling With Cloth) - Swaddled in a stunning little cloth diaper, your new baby is ready to paint the town red! The diaper bag is packed and you cannot wait to show all your friends the new member of your family. Then it happens. She's being passed back to you. It's diaper changing time, where do you put the diapers at? ...

Kiwi Pie's Guide to Wool Care - Soak the cover on your sink full of lukewarm water with a tsp. of baby shampoo (or Eucalan if you have it). In a half cup of boiling water dissolve ¼ tsp of lanolin (Lansino works well), make sure it melts. Get ½ tsp of shampoo and mix it in the cup of lanolin. The mixture becomes sort of white and you won’t see oil floating. Add this to the sink of water (Taking the cover out first) and mix it. Add the cover and let it soak for a few hours. Gently roll the cover on an absorbant towel and hang to dry....

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