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Horton Hears a Who ~ Cloth Diapering
A Cloth Diapering Pros and Cons List:
     Systems, Covers, Diapers, Inserts, Soakers, Fabrics and Miscellaneous Items

Second Look at Cloth Diapering
How You Can Save Thousands of Dollars On Your Baby
Dads and Cloth Diapering: You May Be Surprised!
Cloth Diapering and Wastewater Treatment
The Cloth vs. Disposable Debate ... Continued
Entering The Cloth Diaper Debate
10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Cloth Diapering
The Top Ten Reasons to Cloth Diaper
The Top Ten Myths About Cloth Diapering
The Diaper Drama
    Scene 1 - The Costs
    Scene 2 - Dryness and Rashes
    Scene 3 - Health Issues
    Scene 4 - Environment
History of Snappi Fasteners

Protecting your images online - a technical perspective - a must read for parents!
In the News

More and more, newspapers and magazines are hailing cloth diapering as the better choice. Let's support these publications by reading up and posting supportive comments. Thanks to Diaper Pin members we'll keep this trend going!

  Cloth Diapers Making A Comeback - San Deigo NewsJune 19, 2008
It is definitely not the old, white cotton wraps held together by safety pins that your grandmother used to use. The Happy Heinys brand diapers are the creation of Linda Byerline of La Mesa. "My daughter was born prematurely. It was suggested to me to switch her to cloth diapers," said Byerline. But when she couldn't find any that fit, she made her own.

  Invention Makes for Some Happy Heinys - KUSI News November 8, 2007
Linda Byerline, creator of Happy Heiny's Diapers tells San Diego how easy cloth diapering is. Enjoy this video clip and see those cute one-size Happy Heiny's on TV.

  Bringing up Baby - Waterloo Chronicle October 10, 2007
A store front cloth diapering store is thriving in Waterloo, Canada. "Opening a store like Diapers n' More, at 55 Erb St. E., was something Helen Mahy has dreamed about doing for decades, ever since her daughter developed an allergy to perfume and wasn't able to wear disposable diapers."...

  Internet spurs cloth diaper comeback - Savanah Morning News September 5, 2007
Diaper Pin Member, Faye Butler says "My impression of cloth diapers was always a faint memory of plain white flat cotton cloths and hot vinyl Gerber pants," Butler said. "And that you were supposed to dunk a cloth diaper in the toilet. Who wants to do that?".....

  5 Reasons to Give Cloth Diapers a Try - Baby Zone July, 2007
If you think you know cloth diapers, you may want to think again. The last 15 years have produced an array of choices in cloth diapering that are easy and beneficial in so many ways. If you're curious about cloth, find out why many parents are taking on that extra load of laundry—and loving it....

 The Diaper Decision - Not A Clear Issue Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet
An intelligent, un-biased look at cloth diapering versus disposable diapering.

 Uses for cloth diapers haven't washed away Work-at-home-mom markets them on Internet. - January 2001
An interview with Care of Cares4UBaby.

 Disposable Diapers Linked to Infertility and Testicular Cancer. Scientists in Germany now believe disposable diapers could be linked to both male infertility and testicular cancer.  BBC News - September 2000

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