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Diaper Pin is proud to be the affiliate of the businesses listed in this section. As an affiliate of a company we earn a small commission for every product you purchase through our links. We choose the companies carefully and only recommend sites that we would buy from ourselves. Support these businesses to help keep our site going!

    eHealthInsurance - For FREE Instant Quotes! eHealthInsurance is the leading online service to learn about, compare and buy health insurance.

    Baby Songs Audios & Videos Free Shipping for orders over $60.00 - BabySongs is the first of the award winning videos with songs by Hap Palmer that includes songs, "Piggy Toes", "My Mommy Comes Back" and "Today I Took my Diapers Off" These are for babies, toddlers, & preschool age. Be sure to check our their Yoga Mama Prenatal video!

    Lands' End Kids Apparel - One of Diaper Pin's favorite retailers, Land End has high quality products and excellent customer service. Their diaper bags are a favorite of every parent we know (product search for #6591-5A57).

    TowelBuddies - Adorable Hooded Towel Critters for Kids. TowelBuddies make great gifts for baby showers or any time gifts for new babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

    Hooked On Phonics - is a wonderful program made up of books and tapes designed for the parent to teach her child to read. It is a proven system and comes with a 90 day guarantee. We at Diaper Pin were overwhelmed at the price at first but when we divided it with the number of years we would use it and then again by the number of children we have it came to under $40 a year (or less for you if you have more than 2 children!). What a great investment in your children's mind! ~~ Purchase Hooked on Phonics today!

    The Keeper - Tired of the cost and waste of tampons? The Keeper is a wonderful alternative! The Keeper is a natural gum rubber cup worn internally to hold your monthly flow. When it is full you simply remove it, empty, rinse and re-insert. No more need to carry around tampons or pads.

Resources Links

    Ask The Preschool Teacher - Ask the Preschool Teacher, 'cause it's hard to teach them alone. This site contains questions and answers to information pertaining to teaching a preschooler. Questions can be directed towards other visitors or to the qualified preschool teachers who are part of the Ask the Preschool Teacher staff.

    Linkup-Parents.com - This site was created to make it easy for parents to find information on Parenting, Education, Research and Homework Help, Children's Software and Holiday Fun for Kids. All sites are visited before I post to the pages.

    Mommies on the Web - Mommies on the Web is an interactive site offering friendship, support and parenting information to all moms on the web.  Visit and join our very active community.

    Moms Help Moms - Resources for the working, work at home, and stay at home mom.

    MyCinnamonToast Family Portal - MyCinnamonToast is dedicated to making parents' life easier, with articles on parenting, family travel, and genealogy, a parenting search engine, and a resource directory.

    MyMamaSaid - an online community full of advice, tips, support and help for working moms, stay-at-home moms, single moms, first-time moms, experienced moms -- all moms. Share your experiences with other moms. Offer advice to, or get tips from, other moms.

    Parenting Club - An Online Community for Parents - A community forum for parents and expecting Moms. Includes forums to discuss prenatal questions, parenting issues, family finances and more!

    Pre-K Smarties - articles, shopping, links and books for parents who want to give their preschoolers a headstart on learning.

    Sites4moms - Finally, an easy to navigate site that saves busy moms time. We tell moms about great informational and fun sites.

    The ParentPreneur Club - News, tools and resources for work at home parents and those who want to work at home.

    TipzTime - Home for free household tips, ideas for gardening and home improvement, holiday crafts and food hints, plus frugal money and timesavers. Print free charts for teaching and homeschooling, and parenting plus shop for gifts online with our guide! Join us in our new message boards.

    Parent-Resources.com - An excellent online directory of baby and parent related web sites.

    Work&Mom - Support ... not guilt...for working Moms!
    Smart, funny Moms who work outside the home talk about their lives and how they make the Balancing Act work.

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