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Top listings of cloth diapers sales and business announcements.

Huge Savings and Selection of Gently Used Diapers! - Re-Diaper.com

Green Mountain Diapers - newborn organic seconds - Green Mountain Diapers

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20-25% off Name Brands - Snuggle Hugs

FREE WIPES! - The Natural Life Store Inc.

Fall Clearance! - Sweet Little Blessings

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Free Gift WITHOUT PURCHASE! (1 week only) - Canada's Diaper Ladies

10% off Sale at Squishy Tushy - Squishy Tushy

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Articles about cloth diapers and cloth diapering including how tos, fabric choices, care of diapers and care techniques. Information on cloth for women, green and frugal living.

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Making the Most of Sales and Announcements by Jennifer or Diaper Pin

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pampering yourself while staying safe during pregnancy

The journey of a woman to motherhood deserves to be celebrated. By taking care of your body while finding safe ways to enjoy pregnancy, it is an act of honoring and embracing your new role as a mother. Getting pampered during your pregnancy is neither immature nor selfish, but healthy and even beneficial for both you and your baby.

Celebrate this wonderful chapter of your life by looking for treatments that are designed to relax and pamper you while targeting the common concerns and complications pregnancy usually brings. One of the main concern of women during pregnancy is the possible changes in the skin. Some women tend to have sudden acne breakouts, blotched skin and itchy rashes. Here are some of the treatments pregnant women can consider during this period:

Prenatal Massage

A prenatal massage therapy is beneficial both to the body and soul. Prenatal massage will allow 100% me-time wherein you can have a pleasurable and relaxing experience. The massage will pamper the bones, muscles, skin and even the hormones which are all strained and stressed throughout the pregnancy period. Other than comfort, prenatal massage will help improve the circulation and oxygenation of the body which can relieve aches, reduce swelling and regenerate skin. Look for a licensed massage therapist who is knowledgeable with prenatal massage. Do note though that it is still advisable to get approval from your doctor before doing so.


Getting a regular facial is a relaxing way to keep the skin healthy and beautiful. Facials can help in clearing clogged pores due to oily skin as a result of the hormonal changes in a woman’s body. Just keep in mind that the skin tend to become more sensitive during pregnancy. Make sure to avoid abrasive treatments and products, and opt for gentler ones. Inform your beauty therapist that you are pregnant and look for aesthetician who has an experience in doing facials for pregnant women. If you have other concerns about safety during facials, seek out a physician's advice.


The production of melanocyte intensifies during pregnancy because of the presence of high hormone levels. Microdermabrasion can treat the skin discoloration or the so-called “mask of pregnancy” developed during this period. But since the skin is more sensitive during this time, a modified process of microdermabrasion can be safely done by your doctor. You can also consider the best at home microdermabrasion systems safe for pregnant women. Make sure to avoid the other topicals that are frequently used during and after treatment of microdermabrasion.

Always seek your physician’s advice before undergoing any type of procedure during pregnancy. Get some ideas from other mothers on how they pampered their selves during their journey to motherhood. Read books and articles online in order to be more knowledgeable in staying safe for you and your baby.

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Product Reviews
Recently reviewed cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories.

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Recently reviewed businesses from our cloth diaper directory.

GoGo Natural
Fluff Envy
Baby Bellhop
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Banana Peels Diapers

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Common Skin & Body Issues During Pregnancy

Pregnancy certainly changes many things in a woman’s body. A woman will not only add the expected pounds but will experience many physical changes from head to toe. Many women experience increased hair growth during pregnancy where hair grows faster, thicker and they start noticing excess hair growth on parts of their bodies that they had never experienced before, such as on the upper lips and abdomen. While hair growth should return to normal after pregnancy, some pregnant women who are more conscious of their appearance may look to hair removal solutions.

Regular methods like shaving & tweezing are generally considered quite safe. However, when it comes to methods like electrolysis and laser hair removal, their safety for the mother and baby during pregnancy are well not studied and most professionals would advise you to refrain from doing them until after pregnancy. Even after pregnancy, do consult a professional and peruse reviews of laser hair removal machines and their suitability for postpartum women.

On the other hand, some women experience the opposite problem which is hair loss. The change of hormones during pregnancy can cause changes in hair growth and texture, which may lead to hair loss or thinning in some women.

One of the main concerns during pregnancy is the stretching of the skin. As the extra pounds are being added, cellulite will begin to appear on the abdomen, breasts, buttocks and thighs. Several factors can cause cellulite in the body such as changes in connective tissues, fat deposits, genetics, hormones and lifestyle. Pregnancy can certainly exacerbate existing cellulite issues, but the best skin firming creams (for neck, face & body according to beyondtalk.net) may be able to reduce their appearance.

While there is no clear cut way to prevent cellulite and hair loss during pregnancy, the good news is that there are many pregnancy-safe solutions that can help with these issues, including the following:

1. Avoid unnecessary and emotional stress

2. Eat a balanced and healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, fiber-rich foods, healthy fats and whole grains

3. Exercise to reduce fat accumulation

4. Keep hydrated in order to quench the body’s thirst, flush fats and toxins, and keep nutrients circulating throughout the body

5. Gentle massages on the scalp and skin to improve blood circulation in these areas

6. Moisturize the body to increase the collagen and elasticity of the skin

7. Avoid over brushing the hair and having tight hairstyles

8. Use hair and skincare products that are pregnancy-safe

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