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Below is the breakdown of the cost for washing diapers in the Diaper Pin household. There are many factors that change from home to home that we have detailed below. Refer to the list so you can intelligently adjust our numbers to match your methods.

The cost of cloth and disposable diapers is also affected by the size of the child. If you want to calculate your total savings from birth through potty training, it is best to split up your calculations into 2 or 3 levels to get an accurate number.

Cloth Diapers

cost of your all cloth diapers.
You may either fill in the itemized information below, fill values just to the right of the "=" sign or type directly in the subtotal box at the right.
    product         cost     number     total
      X =
      X =
      X =
      X =
cost of energy usage(water/gas/electricty) per diaper
cost of cleaning (detergents) per diaper.

Disposable Diapers

The prices and quantities below are for sample purposes only. Please update the prices and quantities based on your local area.
cost of disposables - price per diaper
(mega pack of Luvs - size 3)
($ per pkg) / (# per pkg) .....
cost of diaper genie - price per diaper
(140 is the estimated number of diapers that fit into the *new* infant diaper genie refill. The older version can fit approximately 180.)
($ per refill) / (# diapers per refill) .....
# of diapers used per day   

Factors that affect diaper calculations:
  • different washing methods (wet pail vs. dry pail, soak vs. no soak)
  • drying methods (machine dry vs. air dry)
  • cost of heat, water and electricity (electric powered dryer vs. gas powered dryer, coin operated machines)
  • capacity and efficiency of washer and dryers
Our numbers were based on these methods:
  • All washes included doublers and liners (used mostly at night-time) we did not itemize this in our estimates.
  • washing: wet pail, soak, hot wash, extra rinse.
  • drying methods: mostly air dry and occasional machine dry.
  • energy: our dryer is powered by gas and electricity
  • capacity and efficiency: extra large capacity Kenmore washer. The dryer is Whirlpool. Both machines are 5 years old. Diaper Pin washes between 25 to 30 diapers per load.
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